What is a reflux condenser

A Brief Introduction to Refluxing
Professor Davis discusses the advantages and details of refluxing organic solutions in the laboratory.
How to Set-up and Perform Reflux
Please consider supporting the channel on Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/MinuteSynthesis This video demonstrates how to perform reflux in the chemistry lab.
Heating Under Reflux
General instructions on how to set up and perform a reflux in the chemistry laboratory.
Reflux condenser Meaning
Video shows what reflux condenser means. A water-cooled, double walled piece of laboratory glassware that is fitted on top of a vessel of boiling liquid such that vapour condenses and flows...
New improved copper reflux condenser still collumn
This is a basic description of what you need to build yourself a copper reflux condenser still collumn and how to pack the collumn with copper mesh and ceramic saddles.The collumn's is a 800mm and 600.
This video is specifically for students studying chemistry at the University of Southampton.
Chemistry - Reflux
Chemistry - Reflux Video Production By Fentonography.co.uk.
New 2 5 inch copper reflux condenser collumn first run ,
This is part 2 of the new copper reflux collumn 2.5 inch and 800mm tall , some good results and very good spirits. It came out at about 95abv on the first 1 litre bottle , not bad results for a dumb s.
The Benefits of Refluxing - Demonstration
Professor Davis explains why boiling a solution for long periods of time is sometimes necessary, and how chemists accomplish this task without boiling away significant quantities of solvent...
Condenser Types
Bayou Ethanol Ethanol Fuel Producer AFP-LA-15027 www.bayouethanol.com Ethanol is a clear, colorless, volatile, highly flammable liquid. It has a pleasant odor and burning taste. Ethanol absorbs...
Winding double helix copper condenser coil PART 2.
Took me nearly 10 months to finish the project, but the coil winder can now wind both coils (inner and outer) in a matter of minutes. Please take a look at PART 1 of this project at: http://www.you...
Rainier Distilling Custom Alchemist Copper Reflux Still
This still was purchased to make essential oils using steam vapor. Besides working in emergency medicine I am trained as an acupuncturist and manufacture a wide variety of herbal medicinal...
Liquid Management Alcohol Distillation column.
Easy to build Liquid Management Distillation column that produce 95% Alcohol. www.distiller.co.nz.
2 inch combo-still build
Build of a 2 inch diameter copper combination still. The idea was to make a 2 inch still that can be run in a variety of combinations as either a pot still or a reflux column by just swapping...
Tower reflux stills
Vodka still.
Offsethead nixon stone reflux keg still condenser in operation
2 inch offset head nixon stone reflux condencer keg still visible in operation with 1500 watt keg.
Reflux with addition
Watch how to run a reflux reaction with addition. At the Royal Society of Chemistry we provide education resources via our website Learn Chemistry to enhance teaching and learning. The find...
New 2 5 inch copper reflux condenser collumn first run , part 1 of 2
This was my first run with my new 2.5 inch copper reflux condenser collumn of 800mm tall , pretty good results , thanks to my friend from NZ who helped me out with the design of the reflux...
Building A Shotgun Condenser
This week I build my shotgun condenser! Honestly, I have been a little bit nervous about this build. But a challenge is always fun! So I bought a pair of aviation snips, broke out the...
Distillation & Reflux
0:00 Introduction 0:22 Distillation 6:30 Reflux.
My improved still condenser
Uploaded with Free Video Converter from Freemake http://www.freemake.com/free_video_converter/ Copper condenser was made from 20mm , 12.7mm and 32mm tubing with a strait and 90 degree elbow...
Air Condenser
Introduction to the effective use of the air condenser in the chemistry laboratory.
Reflux Condenser. adjusting the Boss Head , Graham Condenser
Connecting the Liebig Condenser to the round bottom flask, for a chemical synthesis with stirring and heating, using a hot plate. Filmed with GoPro + Chesty harness / Raw file If you would...
Homemade Reflux still finished and setup
Basic setup of my still with reflux condenser built into the top of the collum and reflux condenser packed with stainless steel pot scourers or copper mesh can also be used.the bottom section...
Piss Easy Condenser
A very simple modification that will enhance the cooling of your T500/Copperhead condenser.
Reflux still water flow setup 800mm column 2 5 inches.
This is to show how my water pipes are connected to the fountain pump and to horizontal and vertical condenser and also from the gravity feed 25lt water container with built in troth valve...
What does reflux condenser mean?
What does reflux condenser mean? A spoken definition of reflux condenser. Intro Sound: Typewriter - Tamskp Licensed under CC:BA 3.0 Outro Music: Groove Groove - Kevin MacLeod (incompetech...
AS 1.2.2 - Reflux vs Distillation for A level Chemistry
It's tricky to know why to use one as opposed to the other. The key is to think about what you want to make OR to think about the boiling points of everything involved.
How to clean the Turbo 500 Reflux Column
I searched for this information and was unable to find it any where. After several spoiled Distillations due to the dirty Column, I finally found a way to clean it. Now I have perfect product...
Distillation using Partial Condenser Part 2
A continuation of Distillation - Partial Condenser/Total Reboil. Determine the number stages for minimum reflux and total reflux. Made by faculty at the University of Colorado Boulder Department...
190 proof, Copper Moonshine Still Reflux condenser
moonshine still,copper construction 25 liter ( 6.6 US Gal) wash yields around 4.5 liters ( 1.2 Gal ) of 95% ABV neutral spirit in two hours following 1 hour heat-up from ambient temp. 2400...
Reflux Distillation.
Highly Recommended - Top Tutors for All Subjects at All Levels here: https://spires.co/franklychemistry This short flash animation takes you through the typical steps in a reflux distillation...
Olympic Distillers - Reflux Still - Liquid Management Still - spirit run
2 inch liquid management still. Flow rate is 1.5 gallons per hour on a spirit run at 182 proof. This column will fit directly onto a beer keg. Come visit our website at: http://www.olympicdistiller...
Serious Distilling with Brewcraft, Still Spirits and Grainfather - Part 2 - Alembic VS Reflux
In the previous Serious Distilling episode I introduced the Still Spirits Turbo 500 distilling system. Today we're going to look at the differences between the alembic pot distilling configuration...
My new reflux still
reflux home made trial run.
running a Reflux Still
This is a video that I re-posted since the first one was corrupted.
Exp 4 Refluxing a Reaction
Heating an organic reaction by the reflux process.
Fractional Distillation
Reflux distillation system with a doubler (aka, "Thumper") between reflux column and condenser. Residual heat from reflux column vapor output forces second distillation in Thumper. Very efficient...

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