Ibiza weekender

Ibiza Weekender | The Hottest Kisses and More | ITV2
Take a look back at the hottest hookups and steamiest kisses from this series of Ibiza Weekender! Catch up now on the ITV Hub: https://bit.ly/2P0FLS1 Like, ...
Ibiza Weekender | Jordan and Isobel's Summer Romance | ITV2
This season Jordan has struggled to stay loyal to Isobel, with many ups and downs throughout the season. Take a look back at the mistakes made on both sides ...
Ibiza Weekender | Love Is in the Air for Jordan, Isobel, Chloe and Callum | ITV2
It's the final episode of Ibiza Weekender and that means there's one last chance for everyone to confess their feelings. Love is definitely in the air tonight!
David Is Fuming With Jordan! | Ibiza Weekender
The Weekender returns this October and this time we are partying on a boat!
The Ibiza Weekender S05E02
More TV Series: http://itv.home.blog ✓ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FamilyTubeHD.
Rep Romances Are Back On! | Ibiza Weekender
And no one is happier about this than Jordan. #IbizaWeekender.
Could This Be Savvas' Lucky Night?  | Ibiza Weekender
Savvas and guest Georgie have taken a liking to each other but is tonight, the night? #IbizaWeekender.
Jordan and Callum Score on The SAME Night! | Ibiza Weekender
Yes... On the same night!!! #IbizaWeekender.
Deano Goes to Bed With Sinead | Ibiza Weekender
The Weekender returns this October and this time we are partying on a boat!
Callum Tells Chloe He Loves Her | Ibiza Weekender
Doesn't this look familiar? It's just as well that Chloe is yet to tell Callum about kissing Jordan! #IbizaWeekender.
Imogen Sleeps with Deano | Ibiza Weekender | Highlights | ITV2
Imogen and Deano have gone back to their old ways and are reliving the past, despite Imogen having a boyfriend! Will it all end in tears? Episode 3, aired on ...
What Is the Sleepover Club? | Ibiza Weekender
The Weekender returns this October and this time we are partying on a boat!
Boat Party: "Everyone Is a Winner" | Weekender
Subscribe to Ibiza Weekender here: https://tinyurl.com/y7ghglew.
Ibiza Weekender | Jordan Sees a Familiar Face! | ITV2
There's a brand new rep in Ibiza, and Jordan seems to know who she is. But is he happy about it? Catch up now on the ITV Hub: https://bit.ly/2GNFjFm Like, ...
Ibiza Weekender | Hayley's Cracking On! | ITV2
It seems that the boys could learn a thing or two from Hayley when it comes to the graft...is anyone safe?! If you've missed the latest episode catch up on the ITV ...
Ibiza Weekender's El-Jefe Reveals He Used to Be a Horse Riding Instructor | Good Morning Britain
Ibiza Weekender star David Potts aka El Jefe chats to GMB about appearing on the new series of 'Celebs Go Dating' and reveals what he got up to before ...
The Ibiza Weekender Season 3 Episode 1
The Ibiza Weekender:https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsc8Vx1IwaRxEzjA6fkiZ4luQqVOa78kM.
Ibiza Weekender | Savvas Finally Gets His Promotion! | ITV2
It's been a long time coming, but after impressing one guest in particular, David feels Savvas is ready for his promotion... to Assistant Head Rep! Catch up now ...
Jordan Finally Sleeps with Chyna! | Ibiza Weekender | ITV2
Seeing everyone else having fun is leaving Jordan all frustrated! How can he convince Chyna to jump into bed with him? If you've missed the latest episode ...
PREVIEW: Zak Surprises David | Ibiza Weekender
Zak is in town and he has matched with David on a dating app! #IbizaWeekender.
Ibiza Weekender | Jordan and Chloe Have a Secret Smooch Behind Callum's Back | ITV2
Whilst Callum and Isobel are out entertaining the guests, Jordan and Chloe find an interesting way to keep busy... In the bathroom? Catch up now on the ITV ...
Megan Gets Her Date with Jordan | Ibiza Weekender
Some pies have consequences. #IbizaWeekender.
Ibiza Weekender | Hayley & Imogen Fight! | ITV2
Imogen goes crazy at Hayley after supposedly trying to stir things up between Imogen and Deano. Like, follow and subscribe to ITV2's official YouTube channel ...
The Paint Party Has Gone Off! | Ibiza Weekender
Savvas is allowed out and Isobel is leading - what can go wrong? #IbizaWeekender.
Isobel Breaks Up with Jordan | Ibiza Weekender
Y u so sad Jordan? #IbizaWeekender.
The Story So Far | Ibiza Weekender | Highlights | ITV2
Warning: Contains scenes of a sexual nature. It's week 2 in the resort and Deano has a dilemma, he either puts his guests first, or stays faithful to his new holiday ...
New Girl Sinead Has a Surfing Accident | Ibiza Weekender
The Weekender returns this October and this time we are partying on a boat!
Jordan and Callum Prank David! | Ibiza Weekender
Jordan and Callum get their own back on their boss David, and he is not happy.
Ibiza Weekender | Callum Tells Chloe He Loves Her! | ITV2
There's a guilty secret hanging over the hotel this week as a new set of guests jet in. Chloe is still struggling with the truth of what she and Jordan got up to.
The Ibiza Weekender S04E02 ( JAN 14, 2018 )
The Ibiza Weekender Season 4 Episode 2.
Callum Finds Out About Jordan and Chloe Kissing | Ibiza Weekender
And he's not too happy about it! #IbizaWeekender.
Tash Loses It At Callum and Jordan | Ibiza Weekender
After noticing that Tash has maybe had one too many drinks Callum and Jordan decided to send her home earlier. It did not go down well! #IbizaWeekender.
David Marries Guests in the FIRST Weekender Wedding! | Ibiza Weekender
Love is in the air and who better than father El Jefe to oversee the beautiful ceremony. #IbizaWeekender.
David Finds Out About Callum Getting with Chloe | Ibiza Weekender
El Jefe finds out about Callum getting with Chloe in front of guests when he is meant to be leading the night!
Savvas Misuses His Power and Everyone Hates It | Ibiza Weekender
Assistant head rep for one and what does he do? #IbizaWeekender.
Guest Makes a Formal Complaint After Getting Pied by Jordan | Ibiza Weekender
El Jefe's new customer service desk has already been put to good use! Tonight 9pm on ITV 2! #IbizaWeekender.
Callum's Old Flame Turns Up 👀 | Ibiza Weekender
It's all happening this weekend! #IbizaWeekender.
Jordan Pies Guest Megan! | Ibiza Weekender
Megan does not like being pied! #IbizaWeekender.
Ibiza Weekender | Chloe Snogs a Guest in Front of Callum | ITV
Things come to ahead on the second night out when Chloe, tussling with her guilty conscience, decides to flirt with a stranger and then kiss a guest. Catch up ...

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