Blade and soul soul fighter na

[Blade and Soul] Floor 98 Earth - Soul Fighter
Someone requested that I upload a video of tower of infinity with earth build and here it is. I tried to get one of floor 100 but I had some of the worst RNG possible ...
[Blade and Soul] Drowning Deeps Solo - Soul Fighter
Got bored and felt like soloing it so here you go... PS: The servers are complete crap REEEEEEE such lag much wow Wondering how I keep my ping low and ...
[Blade and Soul] Outlaw Island - Soul Fighter
Gameplay of the new outlaw island as a soul fighter, this run was my second time through the dungeon and as always I don't read guides so it's all over the ...
Blade & Soul: Soul Fighter Overview
A flexible and fast warrior, the Soul Fighter's swift strikes are complemented by their equally-rapid dashes, keeping them from taking harm, and precisely ...
[BnS][KR]Awaken Soul Fighter PvP
Recorded on 2018/9/27, Korea BnS Server If you enjoy it, please like this video and follow my Youtube & Twitch channel. My Twitch Channel: ...
Blade & Soul - Ebondrake Lair Solo [Soul Fighter]
pretty late but who cares http://www.twitch.tv/deservedbns #BnS #BladeandSoul.
Blade & Soul: Soul Fighter Rework Guide - (Earth)
A Guide on the latest rework for Soul Fighter (Earth) When Dragonfury ends and you have 4 stacks, you can do.. RMB F - VVV - RMB F - Frost Stance - V 2 ...
NCSoft can you stop breaking Soul Fighter
I swear every time that NCSoft touches this class they manage to break something, I just don't understand how they manage to do this every single time.
[Blade and Soul] Ebondrake Lair Solo - Soul Fighter
I cut out the two soul fighters & Harpe boss to keep the video as short as possible because who wants to watch a 20 minute video. As always gear is shown at ...
[Blade and Soul] Circle of Sundering - Soul Fighter
Enjoy i don't know what to say and don't really play. Wondering how I keep my ping low and stable? I use ExitLag, try it now 3 days for FREE! Use Promo code ...
[Bns] Avalanche Den - Soul Fighter Gameplay
Basic run of avalanche den(Yeti) in 4-man mode from a soul fighter point of view Note: Yeti in tw server has lesser HP compared to that in NA version of BnS ...
Blade & Soul : Soul Fighter Tank Raven King (อีกาบอส 4)
Blade & Soul : Soul Fighter Tank Raven King (อีกาบอส 4) Clan : Evil Geniuses (สีฟ้า) Server : อุนกุก.
Blade & Soul Online New Class Soul Fighter Gameplay Level 50
Soul Fighter is a Hybrid Force Master (Ice Skills) and Kung Fu Master (Earth). Pretty good class to play despite the ping difference. Not as unique as Warlock, but ...
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Soul Fighter PVP #2
I haven't actually sat down and done 1v1 for more then 10 minutes in a long time so just randomly got the urge to do some and decided to record some of it.
Blade & Soul Online Soul Fighter Gameplay and Ice Skills Testing
Testing the Air Combo in FM Stance and Ice Spells going through walls in the 2nd half of the video. Might be better to use that instead of the fast LB and RB for ...
Soul Fighter tanking Raven King
got dookie loots on the run though.
Blade & Soul - (NA) Grand Celestial Emperor Clear [Soul Fighter]
I love this boss so much. It's actually fun compared to the rest of the raid. That music on loop: FFXIII - Test of the L'Cie #BNS #BladeandSoul.
Blade and Soul - Soul Fighter Leveing Build Gameplay
Blade and Soul video with commentary leveling up the new Soul Fighter class. The video shows some mid level gameplay (level 34) of the Soul Fighter class ...
Soul Fighter Upcoming Skill Patch Changes
New DPS meta. Yes, it is a buff. Skill building is very easy now, i don't think you guys would need any builds from me. *Music : - Yeonhwalin Theme - Pohwaran ...
[Blade and Soul] Tower of Infinity Floor 100 - Soul Fighter (Earth)
I haven't had much practice in with earth and haven't done an actual toi video on soul fighter in awhile so here's snippet from a few runs I did today. I'm still trying ...
.・。╟╢ᎯƤƤᎽ*.・。 -« Blade And Soul »-【NA Server】Force Master — Soul Fighter  — Summoner »- • ▬!!
Doing Daily .. also do」random dungeon runs ..My main is [ Force master & Summoner ] but sometimes i do play my other character.. here the link if you want to ...
Blade & Soul Online Soul Fighter Skill Test Dummy
Just playing around with the new job with 150ms. This class has a crazy pummel attack every 5 stacks, so I specced my FM Mode 2 and V for extra stacks.
[Blade and Soul] Outlaw Island - Soul Fighter (Frost & Earth)
Demonstrating somewhat optimal ways to do the last boss of Outlaw Island with both Frost & Earth. The earth run was a screwy but w/e gives you an idea of what ...
[Blade and Soul] Soul Fighter Soul Badge Guide!
A guide to the Soul Fighter soul badge progression! Join me on discord: https://discord.gg/3bUy9fr.
Test Server Skill Revamp Soul Fighter - Blade & Soul
bladeandsoul #appleberrykitty #soulfighter Once again I forgot to add that I was using project lyn reasons why my char is....a lyn/Soul Fighter. Last thing is ...
[Blade and Soul] Soul Fighter Earth Build (Rework)
Another quick and dirty recording for earth. I made quite a few mistakes and should have finished over 500k but again mostly a reference video giving you an ...
Blade & Soul New Class - Soul Fighter Preview and Gameplay
Hi guys ! Have been playing this new class for Blade & Soul China for the last few days. Decided to give you all a preview of the class and its gameplay.
Blade & Soul KR test server - Soulfighter Earth/Ice build 250Ms new skill animation test
WTB this update for NA Im using liquidsky and noping.. http://nopi.ng/vasshbns.
Soul Fighter - Earth build animation canceling (PvE)
0:00 LMB RMB (Chi level 0) 0:09 RMB LMB F (Chi level 1 or higher)
[Blade and Soul] Soul Fighter - Tower of infinity Floor 100
Hey everyone! It's been a long road but I have finally reached the final floor in tower of infinity and thank god it wasn't an assassin! I started out burning up tickets ...
Blade & Soul 9th class Soul Fighter Skill
블레이드 앤 소울 9번째 직업 기권사 스킬 剑灵 9th class 气拳士 skill 기권사 딜사이클 연습.
[Blade and Soul] Master Hong - Low gear Soul Fighter
lol I don't know why but I wanted to try. I forgot to separate my audio sources so have fun listening to my sad depressing music. Wondering how I keep my ping ...
Blade Master vs Soul Fighter Blade and Soul PVP
BM vs SF B&S PVP (New Season) Game: Blade & Soul - The Signature Eastern Fantasy MMORPG Genre: Next-Gen Action MMORPG Enviroment: World Map ...
BNS Mushin's Tower Floor 9-15 Soul Fighter
I'm over geared for the tower to be hard but it will give other people a general sense of what they should be doing for Floors 9 through 14. And yes I potatoed ...
Soul Fighter VT Asuras
Doing Keeper role on Blue Asura.
[Blade and Soul NA] Naryu Sanctum (Normal) Soul Fighter Tank Aman/Xanos
This dungeon feels more easier than Naryu Foundry. But coordination is more important here.

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