Capt stern pokemon emerald

Pokemon Sapphire Pt.8 Finding Captain Stern
He head off to find Captain Stern, and the new mafia is being annoying once again! Game and Pokemon by Game Freak.
Pokemon Emerald - Part 08 - Delivering Devon Goods To Capt. Stern
In Patt 08 I arrive at Slateport City, battle a load of trainers across the beach, battle team aqua and deliver the devon goods to capt. stern.
Pokemon Emerald (GBA) Part 62 - They Stole My Submarine!
Now that Groudon has been set on the loose... we can't do anything for now to stop it, instead we move onto where Team Aqua strike and steal Captain Stern's ...
How to obtain Scanner in Pokemon Emerald
In this video i show you how to obtain scanner in pokemon emerald.
Pokémon Emerald Version - Episode 06 | Ahoy Captain Stern!
We head over to Slateport and deliver the goods to Captain Stern! - Links - Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/ZeldaMaster2010 Facebook: ...
Let's Play Pokémon Emerald - Part 105
More backtracking to places we've been to before! After wrapping up the Abandoned Ship, I go on a wild goose chase to try and find Captain Stern... I really ...
Pokemon Ruby walkthrough part 10-Captain Stern
I finally name the rest of the team and stupidly wonder around trying to find Captain Stern.
Pokémon Ruby - Part 10 - Finding Captain Stern
Get in line Magma grunts! No cutting! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Playlist: ...
Let's Play Pokemon Emerald Part 17- Captain Stern Where Are You ?!?
in this episode we finish of the trainers in slateport house and continue on to find where captain stern has gone, team aqua are up to no good again and try to ...
Pokemon Sapphire Playthrough Part 6 - Capt. Stern in Slateport!
An awesome part of this playthrough, I hope you guys really enjoy! Please leave a comment and give this video a thumbs up!
Pokemon Sapphire Walkthrough Part 12: Slateport City
This is part 12 of my ongoing walkthrough for Pokemon Sapphire. In this video, we defeat Team Aqua and deliver the Devon Goods to Capt. Stern. Then we ...
Pokemon Emerald | Dewford Town, Letter to Steven, Capt. Stern | Part 5
Part 5 of Pokemon Emerald for the GBA. The video covers Dewford Town, giving the letter to Steven and delivering the goods to Capt. Stern.
Pokemon Emerald Walkthrough #6 (Delivered Devon Goods to Capt. Stern)
Please feel free to subscribe and like this video. Well be makes videos short. More videos coming your way.
Onde encontrar o Capt. Stern Pokemon Emerald/Esmeralda  - Where to find Capt. Stern Pokémon Emerald
Onde encontrar o Capt. Stern Pokemon Emerald / Esmeralda - Where to find Capt. Stern Pokémon Emerald. http://systemweb.net.br/host/
Pokémon Emerald - Episode 6 - Team Aqua Trouble
In this episode, we beat the gym leader Brawly to get our second gym badge! We also go to Slateport City to try to deliver the devon goods to Capt. Stern, but ...
Pokemon Ruby Episode 9: TRYING TO FIND CAPT. STERN
Wow. I have no comment on this fail. Me on PokeBoard: http://www.pokeboard.com/u-rovkir-hexus VisualBoy Advance: ...
Today we take on Brawly and deliver the Devon goods.
Pokemon Emerald Walkthrough Part 9- Slateport City And Team Aqua
We battle some team aqua grunts, and deliver the devon goods to Capt. Stern. Up next, we venture to the next city! Thanks for watching guys.
Pokemon Emerald: Let's Play Ep.20 - Stolen Submarine!
Hello everybody, and welcome back to some more Pokemon Emerald! In this episode, Archie and Team Aqua steal Capt. Stern's submarine, and we rush to ...
Pokemon Emerald Ep.10 - Captain Stern!
Welcome Everyone! Today I play some more Pokemon Emerald! Today I go and I fight some evil Team Aqua grunts and own there faces! I also give Captain ...
Let's Play Pokemon Emerald Part 8a - Capt Stern, Devon Goods, Team Aqua, Archie & More!
Please remember to click the "like" button if you enjoyed the video, it helps a lot, thanks! Link to subscribe to my channel: ...
Let's Play Pokemon Emerald Part 13: Defending Captain Stern
We set sail to Slateport City to explore, get a couple items including TM41 Torment and give Captain Stern the Devon Goods at the Oceanic Museum so he can ...
Pokemon Emerald Walkthrough #9 - Delivery to Capt.Stern
Hi part 9 of the Pokemon emerald walkthrough enjoy.
Pokemon Emerald LP W/ Original151 Episode 9 - Captain Stern, Slateport, and Mauville!
In Episode 9, we talk to Captain Stern, we explore Slateport City and then we make our way to Manville City! Follow me on Twitter - Twitter.com/Vinny Follow me ...
Let's Play Pokemon Emerald - Part 20: Poor Captain Stern
Captain Stern's submarine was taken by Team Aqua!...Oh well.
Pokemon Emerald Walkthrough Ep8-Capt.Stern!
we find captin stern, explore and go up some levels... we also meet team aqua leader archie:)
Let's Play Pokemon Emerald Part 69: The Hidden Scanner
We can now gain access to the dive area in the abandoned ship. All we do here is find the hidden scanner, take it to Captain Stern and he will give us the ...
Where is Captain Stern after you get the scanner
Where is Captain Stern after you get the scanner - Find out more explanation for : 'Where is Captain Stern after you get the scanner' only from this channel.
Pokemon Emerald Walkthrough E9: Slateport City/Team Aqua Battles 3 & 4
In this episode I go through Slateport City. I run into Team Aqua when trying to deliver the Devon Goods to Capt.Stern. Hope you like it!
Pokemon Emerald Walkthrough Part 9 - Steven, Captain Stern and Team Aqua
NOTE:In this episode I am a little bit sick which may explain why my voice sounds uh..... different compared to the other episodes. All that aside, in this episode ...
Pokemon Sirius | Slateport City, Devon Goods to Capt. Stern | Part 5
Part 5 of the Japanese rom hack of Pokemon R/S/E, Pokemon Sirius, translated in english. The video covers Slateport City and delivering the Devon Goods to ...
Let's Play Pokemon Emerald Part 69: The Hidden Scanner
We can now gain access to the dive area in the abandoned ship. All we do here is find the hidden scanner, take it to Captain Stern and he will give us the .
Pokemon emerald:Finding Captain stern
This is the first video of game blast. In this video the game is pokemon emerald and delivering the letter to captain stern given by the president is the mission.
Axplade Pokemon Emerald Walkthrough 12:Captain Stern
theres a useless captain named stern.
Pokemon Emerald Nuzlocke Roulette Chapter 7: Cacturne Meets Capt. Stern
Let's try and get more likes on this video than on my last one! QOTD: If you were the leader of an eco-terrorist team like Team Magma and Team Aqua, what ...
Pokemon Emerald Trilocke Ep 7:Captain Stern
this is the seventh episode of my trilocke series and hopefully youve enjoy this episode during this episode i am looking for captain stern to give him the devon ...
Pokemon Emerald Quest: episode 7
In this episode we go to slateport and give the parcel to a man named Captain Stern. Hmm see what happens next. Click that like button and/or the sub button it ...
Pokemon Ruby #11 - CAPT. STERN
Pokemon Ruby #11 - CAPT. STERN After a brief walk around of SLATEPORT CITY I start looking for the supposedly "lost" CAPT. STERN!
Pokemon Emerald: The Race - Part 10: Captain Stern
More tomorrow. My Rivals: www.youtube.com/user/constantupgrader www.youtube.com/user/KillerHootch3.
Pokémon Emerald Walkthrough Part 8: Slateport City
This is the Pokémon Traveler's Guide Emerald walkthrough. In this part we explore all of Slateport City. We deliver the Devon Goods to Captain Stern, and ...

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