Girl taps out boy

Girl Taps Out Boy in 22 Seconds
Aeri Osha vs Parker Davis @ Fight to Win Clutch City Classic 9/13/15 Aeri beats boy via armbar in only 22 seconds!
Girl TAPS OUT Boy Wrestler! BJJ
Jiu Jitsu , Bjj Girl armbar Boy.
Girl TAPS OUT Boy Wrestler! BJJ
Hayden taps out boys in 3 different matches. We are at the Conway Arkansas AGF BJJ tournament. f you guys like the gear I wear in the video help me out and ...
US Marine Taps Out To Jiu Jitsu Girl
Female BJJ practitioner submits US Marine.
Girl destroys boys with Jiu Jitsu in the park
Girl destroys boys with Jiu Jitsu in the park.
Hillary Taps out Extreme Skier
Bj Penn encourages a group of extreme skiers to see who can tap out the 14 year old jiu jitsu girl from his academy Hillary Luna.
Girl Firefighter makes Guy Firefighter tap!!
I made my friend tap via chokehold!! haha.
Brett taps out!
of course they thought it'd be a good idea to wrestle.. and brett ended up getting beaten by a girl:) hahaa, you go girl! also, honestly I think that it's pretty funny if ...
Internet troll taps out TWICE after saying '99% of men' could beat female MMA f ighters
Internet troll taps out TWICE after saying '99% of men' could beat female MMA f.ighters. Kris Zylinski made the comment online last month, writing: “99% of ...
Winner Taps Out In Amateur MMA Fight
You've never seen sportsmanship like this! Mike Pantangco taps out at Prison City Fight League even though he was dominating the bout. Video courtesy of ...
Drunk fun. Guy taken out by girl.
Drunken antics. Work leaving doo. Drunk guy taken out by girl and has to tap out.
Little Girl Taps Sumo Wrestler
sumosushi Sumo Sushi in San Diego 100-lb female jiu jitsu blue-belt Debbie Micev arm bars US Sumo Champion Kelly Gneiting. He might have gone a little ...
Fight like a Brave/ RHCP 12 yr old Girl from Texas taps out Kansas Highschoolers Pankration
Fight like a Brave Red Hot Chili Peppers MMA Jr Pankration - Revolution Cage Warrior Challenge - Throwdown ShowDown 2012 / Summer Heat 2013.
Girl taps out Guy with RNC
Teaching Wyna the Rear Naked Choke in the sound design lab... she sinks a mean one!
7 yrs old girl make boy cry and tap out
7 yrs old girl makes lil boy cry and tap out.
Little Girl Taps Bigger Boy
The power of jiujitsu! Congrats to both competitors. Great learning experience!
Girl taps boy with foot LMAFO
via YouTube Capture.
White boy taps out!!!
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
OFSAA WRESTLING 2012. Girl Taps Out.
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Black guy taps out to 2 white chicks
Nigga wrestled to the ground.
Ripping on girls!!!(Almost taps out )
If you wanna go check out the beats in the background go watch it here: https://youtu.be/rI0PuG157y4 If you wanna follow me on Instagram follow me ...
Vang Vieng wrestling - Black girl vs Austin powers. Austin taps out twice
Austin powers looking alike English scrawny lad gets his ass kicked by a black girl and has to tap out twice. MMA in the mountains of Vang Vieng. Foreplay is ...
Heavenly Joy: A Cute Kid Taps and Sings
Adorable 5-year-old girl with tons of personality taps and sings "In Summer" from "Frozen." See if Heavenly Joy warms the Judges' hearts! » Get The America's ...
Judo girl taps boy out
Tap out in kids judo match.
Karl,15 taps out adult
the youngest kid in the club triangles one of the oldest.
Andrew Taps Out
4 year old brother making 11 year old brother tap out!!
Marine taps out
duran wrestling eddie "the marine" and eddie loses like always.
Fat boy taps out
Fat boy taps out after single boston crab is applied.
nathan taps out #1
my lil bro playin tap out, & TAPPING OUT to his little cousin....who did i mention is a girl??? :) this is 1 of 3 so you have to watch the other 2 to really get the full ...
Bogo taps out
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