Taglharpa playing progress
''Sucking at something is the first step towards being sort of good at something'' -Jake the dog.
"Gnaal" - the bowed lyre (taglharpe) "Funeral march"
Presenting the instruments Eldrim use in our music. "Gnaal" is a bowed lyre (taglharpe) made of spruce, flame ash and bog oak. Strings are made of horse tail.
4-string Taglharpa/bowed lyre with steel strings
Applied steel strings instead of horsehair strings for the first time. Sounds quite good!
Talharpa  Bass (Taglharpa/Jouhikko) Scandinavian Lira  / www.shamanic.ru
Talharpa Bass (Taglharpa/Jouhikko) Scandinavian Lira / www.shamanic.ru.
Deyr fé, deyja frændur - Taglharpa
7000 subscribers! I can hardly believe it. Thank you all so much!! I'm fairly active on Instagram if you want to take a look over there ...
Some thoughts on playing the taglharpa
Advices from a non expert - Still learning.
Taglharpa + Bass Taglharpa + Trossingen lyre arrangement
Tagelharpa Cello - a lower, deeper, darker tagelharpa
Short video to introduce our new Tagelharpa Cello: a lower, deeper and darker tagelharpa. Info about the Tagelharpa Cello: Eng: ...
A Tergo Lupi - Hunted (Tagelharpa & Ritual Drum)
A Tagelharpa and Ritual Drum song A Tergo Lupi: https://www.facebook.com/ATergoLupiProject/ Instruments made by: Ebanisteria Musicale C.M. Ferrari ...
Einar Selvik (Wardruna) Vikingskiphuset Oslo 2016
Hey! Here is a video of Einar's concert in Oslo the December 20th, 2016. It was amazing and I wanted to share it with you all. Hope you enjoy it! Wardruna's: ...
How To Build a DIY 2-String Tagelharpa / Talharpe / Jouhikko
I built this for a friend - a short clip about the secrets of my garden shed, which is of course not the Ivory Tower of instrument making. You are hearing the first test ...
Hlioð - A Viking Journey
First rec of the first song I ever wrote with my Jouhikko. This one track is instrumental, I will soon put up a singed version of it.
Наигрыши на Тальхарпе 2 (Taglharpa song 2)
Изготовляю инструменты на заказ https://vk.com/mihailov1983 группа в ВК https://vk.com/v_ay_z поддержка проекта https://vk.com/longworkhouse.
A very big talharpa - the bassharpa (inspired by "Gnaal")
There was too much rosin on the strings while recording, hence the scratchy sound sometimes. Sorry for that! Gnaal: ...
Taglharpa /Talharpa / Tagelharpa / Jouhikko / bowed lyre
Bass talharpa  Bass tagelharpa Bass taglharpa
Picking materials for your taglharpa/bowed lyre/jouhikko
Advice from amateur to amateur. Before you start building. Strings are made of horse hair/tail.
Мастерская музыкальных инструментов "Перекресток" http://vk.com/liraobochina The Crossroad - musical instrument workshop ...
Тальхарпа Luna (Taglharpa) Скандинавская лира / www.shamanic.ru
Тальхарпа Luna (Taglharpa) Скандинавская лира / www.shamanic.ru.
Mahogany Tagelharpa
Short video to introduce you one of our first, long-lived and most appreciated models of tagelharpa: the mahogany one. Enveloping, gloomy and full sound, with ...
My Self-Built Talharpa! (Also known as Jouhikko, Hiiu Kannel, etc)
The showing and playing of my self built folk instrument, the Talharpa.
Bass Tagelharpa
Instrument available in my etsy shop Blodorn Viking Craft. https://etsy.me/2TKVwh5.
Scandinavian folk on Nyckelharpa by Myrkur
Två Konungabarn played by Myrkur.
Black Metal on Taglharpa & dist (medium strings)
Have you ever heard black metal on tagelharpa? I decided to combine this nordic instrument with this nordic music genre.
More upgrades on the Talharpa
Sorry for the vertical video :/
MythicWorlds 2015 - Horsehair Bowed Lyre
Einar Selvik of Wardruna demonstrating use of a bowed lyre of Old Scandinavian design. It is strung with mare's hair, while the bow uses stallion's hair. Please ...
How to make viking violin - morin khuur/tagelharpa
Making instrument inspired by mongolian morin khuur and nordic tagelharpa. For the sides I used maple wood, hand cut with rip saw I made some time ago.
Bowed lyre (crwth) made by Owen Tudor, Wales (Dolgelly), 19th century
Bowed lyre (crwth) made by Owen Tudor, Wales (Dolgelly), 19th century "Little Wren" ("Dryw Bach"), traditional Welsh folk song Performed by Emerald Rae.
Мастерская музыкальных инструментов "Перекресток" http://vk.com/liraobochina The Crossroad - musical instrument workshop ...
Taglharpa/Jouhikko practice
Me practicing custom taglharpa with othala (Rune) shaped sound hole, by moon cross shop.
A Tergo Lupi - Back to the roots (tagelharpa)
First video from our upcoming album. Follow us on FB: https://www.facebook.com/ATergoLupiProject Spotify: ...
Тальхарпа ВИДАР (или Сердце ВИКИНГА 2.0) + Eldrim - Gnaal. Taglharpa Víðarr .
Сделана на заказ. Габариты: 680*170*55 Корпус, дека , держатель - Ильм. Подставка - Осина. Струны- Конский волос....
Bass Jouhikko
Мастерская музыкальных инструментов "Перекресток" http://vk.com/liraobochina The Crossroad - musical instrument workshop ...
Epic Tagelharpa/ Talharpa 2 - 2019
Let's make some music! :D What is your favorite instrument? ETSY SHOP : https://www.etsy.com/de/shop/TheVikingWoodsmith PATREON: ...
Vindkaldr - Huldufólksdansa
"Huldufólk (Icelandic and Faroese hidden people from huldu- "pertaining to secrecy" and fólk "people", "folk") are elves in Icelandic and Faroese folklore.
homayoun iran ॐ overtone throat singing sygyt kargyraa Mantra kamancheh taglharpa - MarDoomGia
spiritual path traveler monk . wood spirit. Shamanic consciousness, ॐ※ More than 15 years ago on my trips to distant lands, to understand inside of myself !

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