The rageaholic

IRAN: Deal or No Deal?
Who better to win an international game of 'Deal Or No Deal'... than a game show host?
MLB THE SHOW 18 Review - The Rageaholic
You know it's an accurate baseball simulation when the Mets are still terrible.
RazörFist Arcade: Splinter Cell PANDORA TOMORROW
Like Metal Gear Solid... but with Stealth. If you'd like to support the snark: https://www.streamlabs.com/therageaholic.
Keeping Up With The Koreas: A Rant
How an invisible man may have made peace in the most militarized border on planet Earth.
KINGDOM COME: Deliverance - The Rageaholic
History isn't P.C.? WHO KNEW??
Metal Mythos: BATHORY
A complete career retrospective of the baron of Black Metal: BATHORY! Table of Carnage: 00:02:32 - Bathory (1984) 00:08:33 - RANT "HurDurr! Venom weren't ...
The Rageaholic: DOOM
Brace for brain matter...
TOP 5 TURDS of 2017 - The Rageaholic
Just in time for Tax Day, a Game Industry audit of epic proportions!
Of Loot Boxes and Belgian Dips - A Rant
Throw me a frickin' bone here.
March for Our LIES: A Rant
With a recent shooting tragedy averted thanks to a RESPONSIBLE Gun Owner, you know what that means... ...let's ignore it and keep obsessing about Vidya ...
The rant is strong with this one.
RazörFist Arcade: THE SABOTEUR
Who wants sauerkraut? If you'd like to support the snark: https://www.streamlabs.com/therageaholic.
Fill your hand. If you'd like to support the snark: https://www.streamlabs.com/therageaholic.
FALLOUT 4 Review - The Rageaholic
Removing skills to pay the bills...
Sexism in Metal (And Other Fables) - A Rant
Link to the retardation in question: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S5jaItN3DoM.
CUPHEAD Review - The Rageaholic
Like having hot wax poured on your nads by a sadomasochistic Max Fleischer. ...and it hurts so GOOD. See every review EARLY: https://vid.me/razorfist Razör's ...
Gun Control: Legislating Fear
The glasses come off but the vitriol stays on for a much-needed rant on the recent push for Firearms legislation.
Metal Mythos: W.A.S.P.
A complete career retrospective of American Metal titans: W.A.S.P.! Table of Torment: 00:01:32 - W.A.S.P. (1984) 00:08:00 - The Last Command (1985) 00:11:15 ...
MASS EFFECT Andromeda - The Rageaholic
It's time for this entire series to rest its face. Razör's Blog: https://the-rageaholic.tumblr.com Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/RAZ0RFIST Failbook: ...
JESSICA JONES Review (Spoiler-Safe) - The Rageaholic
Or "How Every Slacktivist Prick On The Internet Projected Their Socio-Political Dogma On A Perfectly Innocuous TV Show."
Top 5 Turds of 2016 - The Rageaholic
I hope you like some salt in your diet.
Of Black Shirts and Golden Globs
Thinking is hard. Luckily Hollywood is here to do it for us.
Metal Mythos: IRON MAIDEN
The definitive career retrospective of the immortal MAIDEN Table of Contents: 00:00:51 - Iron Maiden (1980) 00:04:00 - Killers (1981) 00:08:54 - RANT: Bruce ...
Or "How the vaunted 'VR Future' never arrived".
Of 'Pedos' & Pentagrams: The Inquisition Allegations
and you thought #MetalGate was dead. Link to story: ...
PedoWood: The House of Cards Crumbles
The only topic touchier than Weinstein himself. Watch Every Rant EARLY: https://vid.me/razorfist Razör's Blog: https://the-rageaholic.tumblr.com Twitter: ...
BLOOD DRAGON Review - The Rageaholic
RazörFist doesn't deal with psychos... he puts them away, in today's review of a very rare occurrence: Downloadable Content that eclipses the game it spins off ...
The MovieBob MASSACRE: A Rant
You poked the tiger, Bob... A link to MovieBob's resplendent 'parody' (if you feel comfortable employing the most liberal possible interpretation of the word): ...
Skyrim Online: Tamriel Unplayable - The Rageaholic
Since the inception of Elder Scrolls, gamers have asked. "WHY? Why is there no MMO for my favorite RPG series!?" Elder Scrolls Online. THAT'S why.
THE ORDER: 1886 - The Rageaholic
Press X to Disappoint.
Redacted Tomatoes: The Story of Black Panther
"Only 85% for Black Panther? Looks like you've had a bit too much to THINK..."
Music Mythos: RAMONES
A complete career retrospective of the progenitors of Punk Rock: The RAMONES! Table of Contents: 00:03:12 - Ramones (1976) 00:07:28 - RANT: "All The ...
Brütal Legend Review - The Rageaholic
For his eighth review, RazörFist tackles a newer release, cholos and Nu Metal kids get a much-deserved thrashing, and we all learn the true meaning of ...
Rageaholic Cinema: PREDATOR
A review that will turn you into a goddamned sexual tyrannosaurus.
Metal Mythos Special: Top 6 BLACK METAL Albums
From Burzum to Bulldozer, the very first Metal Mythos Countdown kicks off with 6 of Razör's recommended Black Metal albums!
RazörFist's 10 Essential Daredevil Comics
With the Netflix TV debut on the horizon, RazörFist holds a crash course in his favorite comic book character: DAREDEVIL! Here's a written copy of the list, for ...
The Future of ELDER SCROLLS - The Rageaholic
With Skyrim consigned to the mists of antiquity, many wonder what's next for The Elder Scrolls. Razör has a few ideas.
Resident Evil 5 Review - The Rageaholic
In episode 19, a familiar target finds itself in RazorFist's sights: Capcom, and their increasingly awful Resident Evil series. Warning: Contains explosive diarrhea, ...
ANTIFAIL: Benito Reborn
With Hamburg in flames, and the 'Anti' side looking more like the genuine article... it's time to cruise past the Germanic mustache and study the cue-ball that ...

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