What is a lathe spindle

Double spindle lathe
Universal CNC machine Maxxturn 65 for complete machining of a chain wheel sprocket used on a race car. Made from Aluminium. Machine inclusive counter ...
The Jeweler's Lathe Part 1:  The Spindle
This is a sort of medium-length project I am taking on in preparation for some longer term projects I want to start in the future. I consider this a bit of machine ...
Lathe Spindle Bearings, tear down, inspection, re-grease and adjustment
I had some noise and runout issues with the main spindle bearings of my chinese 5x18 lathe (10x18 for you guys in the US and 125x450mm for the metric world) ...
The Micro Lathe:  Putting the Spindle Together
A second video on the micro lathe! In this video I show how I designed and put the spindle together. This spindle runs up to 7000 RPM and can take a ridiculous ...
Boring lathe spindle tube, 2
Im using the term "line boring" loosely, not sure what to call this boring process. Heres a link with more info about this project: ...
Making the Permanent Spindle for my Gingery Lathe
This video shows the making of the Permanent Spindle for my Gingery Lathe. The spindle features an 3/4" spindle nose with MT1 taper socket. For more ...
HomeMade Lathe Part 1- spindle forces explained static, dynamic (radial), and thrust
one of the viewers on my previous video ( https://youtu.be/11Dh0XLtdFQ ) mentioned that i may have skipped an interesting detail of the lathe spindle. he was, ...
Spindle Turning Safety for the Wood Lathe
Sam covers the importance of being safe when turning spindles on the lathe. He offers some tips on preventing injury and accidents while using the spindle ...
How to remove the spindle of an Atlas 618 lathe
Removing the spindle from my Atlas 618 lathe to check runout.
Engine Lathe Headstock Tear Down
I start by removing the spindle to inspect the bearings and end up basically stripping the whole headstock.
Revisiting the Old lathe's bronze spindle bearings
The last time I used the old lathe I noticed that the spindle wasn't turning completely free. 2 months of no use later and the spindle seems to be frozen up. I looks ...
Making a Lathe Spindle Indexer Part 1
Making an indexer/nose piece out of a Bridgeport dial for the lathe. In this video we make a gauge to fit what will be our internal threads. We also have some ...
South Bend 13
This video shows the disassembly of the spindle on my South Bend 13" lathe. Included are tips for disassembly without damaging the bearings.
Engine Lathe Headstock Alignment and Test Cuts
We follow up the spindle bearing installation with some test cuts and aligning the headstock. I also discuss checking the squareness of the cross slide.
1K62 Lathe spindle bearings removal and montage
Long time from lathe gear-box comes zinging sound... finally that sound was ugly!!! And I found from where sound comes- from front bearing... And I immediately ...
Mini Lathe Spindle Runout
Using dial indicators to measure and understand "runout" of the mini lathe spindle.
A Simple Very Effective Myford Lathe Spindle Locking Tool
Make a simple pvc tool to lock the Myford lathe spindle Used for very easy tight chuck removal. No more ruined strap wrenches!
Making a Press Fit Spindle Bearing Housing On Myford ML7 Lathe
Quick guide to machining a mild steel spindle bearing housing on ML7 with press fit roller bearings. For home made tool post milling tool.
Making a Lathe Spindle Indexer Part 2
Making an indexer/nose piece out of a Bridgeport dial for the lathe. In this video we bore and fit the dial to the spindle. Part 2 of 2.
Engine Lathe Headstock Rebuild / Spindle Bearing Replacement
I complete the rebuild of the engine lathe headstock with all new bearings and seals. I install new spindle bearings and discuss the pre-load procedure.
Woodturning Basics Part 1: Turning Tools, Lathe, & Roughing a Spindle
Will Myers teaches the basics of turning spindles, starting with centering the wood, discussing turning tools & parts of the lathe, and ending with roughing out a ...
Haas Dual Spindle Lathes Simplified
The Haas DS-30SSY takes the complexity out of running a dual-spindle lathe with simple and straightforward G-code mirroring commands. In this video, we are ...
CNC Slantbed Lathe - Spindle Test 1
Initial spindle test for scratch built cnc slantbed lathe with 8 position auto tool turret.
How To Make a Lathe Spindle Thread Protector
In this video we go over how to make a thread protector for the spindle of a Logan 10" lathe.
Turning Identical Parts on the Lathe
Learn how to turn multiple matching spindles on the lathe. How to make duplicate parts. Woodturning matching spindles. Subscribe to this channel for new ...
South Bend Lathe Spindle Bearing Adjustment
How to check and adjust Spindle bearings on South Bend Lathe.
Rollie Dad Method - Spindle alignment on my mini Lathe from Micromark 7x14
Using a Dial Test Indicator and instructions from http://www.gadgetbuilder.com/Lathe_Align.html to use Rollie Dad's Method to measure spindle & ways ...
South Bent 13
This video shows the reassembly of my 13" South Bend lathe with the spindle upgraded to a D1-4 camlock version. Tips and techniques seen include shimming ...
Homemade CNC - Making Spindle without LATHE
To add spindle for turn on my CNC I have tried making spindle without lathe. It is a hard-way, but if you don't have lathe - this is my choice as DIY.
Atlas 10F Lathe - TH54 - 02 - Headstock Spindle Removal
In this video i remove the headstock spindle from the lathe to figure out why the pin on the bull gear will not engage.
Polishing bearing journals and reassembling a vintage lathe spindle
In my previous video I machined a v-goove for a XPZ v-belt into the old leather belt pulley from my vintage Karger lathe. Now it's time to reassemble the spindle.
Optimum D180x300  Lathe spindle handle
The handle allows the manual operation of the spindle for threading, parting off and other operations. This handle is only for manual operation. An improved ...
HomeMade Bowl Lathe Part 2 - spindle and headstock information
a quick description of the bowl lathe spindle and configuration of the headstock. one item i didn't mention is the ratio between the spindle and drive train is 1:1.
Modifying A South Bend Lathe Spindle
I decided to build a bowl turning lathe and needed a good sized spindle,so I purchased a used Southbend metal lathe spindle off Ebay. Here I am reducing the ...
Lathe Headstock Maintenance | #TipTuesday
A quick look at how to remove the headstock spindle and replace the bearing on your JET wood lathe, then put it all back together.
Woodworking Tips & Techniques: Lathe - Turning Square to Round Spindle Transitions
https://www.youtube.com/user/wwgoaeditor Woodworking Tips & Techniques: Lathe - George Vondriska demonstrates a way to eliminate tearout on your ...
More info: http://www.metramh.com/en/152718/TrainingMULTISPINDLELATHESCXZseries.htm http://www.metramh.com CNC MULTI SPINDLE AUTOMATIC ...
Replacing the spindle bearing on a Standard - Modern 10
I had a noisy bearing on the outboard side of the spindle so this shows how to replace it.
Smithy AutoMate CNC LT1440 Lathe Spindle Sound Before and After Replacement
Demonstrating the spindle sound difference before and after spindle replacement. The lathe is only 2 years old and it's run an average of 8 hours per week.
Mini-Lathe Spindle Encoder Mounting Kit for Centroid Acorn CNC: $30
[email protected] Hyperlink to Manual: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/jpylwa6soinhz9n/AADo08oazgRrFXS24IDQEbf7a?dl=0 Here is a link to the eBay ...

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