What is a pup tent

Military Pup Tent Overnight Test
The Military Pup Tent has been used for many years in the United States Military. In this video Jeff tests it out overnight. Plus a special guest appearance.
Everything you need to know about the U.S. ARMY half shelter or the PUP tent
Learn about the pup tent. It's ups and downs uses and failures. Hope you enjoy and never forget to click that red button.
Military Surplus Sleep System And Canvas Pup Tent Review
Please join me for a brief review of my "military surplus sleep system and canvas pup tent". This "military surplus sleeping bag", "U.S. Army half shelter pup tent", ...
Inexpensive Military Shelter - French F1 Commando Tent - Setup and Preview
Support TOGR with Patreon : https://www.patreon.com/TOGR Today Luke is setting up and previewing the French F1 Commando Tent! …. Link ...
Stansport Scout Backpackers Tent
Stansports Scout Backpackers tent review, and overnight preview.
Pup tent Review
In this Vid. I review a Pup tent from Texsport.
How to Set Up an A-Frame Tent
Watch more Camping Equipment & Tips videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/310692-How-to-Set-Up-an-AFrame-Tent Although other tent designs have ...
Solo overnighter in German army pup tent | & posh coffee
Time for another woodland solo overnighter in a German army, two man flecktarn camo pup tent. Can't wait to get out as always, never done an overnighter in ...
Pup tent Meaning
Video shows what pup tent means. a shelter tent. Pup tent Meaning. How to pronounce, definition audio dictionary. How to say pup tent. Powered by MaryTTS ...
Texsport 2-Man Pup Tent Review
A quick review of the Texsport 2-man camouflage trail tent. This is available on Amazon for around $30 shipped. Perfect for backpacking and multi-day trips.
Anina - Pup Tent - 2012
Anina's new album "It Is What It Is" (2012) OUT NOW on itunes, amazon mp3, spotify, bandcamp, emusic and rhapsody. Thank you for your support! Subscribe to ...
NS French Army F1 2 man pup tent
French Army F1 2 man pup tent. Originally saw this tent on a review from the "prepared wanderer" Youtube channel. A favorite of mine. I needed to replace my ...
Army Pup Tent turned Truck Tent
After looking for a idea for a truck tent I came across this. The Army pup tent was a very quick idea and a little more refinement is still needed. The canvas body ...
Kelty Rover Tent and Rover Tarp
Check out the Rover (https://kelty.com/rover/) and the Rover Tarp (https://kelty.com/rover-tarp/) for more details. Meet the Rover. This classic pup tent has been ...
Cub Scouts Pitching a Pup Tent Without Instructions
On our Spring campout, we challenged 4 Cub Scouts to pitch a pup tent without help or instructions. The goal was for them to learn together and learn from their ...
Budget Bushcraft: French F1 Tent and Swiss Rucksack
Today I take a look at the F1 Commando Tent and Swiss Rucksack. Both are nice low cost military surplus options. The tent can be found here: ...
Pup tent set up
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
4 person pup tent configuration
i got a pup tent and 2 canvas ponchos connected together to form 4 sleeping areas and open space for fire. thinking this would be a great setup for a winter ...
French Army Surplus F1 / Commando 2 Man Pup Tent
French Army Surplus Military F1 / Commando 2 Man Pup Tent This could be the best army surplus tent available. Music: http://www.purple-planet.com.
German Flecktarn Shelter Half Part 2, Equip 2 Endure
Adam did a video a while back in regards to a German Flecktarn Shelter Half, http://www.equiptoendure.com/WatchVideo.aspx?id=434 . Joe Flowers ...
Pup Tent Lean to and Ground Sheet Setup
Just trying out a few new pup tent set-ups in the garden. Practice makes perfect hopefully :-)
2 Person 3.5 Pound $30.00 Camo Tent - Texsport Trail Tent
This is a Texsport Camouflage Trail Tent. It is a 2 person tent. I purchased it for my wife's bug out bag. I think it is a really great tent for what it is! I mean... $30.00.
Hungarian Pup Tent.
The bag is a veschmeshok. Note the bags on the bike.
Ultimate $10 Tent: Military Shelter Halves
How to Make a Kids A-Frame Tent
For more information visit: http://diy.dunnlumber.com/projects/dunn-diy-kids-a-frame-tent This A-frame tent is not only simple, it's versatile! Kids will love to crawl ...
Canadian Army Pup Tent
Type issued when I was part of the Artillery Reserve. One half of a pup tent also known as a ground sheet.
CGC Classic: Creating a Pup Tent pt.1 - Modeling (Blender 2.4)
In this tutorial by Kernon Dillon, we'll take a look at the complete workflow for modeling a pup tent in a style that was popular during the 1800s, in North America.
Colonel Townsend Whelen 1877- 1961 veteran , avid hunter and outdoorsman developed a shelter were he could sleep at arms length from his fire & also be ...
Bivi Pup Tent
After browsing through the Survival Handbook by the Royal Marine Commandos I came across a page describing what they call the bivi pup tent. Essentially it ...
Awesome pup tent!!
GearRat Outdoors: Quick Update on the Alcott Explorer Pup Tent Testing.
Here's an update on how Gretchen has been coming along with her Alcott Explorer Pup Tent testing. Let's see what she thinks.
10' x 12' poly tarp enclosed pup tent
The thing packs up into a portable package with the top rod in two slip jointed sections. It's a good temperate climate enclosure but it offers no insulating ...
Setting up a Harrison Film Changing Tent
Patti Harrison demonstrates how to set up a Harrison Film Changing Tent.
German Military Rain Poncho and making a shelter using two ponchos (pup tent ).
I used two German Military Rain Poncho on making a pup tent. For PNW weather this type of military surplus rain poncho are the best. Rock solid, water proof, ...
Improving the French Military Tent
A quick look at improvements I made to my French Commando Tent. Simple mods that make it a little more user friendly. Tent can be found here: ...
Turning My Lightweight Rainfly Into A Pup Tent
Within my "Bushcrafting On A Buck" series I shared about the light weight $27.00 rainfly you too can buy. In that video I included a showing of it set up as a pup ...

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