What is spun yarn

How Yarn is Made
Get a rare opportunity to see how yarn is transformed from raw fibers to spinning. This video will show you how the raw fibers goes through gilling, rub roving, ...
SPIN #5 - Avoiding Over and Under Spun Yarn
This episode explains how to avoid under spun and over spun yarn. You want correctly spun yarn and to get that you need to apply the right amount of twist to ...
Learn to Spin Yarn - Finishing Hand Spun Yarn
Once your yarn is plied, it needs to be finished with a warm bath. Let it dry, and your yarn is ready to be knit or crocheted into a project!
Art Weaving: How to weave hand spun yarn into fiber art
How to weave art yarn into fiber art. This video is the 3rd part of a 4 part series on art weaving using handspun yarn and hand dyed yarn. This is part of my get ...
Spun Yarns in the Swatch Kit
The second step in completing your kit is to fill in the yarn information for all your swatches. This video shows a quick and easy way to identify many of the ...
How to Ply Core Spun Yarn - Tutorial
Well, my last video was on our plan to move to the country. Unfortunately, that fell through. Our house didn't sell so we pulled it off of the market. The good news ...
The Difference Between Spun and Filament Bobbins
The difference between bobbins sold by www.colmanandcompany.com and including Coats Astra vs Coats TruSew, Fil-Tec Magnetic and our own Colman and ...
Processing Our Own Wool
We put an invitation out on our Facebook page for people interested in learning how to process wool. We started by washing some wool from our sheep from our ...
51 Yarns: 23 — Fractal
PLY Magazine is running a Spinalong to coincide with the launch of their book, 51 Yarns to Spin Before You Cast Off. You can post your entries on their ...
simple thick and thin hand spun yarn
How i spin a single thick and thin yarn on an Ashford Country Spinner.
How to relax over-spun yarn
This video shows a quick trick to help relax over-spun or single-ply yarns. It's common to find yarn singles that have a little bit too much energy stored up in them.
Preparing your yarn after spinning
Tips on how to prepare yarn after handspinning. This includes measuring and fulling your handspun yarns.
Core Spun Yarn - Technique Thursday #15
Spinning a frosted or Core spun yarn is an excellent way to get the most out of your precious fiber or art batt. It allows you to see all of the fiber instead of some of ...
My first hand spun yarn using My Ashford Spinning Wheel, AKA my "AHA" Moment"
Finally got into the swing of things with my 30+year old spinning wheel! Here is my first yarn! Great wheel to learn on I must say! Thank you Richard Ashford for ...
Locally Spun Yarns, from Knitting Daily TV Episode 903, Yarn Spotlight
Knitting Daily TV DVDs and video downloads can be purchased at Shop.KnittingDaily.com. Yarn Spotlight: Eunny and Clara team up once again to discuss ...
Weaving: Lock spun yarn
Here's a quick recipe for a lock spun woven scarflette. Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/foursquaremicrofarm/ Blog: ...
Hand spun yarn
What I have been up to lately.
Corespinning Yarn: A New Technique - Tutorial - Expertly Dyed
Learn how to choose the right core yarn for corespinning, how to hold your hands, and learn my own technique for getting the fiber secured to the core yarn ...
Over Spun Yarn AKA A Twisted Experiment
I made 4 one oz samples of yarn. One was balanced, but the other three were over spun. Will hanging over spun yarn with a weight correct the excess twist?
Spinning process/  Yarn twist
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Plying spun yarn and what to do after
Updated plying video and what to do with the yarn when you are done per a request.
Textile Spinning Process  II Making of Staple yarn and Filament yarn
what is spinning? Filament yarn spinning process & Staple yarn Spinning process Music credit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6V1BWVNLCkU.
Plying Lock Spun Cotswold - Tutorial
Here I show you how to ply a lock spun yarn using a commercially prepared mohair yarn. www.stephanieknipper.com.
How To Tail/Lock Spun Yarn Without A Spinning wheel by Pamsfiber
For those who do not spin here us a how to spin tail lock spun yarn. Or for those who never mastered tail spinning like myself. A great alternative. Enjoy.
Creating Wool Roving/Top from Spun Yarn
In this video, I show a trick which I discovered to make wool roving/ top for felting projects from spun yarn.
Thwack That Woolen Spun Yarn
This video may make me look crazy..... wait... I am crazy. This is how I set my woollen spun yarns!
Camaj Fiber Arts Fiber Prep Series - fiber prep for fractal-type spun yarn - Camaj Ply
See how to prepare combed top for a fractal type of spun yarn. It's not your typical fractal spun yarn, but it still gives beautiful color blended results.
How to knit a bias knit scarf, bulky yarn, hand spun yarn, art yarn
This is a scarf pattern i like to knit using hand spun yarns, bulky yarns, art yarn, very simple gorgeous knitting pattern.
Basic Drop Spindle Tutorial Part 2 - Finishing Your Yarn
Sorry about any video hiccups - I'm looking for a program to replace Windows Live Movie Maker. -------------------- Hello friends! Welcome to Part 2! This is very ...
Polyester Spun Yarn Factory and Office
This is my factory and my office, supply polyester spun yarn 20s/2 20s/3 30s/2 30s/3 40s/2 40s/3 42s/2 50s/2 50s/3 60s/2 60s/3 62s/2 60s/3 etc.
processing dogbane fibre for spun yarn
Nathan of Minami Textiles shows how to process dogbane for spinning fibre into yarn. www.minamitextiles.com.
automatic coned machines and polyester ring spun yarn
We are polyester spun yarn manufacturer in Hubei province,China. The main products are 100% polyester spun yarn,POLY POLY CORE SPUN YARN,ring spun ...
Spinning a Tail Spun Textured Yarn with Locks using roving and coreless corespinning
So many strange words, all they really mean is spinning your lovely locks so that they dangle in a beautiful single art yarn. Tail spinning with roving, a coreless ...
Bellingham Market - Hand Spun Yarn
Handspun Yarn - Bellingham Market.
Spun yarn.
Just a veiw of some spinning I did.

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