What is subcapsular cataract surgery

YAG Capsulotomy After Cataract Surgery
Learn about Yag capsulotomy to improve your vision after cataract surgery. Find out more about Sharp HealthCare's eye and vision care services by visiting ...
Posterior Subcapsular Cataract
Phacoemulsification of a not so dense cataract with a large posterior subcapsular cataract.
Soft PSC: Posterior Sub-Capsular Cataract Surgery Made Easy
Try this technique to increase safety and provide the best visual outcome for your patients with posterior sub-capsular cataracts. You've seen this type of patient ...
Best Technique for Posterior SubCapsular Cataract Surgery in younger patients
Posterior SubCapsular (PSC) cataracts are more commonly found in our younger patients and in particular, they can cause difficulty with glare from oncoming ...
Phacoemulsification in Posterior Subcapsular Cataract
Video by Dr. JK Shah, Mumbai, India.
Posterior sub capsular cataract
Phacosection is very safe. Good hydrodissection is done.
posterior subcapsular cataract --suspect PPC always
While managing a thick central PSC we should always keep in mind the possibility of ppc....these central psc can be deceiving.their can be a component of the ...
Posterior subcapsular cataract and hydrodissection in Cataract IOL surgery
PSC are known to end up with e higher incidence of tears in the posterior capsule during cataract IOL surgery. A nice way to prevent is to adapt a low pressure ...
Cataract Surgery (2009)
UPDATE 2011: A newer version of this animation is now available! You can watch it here: https://youtu.be/icYLMmENk_c http://www.nucleushealth.com/ - This ...
Which is the best method for Cataract Surgery? - Dr. Sirish Nelivigi
Cataract surgery can be done through several methods. The most basic method is called as the ECCE or Extra Capsular Cataract Extraction. In Extra Capsular ...
Cataract Surgeries on the Rise as Boomers Age, Raising Access, Cost Issues
As baby boomers enter their retirement years, health care costs for complex and debilitating conditions such as Alzheimer's disease are expected to soar.
Nuclear sclerosis with Posterior subcapsular cataract
Slit lamp examination of Cataract.
Is it PPC or PSC ? If you are in doubt, Take these precautions - PM, 26/5/2017
Sometimes we are not sure whether it is a Posterior Polar Cataract or a Posterior subcapsular cataract. If in doubt, we must take these precautions.
Surgery: Phacoemulsification in Posterior Subcapsular Cataract: Dr. Sherif El-Defraway
This is a routine phacoemulsification surgery in a 57-year-old lady with a posterior sub capsular cataract. A phaco flip technique was used and the lens which ...
Posterior sub-capsular cataract, Safe surgery
PSC is a surgical challenge, as PC tear can occur during cataract extraction. The risks can be minimised by doing low pressure surgery, like Phacosection.
Conversion to Extra-capsular cataract extraction
Cataract surgery course University of Michigan 04 02.
Phaco for beginners-5,Posterior subcapsular cataract
Large capsulorhexis,trench,hydrodelineation,phaco in epinucleus mode with intuitive lite are the steps.Almost nil phaco power used.
Minimally edited phacoemulsification of posterior subcapsular cataract
This video is about phacoemulsification of posterior subcapsular cataract.
My cataract surgery #14 Thick posterior subcapsular opacity
Phacoemulsification with PCL implantation : thick PSCO case.
Topical Phaco in Posterior Subcapsular Cataract  (PSC)
Posterior subcapsular cataract (PSC) poses a unique challenge to surgeons during cataract surgery. All PSC should be handled as if its is a polar cataract.
Posterior Polar Cataract Surgery and More...
High risk cataract surgery in a pediatric patient. Posterior polar cataract with deficient posterior capsule and more... Mittendorf opacity with anterior hyaloid ...
Intra capsular cataract extraction
Obsolete technique in which whole of cataract was removed from the eye. Now a days there are very few indications of this technique but a theoretical ...
Phaco Cataract Surgery in Posterior Subcapsular Soft Cataract By Dr Sudhir Singh
Phaco Cataract Surgery in Posterior Subcapsular Soft Cataract By Dr Sudhir Singh Dr Sudhir Singh, M.S Senior Consultant & HOD (Ophthalmology) Global ...
Posterior subcapsular cataract
PSC under topical anesthesia.
Cataract surgery - Anterior capsular fibrosis case
A mild form of anterior capsular fibrosis case.
Posterior subcapsular cataract, PC rent, Vitrectomy & Sulcus IOL implantation in Phacosection
Hydrodissection was partial & was reported few times. Vannas vitectomy & dual Visco assisted Simcoe cortical aspiration was followed by anterior Vitrectomy.
Intracapsular Cataract Extraction (ICCE)
Intracapsular cataract extraction (ICCE) involves the removal of the lens and the surrounding lens capsule in one piece. It has therefore been largely superseded ...
Anterior capsular tear during horizontal chop in cataract surgery
Visit http://eyeguru.org/videos/ to see all of our surgical videos. ***Video Quicklinks Below*** Paracentesis: 0:05 Main incision: 0:10 Capsulorhexis: 0:25 ...
Cataract Surgery Phaco Soft PSC technique by Uday Devgan MD
Uday Devgan MD, Los Angeles, California, USA. Technique of performing a cataract surgery on a soft posterior subcapsular PSC cataract. , www.
Posterior Polar Cataract Surgery - keys to success
This case caught me by surprise: in the pre-operative notes this was listed as a posterior sub-capsular cataract, but when I had the patient under the surgical ...
Intentionally puncturing the lens capsule with the phaco probe in cataract surgery
For intumescent white cataracts we must take special precautions. The capsular bag is fluid-filled and pressurized and there is the risk of encountering the ...
Rhexis in Anterior capsular cataract
trick is to include the capsular opacity in the rhexis.
Technique of ECCE: Extra-Capsular Cataract Extraction
As Chief of Ophthalmology at Olive View UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles, Uday Devgan MD has had the privilege of teaching all of the UCLA / Jules Stein ...
Extra Capsular Cataract Surgery or ECCE
The safety of ECCE over Phacoemulsification in Hard cataracts, Shallow anterior Chamber, Poor corneal endothelial health and old age.
Cataracts: Diagnosis, Management and Treatment
Drs. Mona Kaleem and Ramya Swamy, both Assistant Professors of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, ...
Cleaning posterior subcapsular opacification, Glaucoma and cataract surgery.
This is a patient with cataract secondary to retinal surgery who developed a posterior capsular opacification. Glaucoma Service, AsociaciĆ³n Para Evitar la ...
Cataract phacoemulsification - sticky posterior capsule plaque
This eye has a large posterior subcapsular plaque, which is quite adherent (sticky) during surgery. Despite rigorous capsule polishing, the plaque would not ...
Cataract surgery, pupilloplasty, removal of dense posterior subcapsular plaque. 5-15-13
Shannon Wong, MD demonstrates Cataract surgery with pupilloplasty, iris reconstruction using the Siepser sliding slip knot, removal of a posterior subcapsular ...

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