Fas vs fdl

Elite Dangerous - Federal Assault Ship vs Fer De Lance (Best Fighters?)
FAS (Federal Assault Ship) vs FDL (Fer-De-Lance), which one is better fighter / combat ship? This is not a PvP, just comparison on which ship is better suitable.
z4.MAFIA (FDL) vs Harry Potter (FAS) (Elite: Dangerous 1v1 in Virtual Reality)
This was the closest 1v1 fight I've had to date. I was flying my silent Fer-de-Lance and Harry Potter was in his shielded Federal Assault Ship. This one went down ...
Elite Dangerous: maxed out FAS vs maxed out FDL
Federal Assault ship vs Fer De Lance. EliteDangerous. Dec 18/2015.
PLASMA PARTY!!! FDL vs FAS at CG (elite dangerous pvp)
A duel vs CMDR Issac Azimov, o7 to you!
Viper Vs Dangerous FDL and  Deadly FAS (TRO63, JOK3R777) - PvP - Elite Dangerous
24-hour live stream on Twitch 14th May https://i.imgsafe.org/7a83c1c.jpg This will be my final 'daily' upload! Don't worry, I will still be uploading fights, but only ...
Elite Dangerous PvP  FAS vs FDL CMDR Lord Morten
CMDR Lord Morten interdicted me. i took the challenge and challenge i got.
[Elite: Dangerous] Ganking Gankers - FAS vs FDL and FGS
Over in Quince when... Killed em both with only 2 frags working in the end. Video by CMDR Theogilli.
Assault ship against Fer de lance. Bask in her glory.
Elite: Dangerous PVP. FAS vs FDL
Fer De Lance interdicts my Federal Assault Ship in Maia system Music by: EDM Detection Mode by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons ...
Elite Dangerous 2.2.4 Beta Testing - Shielded FAS VS FDL
PVP fight with CMDR Ant Solo. We are just testing the beta out. I have a fully modified my FAS but his FDL is not optimized, as he only has the mods he has from ...
fdl+python kill FAS pvp Elite Dangerous
I caught 2 Hudson bounty hunting near Nanomam. I had a weird interdiction thing with the FDL but I got him eventually. I ran out of rails because I already killed ...
Elite dangerous pvp FAS (UXX) vs FDL (Kurt ansa)
CMDR KURT ANSA really good damn pilot.
Nightshady (Hull-Tank FAS) vs Bad_Player (FDL)
1v1 with CMDR Bad_Player of GCI. Good fight sir. Respect. o7.
Without lifting a Finger.
[CG] [PVP] CMDR Dangerous.com (round 1) (FAS vs FDL) - Elite Dangerous
[CG] [PVP] CMDR Dangerous.com (round 1) (FAS vs FDL) - Elite Dangerous.
Elite dangerous PVP FDL(Heat canons) vs FAS
Short video, just for relax.
Elite Dangerous PvP - SmotheryZorf (FDL) vs. Tsunami (FAS)
I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)
Elite Dangerous : fas vs fdl + combat logging python
combat logger jmuniverse -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/nyuni.
Jotunheim Slugging, Duel vs DFGQSB (FDL vs FAS)
Jotunheim was sleepy, so DFG proposed a duel. I gleefully accepted.
[CG] CMDR Xpressive (FDL vs FAS) - elite dangerous
[CG] CMDR Xpressive (FDL vs FAS) - elite dangerous.
Closest PvP Fight Ever? (FAS vs FDL)
This is the closest 1v1 PvP fight I've ever had... O7 to MrCoffee for a memorable fight.
Blackhole PVP 2vs2 (FAS, FDL vs FGS, FDL)
GCI wing fight 2vs2, HIP 34707 blackhole event (3.1.2017) John Raanes (FDL) Alonzo Solace (FDL) Rivertide (Gunship) Earth Ultimatum IV. (Assault ship)
FAS & FDL vs Corvette PvP
Testing my Federal Assault Ship with its new upgrades. Friendly PvP.
[BETA] [PVP] CMDR Bajzel (FAS vs FDL) - elite dangerous
[BETA] [PVP] CMDR Bajzel (FAS vs FDL) - elite dangerous A bad fit with a novice pilot.
PvP with comments - Cmdr AytaL (FAS) vs Cmdr Lord Fondlemaid (FDL) - Elite dangerous
While i was going to the station to make my first docking in the system a wild Cmdr Fondlemaid appeared and interdicted me.

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