Quad cork 1080

Worlds first Quad cork 1800 on skis - Andri Ragettli
Andri Ragettli did the worlds first quad cork 18 on skis! The professional Freeskier from Switzerland was only 18 years old when he stomped his first Quad ever.
How Billy Morgan Stomped the World's First Quad Cork
For those struggling to get their brain around the trick, a Quad Cork 1800 is shred shorthand for a jump containing four off axis flips and five full rotations. UK mad ...
Quad Cork 1800 by Marcus Kleveland X Games Aspen 2017
Follow us: http://facebook.com/snowboardtv Quad Cork 1800 by Marcus Kleveland?!
Snowboarder Lands Amazing Backside Quadruple Cork Move
It's the first time a snowboarder has pulled off an 1800-degree jump.
16-Year-Old Marcus Kleveland Lands Third Ever Quad Cork​
CLICK To Learn More About Marcus: http://win.gs/MarcusBio If you think that freestyle snowboarding has gone into Progression Overdrive lately… you'd be right.
Snowboarder first ever
Billy Morgan became the first person to ever successfully perform a quadruple cork while competing in Livigno, Italy on Wednesday (April 15). Morgan's jump ...
World's First Quadruple Cork Landed
As the level of progression in freestyle snowboarding continues to evolve at a crazy rate, the race to stomp the first quadruple cork has unofficially been on all ...
Russ Henshaw: Double Cork 1170 to Rail (World First)
A project we completed for Red Bull featuring world class freeskier Russ Henshaw completing a world first 'double cork 1170 to rail' Shot on location at Perisher ...
Double Back Flip / Quad Twist / 1080 Double Cork (Russian Swing GoPro 2016)
Just a super short clip of three tricks I decided to try at sundown, the water was black making it hard to spot my landing at all! ONE LINK to all my VIDEO GEAR: ...
Max Parrot - World's First Double Backside Rodeo 1440
I've been thinking about this trick for a while and to be honest, I never thought I would do it this early in my snowboarding career! I am really stoked to be pushing ...
Marcus Kleveland - BS Quad 18
Marcus has been thinking of trying this trick since it first emerged earlier this year. He finally got a jump that allowed him to try. He is now the youngest person to ...
World's FIRST female double cork 1080 - Katie Ormerod
Grab your board and hit the slopes here: http://win.gs/MqRAii Katie Ormerod sealed her name in the history of women's snowboarding when she became the first ...
The first-ever quad cork 1800 on skis
Andri Ragettli is a professional free skier from Switzerland and he just did a world-first: rotating five times while flipping off-axis four times.
World's First Quadruple Cork - Billy Morgan
As the level of progression in freestyle snowboarding continues to evolve at a crazy rate, the race to stomp the first quadruple cork has unofficially been on all ...
Slo Mo Trick Tips – How To Backside Double Cork 1080 On A Snowboard
Madness from Rowan Coultas... Learn more at www.whitelines.com/series/slo-mo-trick-tips Since the magazine first started in 1995, Whitelines has been about ...
Inside The Quad Cork
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First ever snowboard quad cork (slowmotion)
Billy Morgan's first ever quadruple cork on snowboard! This is in slowmo.
How to Double Cork 1080
In Salt Lake at Snogression I go over how to do a Double Cork 1080 on a trampoline. Such a sick place and encourage everyone to check it out!
Mark McMorris World's First Backside 1440 Triple Cork HD - TransWorld SNOWboarding
Mark McMorris stomps the first-ever Backside Triple Cork 1440 filming for TransWorld SNOWboarding's "Park Sessions" Project dropping Fall 2011. Check out ...
Skier Makes History With Quad Cork 1800
Andri Ragettli made history March 28, becoming the first skier to land five full rotations while airborne.
How to Spin a Double Cork 1080 Blunt with Gus Kenworthy
Gus Kenworthy gives us his tips for the Dub 1080 Blunt. Get the inside scoop on what he thinks about when doing this trick!
It has been brought to my attention that I have missed two quads done by Nicolas Fontaine in 2000 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q94n47K-2nI. Also after ...
13-year-old Snowboarder lands Triple Cork - Marcus Kleveland 2013
13-year-old Norwegian star Marcus Kleveland becomes the youngest rider ever to land a Triple Cork. Perhaps the worst kept secret in snowboarding Marcus ...
IS this for real!? Snowboarder stomps WORLD'S FIRST QUAD CORK 1800
UK rider Billy Morgan writes a new chapter in snowboard history by landing a backside 1800° quadruple cork. Check out http://win.gs/1HuSgwg for the full story!
Romme Vlog 2017 (skitricks included quad cork 1080 etc.)
Rent Romme Alpin (world's best skiing mountain on eart) for a day for all our YouTube money. We brought our school there to thank them for their awesome ...
Nine Knights 2015 - First ever quad cork on snowboard landed
Rider - Billy Morgan.Livigno, Italy, 04.15.15 Nine Knights jump.
Front Double Cork 1080 - Shaun White
Watch Shaun land his Front Double Cork 1080 for the first time in practice. Last year, Shaun White disappeared from the snowboard scene, holing up in the ...
#ProjectPY2018 Mission 4: First ever Quad Cork 1800 on Snowboard
GB Park and Pipe's Billy Morgan lands the world's first ever Quad Cork on a snowboard. That's 1800 degrees of spin. Filmed by GB Park and Pipe head ...
Double triple quad cork
Marcus Kleveland: No. 2 Moment of 2017 | World of X Games
At X Games Aspen 2017, Marcus Cleveland landed the first quadruple cork done in competition history: a backside quad cork 1800 mute grab. It came in run 3, ...
Amazing Quad-Cork 1800 Landed
British snowboarder Billy Morgan does something many thought to be impossible by landing a quad-cork 1800.
World's First Quadruple Cork Landed by Billy Morgan
As the level of progression in freestyle snowboarding continues to evolve at a crazy rate, the race to stomp the first quadruple cork has unofficially been on all ...
We did the triple, so why stop at that? In this episode I attempt to do the quad cork! Enjoy! Music from NCS.
Billy morgan is a beast! Follow him on Instagram: @billymorgan89 FOLLOW ME: @Mikey_Genco @tannerburkhart @hunter_burkhart.

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