What is a bga socket

LGA vs PGA! Which is better?
LGA vs PGA! Which is better? It's time to pit Intel's Land Grid Array against AMD's Pin Grid Array ⇨ Sponsor Link - Cooler Master MasterKeys Keyboards: ...
¿Qué RAYOS es LGA, PGA y BGA? ¿ASI FUNCIONA? - Droga Digital
Como ultimamente no hemos tenido episodios de "asi funciona" como tal, Ed se puso a hacer este video que tiene un cierto sabor a esta sección pero que no ...
BGA Socket testing
Clam-shell BGA socket tested with daisy chain test PCB and test chip.
BGA replacement and soldering tutorial
this video show you how easy is to replace and solder BGA ICs with low cost tools.
CPU Sockets as Fast As Possible
LGA 1151, AM3+, LGA 2011-3, FM2...it can be difficult to keep track of all the different modern CPU sockets! Here's what you need to know about them.
Videocast: Os processadores BGA da Intel
Depois de algumas semanas, voltamos ao formato videocast, e com um tema de hardware! Nas últimas semanas, começaram a vazar supostos roadmaps com ...
Ardent Concepts BGA Socket and LGA Connector Overview
Check out more information at www.ardentconcepts.com.
BGA CPU Upgrade on Acer 1410 (from Celeron to Core 2 Duo)
BGA / QFN test socket customization and Data recovery connector
Contact IC with or without solder ball,S-shape contact spring, 2-point contacts per solder ball, highly reliable,You can customize any style! BGA / QFN test socket ...
BGA Soldering
Soldering a BGA (BGA Soldering) Soldering a ball grid array. A ball grid array (BGA) is a type of surface-mount packaging used for integrated circuits. BGA ...
SR1YW Bay Trail - M Processor N3540 reballing process.
JOVY 8500 BGA REWORK STATION IN ACTION socket 2011 removal
Jovi 8500 BGA rework station in action. Socket 2011 is being removed from motherboard. Damaged CPU 2011 socket replacement. Original socket got bent ...
What does all this mean? Just watch.
Package on Package BGA testing
Testing BGA processor and BGA memory device using Ironwood Electronics Clamshell PoP socket with daisy chain test components.
BGA LGA1156 Socket desoldered
BGA Achi IR-PRO SC MSI Mainboard.
ZM R730 working video-- how to replace BGA LGA CPU socket
ZM R730 working video --how to replace BGA LGA CPU socket. any more details, pls email me: [email protected] Whats app: +86 15602989546.
Lever Lid BGA Socket
High pin count BGA socket actuation using lever lid that utilizes cam and follower mechanical advantage.
How to DIY LGA1150 CPU Socket Replacement - 404
After having removed the broken Intel LGA 1150 socket, I try to clean the PCB from solder on the motherboard and put in a new LGA1150 socket. Heating ...
Flip-Top™ BGA Test Sockets | Advanced Interconnections Corp.
Flip-Top™ BGA Test Sockets from Advanced Interconnections Corp. simplfy testing and validation of BGA and LGA devices, saving space on the board and ...
Denon BGA Rework LGA 775 Socket  Removal
BGA Rework on a the Intel 775 Socket.
Cara Membuat socket BGA emmc sangat sederhana
Yang penasaran mau mencoba, bahannya ada di sini http://safelinku.net/8QKtdA.
Micro Gigasnap BGA Socket Adapter
Chip size adapter interconnects 0.5mm pitch, 1204BGA to target development board. 20 GHz bandwidth. Low Insertion force 15g per pin.
BGA Socket Rework - Solder Paste Printing with Customized Stencils - CPU Socket Remove Solder Mount
BGA Socket Rework - Solder Paste Printing with Customized Stencils - CPU Socket Remove Solder Mount We manufacture BGA SMD Rework Station for ...
Ironwood-GHz BGA & QFN/MLF Sockets (10/2011)
Sockets for High Bandwidth Applications-epoxy socket.
Nuwix BGA Test Socket.wmv
Nuwix's Circumflex BGA test socket for high performance low cost semiconductor test. Based on a new geometric concept and the use of a new metal alloy, the ...
CPU socket removal using The BGA Rework Machine and clean lift
Having come from the ACHI IR PRO rework station I was a bit skeptical getting another IR unit, however the company seemed to know about reworking and not ...
How To DIY CPU socket Remove for repair Intel LGA - 388
Building my own desoldering station, for removing a broken Intel LGA 1150 socket. Heating Element Heater 12V 200W : http://amzn.to/2aSErOc AMTECH 10cc ...
IC_BGA SOCKET with solderball adapter
Come funziona il socketing system di E-Tec.
E-Socket BGA-169 отправка Евгению. ;)
Данное видео предназначено для моего покупателя Жени. Ссылочка на обзор прищепок: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pmwOj8uNO4s.
JOVY 8500 BGA REWORK STATION IN ACTION socket 2011 placement 1
Jovi 8500 BGA rework station in action. Socket 2011 is being re-seated on motherboard. Damaged CPU 2011 socket replacement. Original socket got bent pins ...
Desoldering mPGA478B socket DIY BGA REWORK MACHINE
This is not a standard industry process , this material is for educational purposes .The motherboard is soldered with Lead Alloy.
меняем bga процессор на материнской плате ноутбука
процессор dns замена, замена центрального процессора на ноутбуке днс, замена процессора производится на...
Cpu socket removal with diy bga rework station
This video shows a cpu lift made with my homemade rework machine. It uses six halogen lamps and a hot air gun both PID controlled by an arduino mega.
BGA 775 socket rework service by web7days
775 socket rework HP RC410-M Rev:1.1 Ball Grid Array it is a mounting technology in which the CHIPS is attached to the Circuit Board in Grid pattern, the ...
Материнская плата Socket BGA ASRock AD425PV3
Материнская плата Socket BGA ASRock AD425PV3 Nettop на базе ASRock AD425PV3 + Intel D425 1.8ГГц Подробнее: http://computerrepair.com.ua.

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