What is a red rumped parakeet

Red Rump Parakeet
Our Red Rump Parakeet responding.
Top 05 Red Rumped parakeet
Top 05 Red Rumped parakeet Opaline Red Rumped parakeet Latino Red Rumped parakeet Blue Red Red Rumped parakeet Rubino Red Rumped parakeet Cinnamon European Blue Red Rumped parakeet Subscribe...
Red Rumped Parakeet Bird Call Bird Song
Red Rumped Parakeet Bird Call Bird Song The red-rumped parrot, also known as the red-backed parrot or grass parrot, is a common bird of south-eastern Australia, particularly in the Murray-Darling...
Best Breeding pair Red rumped parakeets
Every year we have many chicks from this pair. Male is wildtype and the female is opaline.!!
Friendly bird red rump parakeet
This is Jakie our family pet , a male red rump parakeet.
Always taking off noises he hears, listen to the different sounds.
my red rumped parakeet .. part 1 - kuwait
my red rumped parakeet .. part 1 - kuwait.
Red Rump Singing1
My red rump singing.
Red Rumped Parrots
Red rumped parrots are probably the least shy of the parrots around Melbourne. They feed on the ground and rely heavily on camouflage, sometimes even managing to escape the attention of a passer...
Red Rumped Parakeet Song
Marty and Vanessa have a nice little conversation, and then he has a solo act. Wikipedia information: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red-rumped_Parrot Red-rumped Parrot, Psephotus haematonotus...
Parrot Facts - wild Red-Rumped parrots
Learn more about parrots at http://parrotfacts.net Red-Rumped parrot - Psephotus haematonotus http://parrotfacts.net/red-rumped-parrot/
Red Rump Breeder Pair
Red Opline Rump Pair ready for 2nd breed Dont forget to sub share n like.
Red Rump Parrots feeding each other at The Pheasantasiam
For more bird videos from my aviary and more please subscribe above. Red Rump Parrots feeding each other at The Pheasantasiam. This is Sylvester (Standard Male Red Rump Parrot) and Tweety Pie...
redrumped mating song
male red rumped mating behaviour and song.
red rumped parakeet
this is my red rumped parakeet he's 1 year old. (sorry for so long video skip on 2 min thank you for watching)
Young Red-rumped Parakeets
Juveniles Red-rumped Parakeets of 2016 from my friend Marios Michaelides. From the same Clutch.. 3 males: Blue, Orange & Green Orange breasted 1 female: Orange Cinnamon.
Red Rump Collection of zaheer minhas, lahore, pakistan
My red rumps in open aviary for thttps://www.facebook.com/zaheer.minhas.54 my face book page.
Gorgeous, outstanding and stunning Red rumped Parakeets mutations..!!!
Fantastic mutations of Red rumped parakeet. One male Cinnamon orange breasted and two females, one Orange rubino and one Orange. I like so much that birds.!!
My Carduelis & Canaries blog : http://adf.ly/QQm4k -----
Meet our Red Rump Parrots
Meet our Red Rumps (Psephotus haematonotus) Check out my channel: https://www.youtube.com/caryotagigas for more aviary, bird and animal videos (as well as the odd travel video and the like)
Red-Rumped Parakeets
No they don't live in those cages, they're waiting to go into the flight. Thanks for watching: LIKE - DISLIKE - COMMENT - SHARE - SUBSCRIBE.
Opaline Red Rump Parrots 01 of Syed Ovais Bilgrami
Extremely Beautiful Bonded Pair of Opaline Mutation Red Rump Parrots available for sale. Can be delivered all over Pak in 24 hours through Airways, Railways and Road ways LIVE and HEALTHY Birds...
Red rump talking to a goldfinch.mp4
I used a goldfinch Audubon Bird to get JJ, my male Australian red rumped parrot, to do a bit of singing for you. When he actually sings a longer song, it is more bubbling and quite pleasant...
New In - Red Rump Mutation Parakeets
http://www.ClipsleyPetShop.co.uk - Call Us on 0800 910 1200 Red Rump Parakeets - Mutations.
My Blue Red-Rump
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
Red-rumped Parrot
Red-rumped Parrot (Psephotus haematonotus) More information and photos on my blog at https://steemit.com/@mostly.nature.
Fantastic Red-rumped parakeet pair.!!
Amazing Orange lutino male and lutino female..!!!
Red rumped parakeets breeding pairs for 2017
Red rumped parakeets breeding pairs for 2017.
Red Rump
Season Start Red Opline Rump is Ready to Breed Again in New Cage Again Like n Sub for more videos.
Redrump Mutation Lutino Redrump Parakeets
Red-rumped Parrot Also known as: Red-rumped Parakeet, Red-backed Parrot or Parakeet, Redrump, Grass Parrot, Ground Parrot, Green Leek Size: 27cm (10.5 in) Weight: 55-85g (1.9-3 oz) â–»Social...
our red rump and budgie
having a jump on my head.
Red Rump Parrots Bathing
Red Rump Parrots Bathing Sylvester and Tweety Pie, Red Rumped Parrots taking a bath. Check out my channel: https://www.youtube.com/caryotagigas for more aviary, bird and animal videos (as...

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