Risky strats artillery

Risky Strats Guide: Forts and Artillery
2 years later I finally made the guide! Hopefully this is helpful to you. Risky Strats: https://www.roblox.com/games/316264464/RISKY-STRATS.
Risky Strats Guide: Power Plants
Hey everyone, sorry for the long break, I should be back making more Risky videos soon. Hope you enjoy! Risky Strats: ...
Risky Strats - Record Broken (3,753,306 troops)
In this wonderful (and extremely long) round of Risky Strats, I appear to have broken the world record of 1.7m troops. After realizing this an hour too late, ...
Risky Strats 1v1 Popcorn897 vs Purplescheer9
Sorry I took so long to get another video out, but it's finally here! Risky Strats: https://www.roblox.com/games/316264464/RISKY-STRATS.
That was intense.. Stalk my nonsense ➜ https://www.twitter.com/ConfidentCoding Play the game yourself: ...
Roblox Risky Strats - The Awaited Battle
A wildly intense strategy game. Random maps, very little lag, loads of fun!\nThis game is in a playable state, but is in beta. Expect tweaking and upcoming ...
Risky Strats Game Review
Play Risky Strats for free at http://bit.ly/1Fgjohi. Risky Strats is a real-time strategy game where six players build massive armies and battle to control a randomly ...
Risky Strats Intermediate Guide
Played before, but having a hard time winning? This video will teach you to play better! Find the game here: ...
Crazy Risky Strats Battle....
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(5,035,287) NEW Troop/Blob Size world record (RISKY STRATS)
This is the new world record for troops in once place in a roblox game called risky strats. The old record was 4061860 The new record is 5035287 Special ...
The Blue War [Risky Strats]
The Blue Shall Die!
Risky Strats Beginner's Guide
New to Risky Strats? This video will teach you how to play! Find the game here: https://www.roblox.com/games/316264464/RISKY-STRATS.
Risky Strats Trailer
Game: https://www.roblox.com/games/316264464/RISKY-STRATS#!/about Music: MitiS - Please Go My main PC doesn't want to record so I had to record using ...
Risky Strats Tutorial! Become a pro!
In this tutorial I will teach you how to get / become a pro on risky strats!
Giant battle on Risky Strats
these people had decided to get as many troops as possible and fight.
ROBLOX: Artillery with recoil
I made this recoiled artillery in about an hour.
Roblox Risky Strats Game Play
Playing Roblox Risky Starts. It's like a exotic type of RTS game. It feels like a board game like checkers a little bit, combined with a RTS war-game and a math ...
Big Blob in Risky Strats (15.4 Million)
A 15404780 Blob. Took about 2:30 hours to make Game: roblox.com/games/316264464/RISKY-STRATS Music: The Benny Hill Show Theme Tune Kodo ...
My friend taught me a few things. So make sure you thank him! If you want more comment down below.
Risky Strats (Episode 1) Bad Luck
Getting sandwiched sure is fun! Risky Strats: http://www.roblox.com/RISKY-STRATS-%CA%95-%E1%B4%A5-%CA%94-place?id=197857450.
Risky Strats (Episode 2) Revenge
A slightly simpler game. https://www.roblox.com/games/316264464/RISKY-STRATS.
Risky Strats Tournament | TempestTrident vs purplescheer9 Game 1
Game 1 between TempestTrident and purplescheer9 in the 1v1 Regicide tournament! A late game slaughterfest! See the bracket for the tournament here ...
Risky Strats Roblox Beginners Guide
A beginners guide on how to play Risky Strats in Roblox. This is for people who never played the game before.
Risky Strats Advanced Guide! (Remake)
A guide by Mistic21 that describes an advanced production strategy used by most experienced players in Risky Strats. Also includes a few additional tips.
Risky Strats (Episode 4) Crazy FFA Game!
Finally back with another episode of Risky Strats! More will be coming in the future as well. (sorry for being so cocky at the beginning of this one lmao) Game: ...
Risky Strats Beginner Strategy Guide
In the game Risky Strats by devAdrian, you and up to 5 other users battle for control of the map by building factories. powerplants, and capitals to produce units.
VERY INTENSE RISKY STRATS GAME!!!!!! https://www.roblox.com/games/316264464/RISKY-STRATS#
Risky Strats Tournament FINALS | Joshua vs Purplescheer Game 5
FINAL GAME IN THE 1v1 REGI TOURNAMENT! Joshuamari310 vs Purplescheer9. See the bracket for the tournament here: ...
Risky Strats (Episode 3) Top Player?
I had the chance to play against SkateXC. Instead I got a match against XxFirefacexX. Both are pretty strong players. You can find the game here: ...
Risky Strats BAD LUCK [ROBLOX]
First Time Video on Risky Strats Roblox Play it here! https://www.roblox.com/games/316264464/RISKY-STRATS Beginning Tutorial ...
Risky Strats Tournament | TempestTrident vs Memorex2075 Game 1
Game 1 between TempestTrident and Memorex2075 in the 1v1 Regicide tournament! Fairly short game, early war! See the bracket for the tournament here ...
Risky Strats
GrodanOla Vs. M3XGoofy.
Critical Strike Artillery guide
Hope you guys enjoyed! Music in the epic fight scene: Invincible By: Deaf Kev.
Risky Strats + Channel Update!
More Risky Strats videos? Yes! More guides? Maybe! More other crap? Probably! You can find Risky Strats here: ...
ROBLOX: RISKY STRATS [COOP MODE!] - DevAdrian - Gameplay nr.0118
Now i'm sure that the sound get back on when the copyrighted music is gone. I added fast motion for the video to be more walkthrough game. Slow game videos ...

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