What is a rotary phone

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How To Dial a ROTARY TELEPHONE (a guide for Millenials...really)
Okay, so this thing is sitting in your weird older relative's (you know, the kind that works, get's a paycheck, and pays their own way in life....despicable) end table.
17 year olds dial a rotary phone
A good test to see if youth of today can figure out how to dial an older rotary phone.
How to dial a Rotary Telephone
This is my son trying to figure out how to use a rotary style telephone. Kids today have know clue how easy technology has become!
How a rotary dial works
In the old days, the line was directly broken to dial a call. Up until the breakup of the Bell System, touch-tone service was optional.
Voice Quality - iPhone 5 vs Antique Rotary Phone
We all know the iPhone 5 is a great technological advancement, but how does the voice quality stand up to a telephone made in the 1960's? For the test, we'll ...
Rotary Cell Phone Prototype
An artifact from somewhere else. A friend gave me a rotary phone mechanism years ago, and I finally got around to turning it into a working cell phone! It can call ...
Using A Vintage Rotary Dial Telephone (Western Electric Model 500 Phone)
Check out my new and improved video about this phone (you can actually see all the numbers being dialed!): https://youtu.be/4UQiVQkIPmE This video was ...
Antique Rotary Phone
This is my old Rotary Dial Telephone that I bought for $12 or so at a local antique shop.
Kaleigh meets a real rotary phone!
14 yr old with 1983 phone.
Stump the senior: 17-year-old tackles rotary phone
Forget the high SAT and ACT scores...can you dial a phone?
Our Rotary Phone Interview on Fox 32 Chicago.
Who would of thought from a simple Christmas challenge of having all the cousins try and dial a rotary phone that it would go viral and we would be interviewed ...
Kids Cannot Work Rotary Phone || ViralHog
Occurred on July 18, 2018 / Clarksville, Arkansas, USA "This video was recorded by the father to the children in the video. He had brought home an old rotary ...
What is a Rotary Phone? 🤔😡🤣
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How to use rotary phone (Funny)
Mom Can't Stop Laughing At Her Kids Trying To Use A Rotary Phone.
Teenager Doesn't Know How to Use Rotary Phone - 986883
For licensing/usage please contact: licensing(at)jukinmediadotcom This teenager was confused after her grandmother told her to use a rotary phone to call her ...
Kid tries to figure out how to use a rotary phone
11 year old boy tries to figure out how to call his mom using a rotary phone.
Converting An Old GPO 700 Series Rotary Dial Telephone to Work on a Modern Line.
BUYER BEWARE these converted phones can be found online and on the street for £20-30, but do your research first. If you want to convert an old phone ...
Teens stumped by rotary phone | New York Post
Kids might think they're so much better at technology than their parents, but that's clearly not always the case. When it comes to older devices, like this rotary ...
Hilarious moment kid can't use rotary phone
This girl had no idea how to use a rotary phone to the bewilderment of her grandmother. Original Video: ...
Telephone Rotary Dial Mechanism
The back side and innards of a rotary dial mechanism from a 1978 telephone. A clever arrangement of electric contacts and levers creates the "clicking" signals ...
Make Calls With a Rotary Phone Using Your Cell Phone!
Using an Xlink Bluetooth gateway to make and receive calls using a Western Electric rotary phone!
13 year old baffled by rotary phone
When asked to dial his dad's cellphone, he started at zero & moved to the required number each time. YIKES! Kids today call a rotary phone "old fashioned"
Kids react to Rotary Phone
Children are given a Rotary Phone and are asked to demonstrate how the "old technology" works.
Why is this rotary phone randomly ringing on Bloor near Dufferin?
People from all over the world have been calling a random rotary phone that's been installed along Bloor Street near Dufferin. Audra Brown has this strange ...
Rotary Phone Stumps Two Teenage Boys in Hilarious Bet
Two 17-year-old boys are challenged to make a phone call on a rotary phone. The hilarious video of their effort has many older people either laughing or crying ...
11 yo learns to use use rotary phone, tries to dial like it was a master lock!
We are acquiring older items for our 1967 home we just purchased. We wanted to update the house but keep a bit of history in the process. We found this old ...
Rotary Phone ASMR
Exploring the sounds and anatomy of a rotary phone to help you relax, sleep, focus and/or experience ASMR. Notable time stamps: 00:00:00 Preparing the table ...
Hipster phone - bluetooth rotary dial
A new invention - must-have for every hipster. Source code and other stuff available on my website: ...
Rotary Phone Challenge
My children have to try to call someone on a rotary phone. So funny!!
How to Dial a Rotary Telephone
As dial telephones were introduced - replacing operator service - instructions were shown in movie theaters as to how to use the new instruments.
Dialing A Rotary Phone
I'm using an old rotary phone to call my mobile phone. When I was dialing you may notice the video jumps because I edited out the in-between to prevent people ...
How to Remove a Plastic Finger Wheel Dial from a Rotary Phone
Just a quick example of how you can remove the plastic finger dial on most rotary phones. Im using a straightened out safety pin, but some people also have luck ...
Rotary phone (pulse dial) to tone (DTMF) converter
Rotary phone (pulse dial) to DTMF converter based on the Atmel ATtiny45 microcontroller. Blog post about the adapter, including source code and schematic: ...
Pulse to Tone Converter Rotary Phone Dial Telephone  (04-2018)
Pulse to Tone Converter Rotary Phone Dial Telephone (04-2018) Paid: $18.00 Rotary Phone on eBay Paid: $64.00 Converter on AmaZon Amazon: ...
Opie & Anthony: How To Dial A Rotary Phone
July 25, 2007. Bill Burr in studio. Note: They change topics right after the video cuts off so they didn't spent a lot of time on it :(
Sofia's first rotary phone
Sofia's grandma bought her a rotary phone as a Christmas gift.
Newest Mobile Phone ? ( Reuse rotary telephone to mobile )
How To Use A Rotary Dial Telephone
Herbert Midgley, the Internet Legend, shows you How To Use A Rotary Dial Telephone! THE RISE OF THE ROBOTS - Amazon Link http://amzn.to/2kMEHB6 ...

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