Unboxing: Velvet Leaf Philodendron (Velvet Leaf Bronze Micans Vine Philodendron)
Unbox my velvet leaf philodendron with me! As I've mentioned in previous videos, I was waiting for two arrivals this month and the first has arrived.
Philodendron oxycardium var. micans
Philodendrons are among the most popular, tolerant, and durable of all house plants. Most Philodendrons are native to the jungles of tropical America, and as ...
Dicronorhina micans - A freshly emerged pair
This is the biggest species of the Dicronorhina genus. And this spectacular African flower beetle is a good beginner species for beetle lovers.
Dicronorrhina micans - Neue Kokons
Die Kokons waren jetzt fast genau 2,5 Monate in der Box und nun schlüpfen die Tiere. Ich freue mich...
Dicronorrhina micans - Larven-/Kokonkontrolle
10 L3 Larven habe ich in 500ml Behälter vereinzelt. Davon haben jetzt schon 6 Larven einen Kokon gebaut. Mal sehen wie es weitergeht.
[Prezentacja + opis hodowli] Chrząszcze: Dicronorrhina micans
INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/insect.world/ *FAN PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/insectworldshop *GRUPA OWADY: ...
Cosmophasis micans
dancing spider.
Prorocentrum micans
Isn't wonderful the way of moving of that dinoflagellate?
Dicronorrhina micans Kokon Teil 2
Gerade für Anfänger eine sehr gute Art. Vermehrt sich relativ gut und ist in der Aufzucht nicht gerade sehr anspruchsvoll. Trotzdem, vom Ergebnis ein sehr ...
Dicronorrhina micans - Kokon
Dicronorrhina micans, sehr schöner afrikanischer Rosenkäfer. Auch diese Art ist in der Zucht nicht kompliziert.
Dicronorrhina micans - Das Männchen
Endlich ist ein Männchen für meine drei wunderschönen und großen Weibchen geschlüpft. Jetzt kann es mit der Nachzucht losgehen. Das Männchen hat eine ...
Dicronorrhina micans - A pair ready for the egg laying box
This is the biggest species of the Dicronorrhina family. Metalic green sometimes with a blueish touch, it is loved by beetle breeders and collectors and it's a good ...
Dicronorrhina micans - zwei Females
Heute sind die ersten Tiere für dieses Jahr bei mir geschlüpft. Dicronorrhina micans ist eine relativ einfach zu züchtende Käferart aus Afrika.
What the Russians are doing with peptides in longevity: James Strole and Phil Micans //RAADfest
What the Russians are doing with peptides and other international advancements in super longevity — James Strole and Phil Micans look forward to RAADfest ...
Myleus micans ~ 0613 2017
透過 YouTube 影片記錄.
Prorocentrum micans es un Dinoflagelado marino facilmente reconocible por su "pico"
Melanella micans
John Brown's beach June 16 Sitka,AK.
アリジゴク(ウスバカゲロウHagenomyia micans MacLachlan の幼虫)対アリ
Prorocentrum micans
Cultivo del dinoflagelado Prorocentrum micans, perteneciente a la colección de microalgas CCVIEO (C.O. de Vigo, IEO)
ツノフタヒゲムシ(Prorocentrum micans)
兵庫県神戸港で採集したツノフタヒゲムシ(Prorocentrum micans)です。HP 「生きもの好きの語る自然誌」にて画像を公開しています。 http://natural-histor...
#0 Camponotus Micans la hormiga plateada
He aqui un nuevo video de hormigas espero les guste y comentadme si teneis cualquier duda. instagram:https:https://www.instagram.com/vida.insecta/?hl=es ...
Camponotus micans
via YouTube Capture.
Dofus  Alma Almaneitor Trianon vs Micans
Trianon: Alux Profile Lonoolxd Micans: Xtemary Skarmuz Akatsuke.
How to propagate philodendrons
How to propagate philodendrons. All you need is: - a philodendron (obviously!) - a clean pair of scissors - little cup or jar of water to put the cuttings in.
Dofus Alma Almaneitor Trianon vs Micans
Trianon: Alux Profile Lonoolxd Micans: Xtemary Skarmuz Akatsuke.
Das Ameisen Projekt #1 Camponotus micans
Hallo Leute, die Ameisen Art heißt heißt: Camponotus micans Die Videos werden immer dann rauskommen wenn etwas spannendes passiet oder ihr es wollt. :)
Micans Vividiorque Gloria - III resolutio Piano canat musicam Hour of Hotel VESTIBULUM & # LXXI
Omni die lots of sonitus audire, birdsong, cars, loquitur: sonos natura quaedam, etc. Interdum nunc autem possunt esse strepentem atque iucundum es molestus ...
Prorocentrum micans
Don't stop me now! We could not find better song to accompany the video of this dinoflagellate, Prorocentrum micans. It seems a little bit stressed, probably by ...
Dicronorrhina Micans/Green Bulldog Beetles.
Green bulldog Beetles Feeding.
【美麗!】ミカンスミドリツノカナブンの産卵セット Dicronorhina micans 【Part1:産卵セット編】
Dicronorhina micans 組んでから少ししてボーベリアでメスが落ちました(ちーん) このシリーズの再生リスト https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLkw9hTL5zN6COX...
Rare Plant Index #1 | Philodendron | Uncommon to Extremely Rare Plants!
So I decided to make this a series! Please feel free to leave requests in the comments on what type of plants you'd like to see me break down! Love you guys ...
Camponotus micans
A new species we have not kept before arrived today. This is a very colony, but should grow as they are out of the test tube giving them more space, and have ...
Solving kidney and thyroid issues with nutrition and intuition. Phil Micans & Clive de Carle
Have we been missing important elements in our diet? Join the Secret Health Club. https://www.secrethealthclub.com To consult with Clive ...
Dos colonias hormigas Camponotus micans
Colonia de hormigas Camponotus Micans con hormiguero y agua miel. Blog: http://hormigafelizninja.blogspot.com.
Meet my Philodendrons: 2019 Philodendron Collection
In this video, I introduce you to my philodendrons! In order of appearance: Philodendron Selloum, Split Leaf Philodendron (Monstera Deliciosa), Philodendron ...
ウスバカゲロウ Hagenomyia micans
Publikumsgespräch zu Hakan Savaş Micans "Schnee" beim Krassfestival Kampnagel
Ausschnitte aus dem Publikumsgespräch zu Hakan Savaş Micans Inszenierung "Schnee" für das Ballhaus Naunynstraße, geführt am 7.12.2012 beim ...
Episode 10 - Biochemist Phil Micans On The Racetam Family of Pharmaceuticals
Jesse interviews biochemist and pharmacist Phil Micans, advisor to both the London Anti-Aging Conference and British Longevity Society. With his Master's ...

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