How can i prepare for a career as a border patrol agent

The United States Border Patrol Academy
Are you ready for one of the greatest challenges of your life? The United States Border Patrol Academy is recognized as one of the most difficult and challenging ...
The Border Patrol is looking for more agents: Univision went along to observe the military-style tra
Two young Latinos, with Mexican roots, are getting ready to patrol the southern border. We followed them at the Academy where they are trained to consider ...
Differences: CBP Officers vs. Border Patrol Agents
This video was updated June 16, 2017. See new version for important changes to Border Patrol Agent Exam.
Border patrol hiring process
Border Patrol hiring process.
CBP process
This is my journey so far to become a U.S cjstoms Officer (sorry about the flies lol)
Training for a career on the front line
The CBSA is recruiting border services officers (BSOs). Our BSOs undergo an extensive training and development program to ensure they have the knowledge, ...
“A Day in the Life of…” a Border Services Officer
This video presents the story of Lori Streefkerk, an employee of Public Services and Procurement Canada. Lori experienced a “Day in the Life of…” a border ...
First look inside TSA training academy
Only on "CBS This Morning," we take a look at how the TSA is making an unprecedented move to improve airport security. The agency is training all its new ...
Now hiring: border patrol agents
The U.S. Border Patrol is hiring, but as Kate Rogers reports, the agency is having a tough time finding new recruits.
The CBP Polygraph Examination: Explained
CBP polygraph examiners, agents, and officers describe their experiences with the polygraph exam. CBP polygraph examiners explain the polygraph process in ...
SPECIAL REPORT: A rare look inside the U.S. Border Patrol Academy
It's the test of their lifetime at the U.S. Border Patrol Academy in Artesia, New Mexico. The training is exhausting both physically and mentally. CBS 4 Reporter ...
Inside The Customs Border Protection Training
Inside The Customs Border Patrol http://www.borderguards.org/forums/
Top 10 Border Patrol Officer Interview Questions
Check out our Top 10 Border Patrol Officer Interview Questions. For more interview questions, and professional interview answers with advice, visit: ...
Border Patrol Agent Exam - Logical Reasoning
This video helps you prepare for the Logical Reasoning portion of the Border Patrol Agent exam. Visit http://www.BorderPatrolRecruiter.com for more information ...
Customs Officer Exam Prep (40 Questions with Fully Explained Answers)
This is 40 free official review questions and explanations for the CBP Officer Entrance Examination given by US Customs and Border Protection. The Customs ...
Border Patrol and Customs Agents Hiring
The Customs and Border Protection Agency is Hiring Border Patrol Agents and Customs Officers Now. Get the Best Prep Course for Passing the Entrance ...
Border Patrol Agent - Fitness Exam Video
This video describes the Border Patrol Agent pre-employment fitness test. Visit http://www.BorderPatrolRecruiter.com for more information and videos.
College Graduate Finds CBP Officer Career A Perfect Fit
After graduating from college with Criminal Justice and Spanish Language Degrees Mary Garcia found the perfect career fit as a CBP Officer at the Southern ...
Citizen Soldier Protects the Border
U.S. Customs and Border Protection employs some of the finest law enforcement personnel on the planet. Raymundo Esparza is a Border Patrol Agent at Brown ...
CBP Application Process Part 2: Structured Interview
Talking about my experience in the Structured Interview. I am not permitted to talk about content of the actual interview, but I'll give some tips for arrival, what to ...
CBP officer process part 2: structured interview
CBP SI after taking the medical and fitness exams.
Third update video. Sorry for sound and quality.
US Customs and Border Protection Officer (US CBPO) interview questions
Interview Questions for US Customs and Border Protection Officer (US CBPO).What are you doing if you worked as an US Customs and Border Protection Officer ...
Border Patrol Agent Interview
Border Patrol Agent Interview Interview with Border Patrol Agent Ramiro Cordero.
CBP Polygraph: Why Telling The Truth Is Important!
Candidates for law enforcement officer positions at Customs and Border Protection are required to undergo a polygraph exam as part of the background ...
Border Patrol Drops Spanish Requirement
Effective June 19, the CBP will no longer include Spanish or the Artificial Language Test on their entrance exams. This is part of an effort to improve hiring ...
Border Patrol training video
Border Patrol training video http://www.borderguards.org/forums/
Border Patrol Agent Exam - Introduction
This video is the introduction to the Border Patrol Agent test preparation. Visit http://www.BorderPatrolRecruiter.com for more information and videos.
Lie Detectors Trip Applicants at Border Agency
About 2 of every 3 job applicants fail to clear U.S. Customs and Border Protection's lie detector _ more than double the rate among law enforcement agencies ...
CJ497 (Interview) CBP
CJ497 (Interview) CBP.
From Immigrant Son to Border Patrol Agent | The Daily Signal
From an illegal alien's son… to a Border Patrol agent, it's kind of a contrast, I know,” said Arturo Payan, a retired border patrol agent in San Diego of nearly 25 ...
Border Patrol Agent Exam - Spanish
This video explains the Spanish Language Test of the Border Patrol Agent exam. Visit http://www.BorderPatrolRecruiter.com for more information and videos.
CBP Increases Polygraph Exams Oversight
The exams cost taxpayers more than $2000 for each applicant.
CBP hiring process
CBPO VRA 18-8 Hey guys! Thank you so much for watching, if you liked the video please like/subscribe! Due to my apperication THERE WILL BE A GIVEWAY, ...
Border Patrol Agent Exam - Test Taking Tips
This video provides you with test taking tips for the Border Patrol Agent test. Visit http://www.BorderPatrolRecruiter.com for more information and videos.

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