What are ear tags

Richie, Livestock Ear Tag ID.
part one cattle ID tags can always be a little difficult at first. This is how I do it there are other ways as well. Hope you enjoy the video and find it helpful. Feel free ...
How and Why I Ear Tag My Goats
Ear tagging goats is a very simple process and I promise it only hurts for just a few seconds. Have numbered ear tags allows me to keep accurate records of my ...
Goat Ear Tagging - American Goat Federation
Learn how and why folks ear tag goats for identification and management. We cover a few of the tools and ins and outs of tagging.
How to correctly tag calves
Watch this video to learn how to tag calves correctly, keep calves calm and do the job well.
Accessory Auricle or Ear Tag - Dr Paulose FRCS (ENT)
WARNING: Graphic Content. Viewer discretion is advised. -------//------- Accessory Auricle is a relatively common congenital malformation presented as a tag in ...
ARDES ear tag cattle tagging best practice
How to ear tag cattle? How to tag a cow? ARDES helps you and shares with you the best practice about the ear tagging cattle and cow. Best practice, okay but ...
Whitetail Fawn Vaccinations and Ear Tag Application
Here is a typical protocol for vaccinating a Whitetail Deer Fawn and how we apply an Ear Tag.
Preauricular Skin Tags
In this clinical video we will see a case of preauricular skin tag.
Introduction to Z Tags ear tags
Marketing Manager Kerry Moncur demonstrates how to use Z Tags and what makes them different at Mike John's farm in Huntsville, MO.
EID Tag Comparison - Comparing Ear Tags for Cattle: Host Louis Sirico
The Cattle Identification and The RFID Network teams have put together this comparison of EID tags (RFID ear tags) for use on cattle. We tested a variety of Full ...
How to Apply Cattle Tags
Video demonstration of the proper technique for cattle tag application using an Allflex tag applicator. For ordering information, visit http://www.CattleTags.com.
There can be a small skin tag on the ear of a baby when they're born. Removing it is a simple procedure when they're older, and doing it before school age can ...
Ear tags & iron shots!
Today we are tagging our pigs and giving shots!
Y-Tex Y-Tag verse Other 1 piece ear tags - Y-Tag One Piece Ear Tags
Visit us HERE -- https://goo.gl/P5iQ5E We walked in the to the Y-Tex booth knowing there was a new one-piece ear tag being launched this year. We were a bit ...
Tru-Test Electronic ID Readers
Wanting an EID reader capable of keeping up with even the fastest animals? We have the solution for you. Tru-Test EID readers deliver information about your ...
How to reduce tag losses on cattle
Replacing lost ear tags in cattle could be costing farmers millions of pounds every year, with an estimated annual tag loss in the UK of 10%. However, many tag ...
Where to place a tag
A short video about where to place an ear tag when tagging sheep.
30w Fiber Laser Marking Machine for Anminal Ear Tags
Perfect Laser (www.perfectlaser.net) Email: [email protected] SKYPE: chinaperfectlaser Tel :0086-27-86791986 The fiber laser marking system adopts most ...
Installing Q-flex® Ear Tags with an applicator
Q-flex® livestock ear tags that are USDA Scrapie Approved and fully customizable with logos, names and numbers. Visit us at http://www.premier1supplies.com/ ...
Cattle Electronic ID Tags and Tagging
Informative video on the benefits of electronic identification of cattle. For more information on electronic cattle tags, visit http://www.CattleTags.com.
How to Ear Tag a Goat
This is an educational presentation on how to ear tag a goat. Justin McDaniel OSU Pontotoc County Ag Educator demonstrates the tools needed and the proper ...
Universal applying visual tags
How to apply visual tags with the Allflex Universal Applicator. Through the use of an insert, the Universal Applicator (22132) can be used for electronic sheep or ...
mOOvement: Cattle Tracking
mOOvement, a smart ear tag that helps producers track their cattle and never lose them again! www.moovement.com.au After doing lots of research, designing ...
How to Ear Tag a Cavy ( Guinea  pig)
Ear Tagging a Cavy for show or 4H.
Katahdin Sheep (Trimming Hooves and Tagging Ears)
I'm trimming the hooves of my Katahdin sheep, and tagging their ears. The ear tags are for ID purposes so I can keep good records, and their hooves looked like ...
How to Eartag a Pig
Not sure 'eartag' is a verb, but who cares? Basically, this video show you how to apply a standard metal eartag to a pig, which is a legal requirement in the UK.
4-H Science of Agriculture: GPS Ear Tag team
The 4-H GPS Ear Tag Team is one of many 4-H Science of Agriculture Challenge teams across Minnesota working with local experts to identify issues in their ...
Metal Cattle Ear Tags - National Band and Tag Company
How to load and apply our metal Style 49 Livestock ear tag. https://nationalband.com/livestock-tags/
Laser marking cattle tags
These cattle ear tags are being laser engraved with a 30 Watt Halo fibre laser, the marking time is less than 1.5 seconds per tag.
Long Range EID Ear Tags and Management Software
Demonstrational video of how the long range FaST TAG and FaST TRACK software are used to count animal groups and locate an animal of interest.
Ear Tragus Congenital Deformity
Ear deformities are of many types ranges from a small tag formation in preauricular area, accessory tragus, Accessory auricular etc. These are all congenital ...
Tagging Sheep with Allflex
A short video on how to tag sheep properly using Allflex tags and tagger.
How to place RFID tags into your pigs ear
Boone county Indiana swine project.
Swine Ear Tag Demo
Swine Ear Tag Demo.
Cattle Identification - The Next Generation EID tags: Host Louis Sirico
Farmers all over the world are now using the next generation RFID technology for Electronic Identification of Cattle Cattle Identification - Ear Tags - Cattle ...
134.2KHZ FDX HDX Animal RFID Electronic Ear ID Tags
EID, animal ear tags, RFID ear tag, electronic ear tags,ID tags,fdx, hdx.
Y-Tex Visual ID
For decades Y-Tex has been making some of the most trusted and reliable animal identification products on the market. Here's a look at some of what goes into ...
Expert: Misplaced metal scrapie ear tags could pose risk to sheep shearer, sheep
A switch from plastic to metal ear tags could spell trouble for sheep shearers and the animals they shear if the tags are incorrectly applied, said a shearing ...
The New Z2 No-Tear Tagging System
The new Z2 No-Tear-Tagger features a revolutionary dual-action kickback jaw that automatically retracts once the tag is inserted. Together with a handy flip-out ...

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