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The opinions expressed in this video are those of individual interviewees alone and do not reflect the views of ASIAN BOSS or the general South Korean population.

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Nak-Hyun Kim . 2018-12-25
뭔 ㅅㅂ 개같은 질문이 저따구임?
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t0nda . 2018-12-19
The German reunification did not face too much of an opposition when it happened. Easterners had longed for it more, but they were most cordially welcomed by tens of thousands of Westerner at the border. Most cordially, that is. At the Berlin wall, there were people on all sides in each others' arms, shedding tears of joy all over. It was impressive. It was huge. It was the end of the world as it had been known, not only Germany-wide, but globally.

It was the collapse of one of the two world systems, of the Warsaw Pact. In that regard, the German reunification had a much stronger impact on world politics than a Korean reunification will ever have.

There was one major mistake made in Germany, however. There was one superior part of Germany (the West) and one inferior part of Germany (the smaller East, in terms of size relations almost comaparable to the two Koreas). This has hampered nation-building since. The Westerners still see themselves as paying for infrastructure measures of the East, and the Easterners see themselves as looked down on. But, Korea: You do have the time to plan the whole thing more properly. You do have the time to avoid that mistake by gradual adaptation and recognition. You do have the time. But not all the time in the world.

You may finally succeed in bringing an end to a seemingly ever-lasting conflict. You may become the peace heroes of the 21st century, eliminating one of the biggest military threats between two sovereign countries, reuniting families. But you ought to initiate things soon. They will take their time eventually.
121 2 . Reply
Yuto Martin . 2018-12-06
Interesting video! I liked that steve shared his educated opinion.
121 2 . Reply
Sonsarae ronnow . 2018-08-30
It must be stressful because KJU recently told foreigners to leave S. Korean because he was going to fire missles, and now S. Korean athletes are being made to join with them. It seems so phoney, the two counties are not coming together, this is just slight of hand politics. I feel bad for the S. Korea athletes. Which government will be in control for unification?
121 2 . Reply
Esther Cheah . 2018-07-10
If one may know Singapore and Malaysia used to be 1 country for a brief period of 2 years. They have developed way ahead of Malaysia while the latter has been struggling with corruption and internal pillaging. But ask any Singaporean whether they want to reunite with Malaysia and the answer would be the same: Are you INSANE?????
121 2 . Reply
iwan . 2018-07-03
i am korean/dutch born and raised overseas in holland my dad is a korean adoptee cuz of the war my mom is dutch in my opinion it would be great if north and south would become 1 korea again i think i would cry my dad also would be very happy to see peace after 70years, but when you think about it it doesnt make sence north korea is so far behind that it would make south korea so poor and that would lead, to more adoptions more financial problems something that south korea cant have now. it is a possibility that they become 1 only i think we need to wait atleast 15 years or 10.
121 2 . Reply
dal fry its good . 2018-06-28
and it include all asian countries
121 2 . Reply
dal fry its good . 2018-06-28
that what is history of your channel
121 2 . Reply
dal fry its good . 2018-06-28
hi all creators i want to say
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Junli Zhu . 2018-05-25
121 2 . Reply
Leah ashe fan . 2018-05-15
예상은 했지만 ㅋㅋ 아~ 이 동영상을 보니까.. 왜 몇몇 한국 댓글러들이 스티브와 아시안보스 욕하는지 알겠다. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 미친 좌파들 .. 지들이 선동하는거 처럼 인터뷰 결과가 안나오니 또 인민재판하고 마녀사냥 하려하는거였구나? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 진짜 징한 정신병자들 ㅋㅋㅋ
121 2 . Reply
Gabriela Rus . 2018-04-28
I don't really like korean young people's perception of today's society. A proper reunification would be the best thing, because in that way Koreans wouldn't have to be afraid of a nuclear attack or other dangers coming from the north.
I don't want to say that people from my country are better, but I will show you an example. I'm from Romania a little country in the east Europe. One of our neighbors is Moldavian Republic, which was part of our country in the past, with the name of Basarabia. But because of Russia we were separated, then united, then separated again, and it ended up Moldavia as an independent country. Half of it is filled with Romanians and the other half with Russians. The people are very poor there and we want to help them but we can't really because of Russia. And the young people in my country make lots of movements to reunite with the Basarabia but the government don't really cares and we have many other everyday problems like corruption and raising of the economy to deal with. We want the unification but it's not possible.
But from my point of view in your country is the opposite. The government is ready to make any sacrifice for reunification but the young people are very desinteresed regarding this and don't want to make even a little sacrifice like uniting the hokey team. It's a past event, I know, but I'm still very disappointed because of your mentality and egoism.
121 2 . Reply
Eric B . 2018-04-28
It's time for a change! One Korea is stronger time to embrace your brothers and leave behind the ignorance and learn from each other for a better future
121 2 . Reply
Paul Matthew . 2018-04-27
it happened today xd
121 2 . Reply
Robbie H . 2018-04-23
What the lady in the pink jacket said is smart, allowing travel between the countries for a while then talk about reunification
121 2 . Reply
문재인지지자 . 2018-04-21
I wonder why did Asian Boss translate Hanbando-gi(=Korea peninsula flag) as unified flag.... It doesn't have the meaning
121 2 . Reply
natu kono . 2018-04-03
This video is a great example of showing how humans/south koreans will always place their own interest and well-being before those of others. Nothing wrong, just confirms the negative portrayal of human nature in many philosophical literature.
121 2 . Reply
Koma Koma . 2018-04-01
I was impressed by how articulate some answers were. Good video and questions!
121 2 . Reply
Kevin Ahn . 2018-03-30
For all the people calling them selfish for not wanting reunification, i'm sure you guys will be so pro-reunification after your family members/relatives/friends died due to NK missile threats and such. Not to mention all men in South Korea have to serve 2 years of their youth to defend our nation from NK threats. Cuz I bet you would LOVE to give away your tax money, security, and overall economic stability for 20+ million ex-communists that will live next door paid by your money. I feel bad for NK citizens, but I think there should not be a reunification talk until NK government changes drastically which I do not see in a foreseeable future.
121 2 . Reply
CelticConservative . 2018-03-25
Do people think the dictator is just going to unify with South Korea under Democracy? He kills, tortures and imprisons his people for dissent. This is not a man you want to be friends with. He thinks he is a good. My ancestors fought to make sure South Korea was free from these murdering communists. Was the sacrifice for nothing? Do people not care about their freedom?
121 2 . Reply
Naobi shamurai . 2018-03-21
Being a third person who does not have the immediate affect and to say reunification will do good or whatever is intellectual suicide.I feel the sentiments of young South Koreans are valid and justified.
The difference between the two has become so deep that it will definitely take ‘time’(a very long time and effort from both the sides.)
It is disheartening to see the same people divided themselves, with both internal and external forces playing a primary role.
I think it is time for both the Koreas to look at their histories and traditions where they will find that they are same kind of people.
The only way I can see right now is that, if they look for differences they will never ever come to consensus because the created difference is unthinkable.
Look for a common ground and the only way possible is your historical past(all of it before your division).
Thank you.
121 2 . Reply
honestly guy . 2018-03-21
What about if both Koreans unite,???
121 2 . Reply
Moms & Tots Shoppe . 2018-03-17
121 2 . Reply
Moms & Tots Shoppe . 2018-03-17
Well are apa meeting south korea and north korea who wins fight and mercy good and bad 🇲🇾
121 2 . Reply
LamboKang . 2018-03-15
South Korea has made many efforts for reunification for the last 50 years. Despite all that it feels like NK is not making any effort in that matter. Which is one of the reason why people starts to give up on it. The NK government probably doesnt wish for reunification anyway unless the entire korea is ruled under them. And the SK is not going to let that happen knowing how they treat their own people. One major factor is that people are fearing that we may not improved NK peoples life but in turn SK people life will be affected negatively instead.
121 2 . Reply
Annacatherinnnne . 2018-03-14
It was a very negative surprise for me to see how short-sighted young South Koreans are. I was born in Poland and was 3 years old when communism collapsed. And because of that I can say that those 50 years under the regime was just a small, tiny part of our long history. This is why it's hard for me to understand that people can't see that Korea enjoyed relative stability under one of the world's longest dynasties (Joseon) for so many centuries just because they themselves were born after the division and have no personal memory of one Korea. Or, they are worried about competing for jobs or the prime time of their players not giving any single thought to the fact that South Korea (like most developed countries) is an aging society. Please try to think ahead 30-40 years and ask yourself the question of who is going to work for your retirement. Maybe then you will see a benefit in rejoining one state with young North Korean population.
And Steve: thank you for your wise closing statement as usual! :)
121 2 . Reply
Federico Yu . 2018-03-14
I applaud you for such great videos. They are super interesting. I was surprised and disappointed that so many South Koreans do not want reunification. I hope they change their minds.
121 2 . Reply
Seong-Min Kim . 2018-03-13
This is my first time commenting on YouTube video. I just had to say this:
"Unification is a must, not an option. It's a must for the future economic prosperity of Korea."
You clearly stated my view on reunification. word for word. Thank you Steve! 진심으로 감사합니다 ㅠㅠ
121 2 . Reply
wenhao li . 2018-03-11
Young people are just too short sighted when they are against the joint team of the two countries.
121 2 . Reply
moserr11 . 2018-03-11
I know that dictator is going to die if he doesn't play ball
121 2 . Reply
cream . 2018-03-10
I hope for reunification, but how can South Korea ever unite with a country that is under a dictatorship? Nobody wants a civil war either.
121 2 . Reply
jermaine hawkins . 2018-03-10
Can you do something on Asian subcultures
121 2 . Reply
DoodleGamer . 2018-03-08
Half are only concerned about the South Korean Olympic team, but is an international sports competition more important than the unification and/or future of their country?
121 2 . Reply
ᴀɴᴅʀᴇᴡ ᴋɪᴍ . 2018-03-07
왜이렇게 저희나라라고 하는 사람들이 많을까...
121 2 . Reply
Andre Choi . 2018-03-07
My solution to this problem would be have NK denuclearize then there is no more need for America to sacrifice the lives of their people and resources in Korea, so they can remove the military bases there and NK and SK need to strike up a deal regarding the administration of Korea. I say expand free trade only between SK and NK, NK’s development will be slower than having global free trade, but it will be safer for Kim who can maintain his power. It will be good for SK, they can use cheap labor and invest in NK. Limit the movement of people and keep the trade between the two sides and eventually many years later when Kim is too old to care about power Korea will have stabilized and be a stronger independent nation.
121 2 . Reply
Danswrang B. . 2018-03-07
This video is half knitted I feel. Talking about reunification should be viewed from the both sides. Even as an outsider I can clearly see the differences between the two side (one side not much open as other). But yes trying to bring together two different cultures is tricky enough. Let alone the political abstracts that would arise from it. I don't think Mr. Leader would be ready to give up leadership whatsoever. Apart from that two different society has to be brought at same level before total reunification. That women has remarkably cited an example of how atleast traveling cross border should be allowed for a start.
I feel like this video is portraying itself to be blaming South which I don't agree with.
Anyways I could be totally wrong as my are totally dependent on what media but nonetheless that is just my opinion.
Peace to all
121 2 . Reply
Soubhick Saha . 2018-03-05
Everyone loves South Korea and no one gives two shits about North Korea except the communists.
121 2 . Reply
Angelo Shen . 2018-03-05
Steve is a Soko-American, and he seems to be more passionate about the reunification issue than native Sokos. I wonder why.
121 2 . Reply
Angelo Shen . 2018-03-05
This is just sad, as a Chinese we also have Taiwan issue, and I know some people in Taiwan don’t like the effort we made for reunify, but I won’t blame them, I know most of them are kind and good people. The way how politics work is the only thing that should be blamed here.
121 2 . Reply
Nefer Hor . 2018-03-04
I have spoken to both South & North Koreans about the unification of Koryo & surprisingly the Southeners ware more negative, indoctrinated & plain out stupid on the issue...Back in the '80 the North Koreans could not imagine the Reunion & now among South Korean Millenials western globalist propaganda has done it's evil deed the indoctrinated detachment from their national & cultural Heritage is very evident...
121 2 . Reply
Alex C . 2018-03-04
You said it right at the end.
121 2 . Reply
superoctane . 2018-03-04
Not if but when North Korea's nuclear capabilities are destroyed they will attack you and kill you without hesitation or remorse so they can unify Korea for The Supreme Psychopath.
121 2 . Reply
I like cats . 2018-03-04
올림픽 후인 지금 이 이슈에 대해 다시 한번 인터뷰하는 것도 재미있을것 같아요!
121 2 . Reply
BB . 2018-03-03
How could the two countries the unify if their dictatorship is stable. You would need the government to completely fall and fail.
121 2 . Reply
Danny Cheek . 2018-03-03
Kim Jon be like “I’ll kill you to show you my love. “
121 2 . Reply
Bangtanie . 2018-03-03
North Korea has been rank 88 out of 188 countries as the richest country
121 2 . Reply
J D . 2018-03-02
I am so supersized that quite a lot young Koreans do not like this idea of Joint Team. I kind of feel sorry for them. The purpose of Olympic is peace, not the gold medals, and the korean peninsula is among the highest hazard areas around the world. I personally like the "Joint Team", even though they are not actually Joint politically. But it means peace and this is what we hope for the future, this is why we have Olympics.
121 2 . Reply
DON ENCOMIENDA . 2018-03-02
why won't work together as Korean and play let the positivity come and give it a shot btw it's your president idea and decision both parties decided and north Korean wanted too,,, but I can't blame you after Kim Jong-un threatens you with his nuclear missile...
121 2 . Reply
sabin97 . 2018-03-02
i cant speak korean, or understand it. but i'm pretty sure "athletes have a limited lifespan" was not the best translation.

i agree with the final message of the host.
i think the joint team is a symbolic step, which could help generate good will between the koreas, maybe if they decide with more time in more international competitions to have joint teams, they can practice together for longer and have a better chance.
121 2 . Reply
아슨벵거 . 2018-03-01
진짜 조중동 경제지에 선동당한게 한심하다 ㅉ
121 2 . Reply