Welcome to 2018 Winter Olympics for Pyeong Chang (평창) & Gang Neung (강릉) , South Korea !!!

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    Popular Comments:

Thomas Jr . 2018-08-14
I like how you talk you have a beautiful voice🙂
121 2 . Reply
Apato Project . 2018-02-17
21:30에 왜 Sea Of Japan인가요??? 아시아 대륙의 East Sea입니다. 우리의 동해 바다를 일부에선 일본해라고 부르는데, 상당히 거슬리고 불쾌한 명칭입니다. 현재는 일본의 힘이 쎈지.. 공동표기인 것으로 알고 있습니다만, 평창 홍보 영상에서 만큼은 바로 써야 한다고 생각합니다. 동해 East Sea라는 말이 있는데도 Sea Of Japan이라고 말하는 것은 잘못되었다고 봅니다.
121 2 . Reply
Glenn parent . 2018-02-15
all us flat earthers are with you athletes-try your best and good luck
121 2 . Reply
Glenn parent . 2018-02-15
get back together in love -with your -people-its ona huge flat earth
121 2 . Reply
Glenn parent . 2018-02-15
121 2 . Reply
When I'm Depressed . 2018-02-13
i dont think they took into considirationg that there will be traffic and it will take longer than 30 or 20 min to get to your destination.
121 2 . Reply
Endoe Kronic . 2018-02-11
I rather just look at you all day baby! ....naked!
121 2 . Reply
Emma Sim . 2018-02-11
I can see that olympics online on ScreenVariety and I think it's the best place to watch olympics this year. Check by yourself if you don't believe.
121 2 . Reply
No Ra and Li . 2018-02-11
From Japan.
Congratulations! the olympic games pyeongchang began. It was a fantastic opening ceremony. Kim Jonah of great great Olympics champion, when she turned on the sacred fire, I was impressed by it, and my heart burning! I hope to succeed in The olympic games pyeongchang.
Two years later, the Olympic Games is going to be held in Tokyo Japan. But, Japan does not deserve it to hold the Olympic Games. Because the Japanese major media is extremely unfair. The Japanese major media is the racism and the liars. The Japanese mass media calls whiteness blackness. and calls blackness whiteness. And most Japanese are deceived by it. The Japanese mass media call great Sumo champion Hakuho a blackness. They call Takanohana with many doubts a whiteness. Great Sumo champion Hakuho is a Mongolian. Takanohana is a former sumo champion. He is a hero for a Japanese. Takanohana has much doubt. But, the Japanese media does not report it at all.
The Japanese mass media is extremely out of order. The Japanese mass media is covered with racism and liars. I want to explain those circumstances in detail.
I want the world to know the darkness of the Japanese media.But…sorry, I am weak in English and Hangul language. Japanese is necessary to explain it exactly. I wish somebody translates there… Anyway, I object by holding of the Olympic Games in Japan which is covered with racism and liars.
121 2 . Reply
JP . 2018-02-11
Over all, these are great videos. But some presenters' pronunciations aren't good. In the later segment, 'The sea of japan' is incorrect and should be 'The East Sea'. I am not happy about these!
121 2 . Reply
Nelson Lopez . 2018-02-11
beutyfull the peace will be amazin.don't destroy the world.
121 2 . Reply
#1 Nets fan . 2018-02-10
“Korean Peninsula”bitch can’t speak English! They couldn’t find anybody who actually speaks English?
121 2 . Reply
neyel8r . 2018-02-10
awesome job, thanks!
121 2 . Reply
EMP . 2018-02-10
Well done.
121 2 . Reply
William Wonka . 2018-02-10
What a great country
121 2 . Reply
FWG . 2018-02-10
Woow the 3d recreation was awesome, thanks.
121 2 . Reply
푸른하늘 . 2018-02-10
Pyeong chang regret(평창유감) It is a song that paradoxically sang the Pyongchang Olympic Games that North Korean became heroes./ Worm Boy Writing, Composition, Arrangement, Playing, Recording, Mixing, Mastering - Insect Boy 1) From the beginning, people's democracy is not a problem. A bit like a falling bit coin every day, only goalkeeper. Supporters bottom. Raising the minimum Olympic bid, raising the minimum wage, lowering the national flag, raising the Korean peninsula, If you disgust yourself, raise the complaint. North Korea is the best. Fairness and hope are not for you. When the ballot is over, shut up and obey my horse. Is this the democratization of the movement? There are fewer jobs to increase. You give money to the North Koreans. Is this North Korea, South Korea? I hate the Pyongyang Olympics where the world laughs.
121 2 . Reply
푸른하늘 . 2018-02-10
Moon Jae-in is a pro-North Korean. Vice President Fence asked Moon Jae - in . I do not want to meet people in North Korean. But, Moon Jae - in rejected the words of Vice President Fence. Moon Jae-in had a disgraceful experience with Vice President Fence.President Trump should quickly bomb North Korea!!! Do not take too long!!Moon Jae-in and Kim Jung-eun would like to postpone the US-ROK military training because of the inter-Korean dialogue.
121 2 . Reply
푸른하늘 . 2018-02-10
S. Korean conservatives are very supportive of President Trump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
121 2 . Reply
Kimberly Anne . 2018-02-10
Thank you for the lovely introduction to your country.
I love traveling and meeting people from this magical world we all live on.
You spoke very eloquently.
Watching from USA 🇺🇸
Good job👱🏻‍♀️
121 2 . Reply
Kimberly Anne . 2018-02-10
I loved South Korea 🇰🇷 and North Korea🇰🇵 young athletes together carrying the Olympic torch together.
2 nations as ☝️ one.
Kim Jong Noon President please take notice hate is taught.
The children are the future of these 2 nations to stop the divide.
I liked North Koreas Presidents sister being so positive and kind and South Korea President bowing and kissing her hand.
So wonderful both nations were.
Very respectful of each other.
Then you have Pense stand up and stop being so political.
The USA 🇺🇸 stands for PEACE MAKE A GOOD EXAMPLE!!!
Our athletes and the WORLD is looking at you Mr. Vice President.
Loved the entire opening of the Olympics so amazing the program that South Korea has put together with the other two nations.
I just hope traveling is fast.
I'd want to walk out and be at my race.
Go USA 🇺🇸 let's bring home the Gold, Silver and 🥇bronze medals. 🥇 🥇🥇
Tons of them❤️❄️❤️🇺🇸❤️
121 2 . Reply
KarenVS&Rexie . 2018-02-10
In America dogs are considered our fur kids and beloved family members. Prayers torture and consumption ends soon. Many good Asians are forming armies of volunteers to help rescue them and close the farms. Prayers for their success. God Bless South Korea. Most citizens are wonderful compassionate animal lovers who will help ban the heinous meat trade surely.
121 2 . Reply
bkkhatyai . 2018-02-10
Well done
121 2 . Reply
Matthew Murdock . 2018-02-10
Yuna Kim! So thrilled to see her present Korea to all of us. Two times gold medalist and 1 silver at Olympics.
121 2 . Reply
Santo Paok4 . 2018-02-09
Olympism as an Idea has its roots in Antiquity and especially in the greece where they were born the spirit of the Ancient Olympic Games, which contained the religious element, beauty, courtesy, austerity, purity, truce, struggle, and in general the spiritual ethos and sacredness for human life The concept of Olympism revives the previous century (1908) by French Aristocrate Pierre De Coubertin, founder of the modern Olympic Movement.
But with the passage of time the concept of Olympism evolves and adapts to the characteristics of the modern Olympic Games. The religious spirit has been replaced by certain religious rituals that simply reminisce about the origins of the struggles in the past, and included the notions of equality, respect, participation, globality, gigantism and professionalism.
The Values ​​of Olympism are centered on two main pillars: the "Ευ Αγωνίζεσθαι"( fair play
good behavior) and the "Ευγενή Άμιλλα"(sportsmanship in sense of fair play) The return of the Olympic Games in our country is a useful review of the values we are experiencing in our modern life. Applying the values of Olympism on both a personal and a social level will result in our self-improvement and the emergence of modern Greece in the spiritual Light of the world
121 2 . Reply
vanukha . 2018-02-09
olympics is nothing withot russian team!!!!
121 2 . Reply
ᎯℬЅᎾℒUTℰ_ᑌᑎIT . 2018-02-09
Though I am cheering for Canada, good luck to all countries! This was a very well done video, and the mascot video was adorable.
121 2 . Reply
Siarhei Dunets . 2018-02-09
See the song 'Imagine'by Lennon that was performed at the Olympics Ceremony opening https://sites.google.com/prod/view/bestsongs/menu/imagine
121 2 . Reply
frostiwon edits . 2018-02-09
Ahhhhhh it makes me excited.
121 2 . Reply
Motoko Cheng . 2018-02-09
Korean girls have all same faces.
121 2 . Reply
Corrie Van Velzen . 2018-02-09
121 2 . Reply
Pedro Pitoyko . 2018-02-09
Shux, building these facilities cost a lot of money.
121 2 . Reply
Bayou Treasures . 2018-02-09
This is absolutely beautiful! I'd love to see South Korea
121 2 . Reply
Rene046 . 2018-02-09
Hope all North Korean people can enjoy this video to. lol
121 2 . Reply
dela concepcion . 2018-02-09
I would love to be there in person if only it is possible.... Have fun everyone.... Thanks for a great video.
121 2 . Reply
neonia hazelwood . 2018-02-08
Best wishes!
121 2 . Reply
Scott Bixler . 2018-02-08
Beautiful video! I wish I could be in South Korea now.
121 2 . Reply
fubar lola . 2018-02-07
I'm sorry but her English accent SUCKS SO BAD I'd rather mute it to better understand what I am watching. This is for English speakers, not for Koreans. Then hire someone who speaks good English!
121 2 . Reply
Miguel angel flores . 2018-02-07
Welcome to pyeong Chang 2018
121 2 . Reply
Raffaro . 2018-02-07
Q. How will the NORKS keep their athletes from defecting when they get to the Olympic games?A. Hold their families hostage !Kim Jong-In already told them . "You will come back to your starving shit hole, or else" !
121 2 . Reply
Shaun Howard . 2018-02-06
121 2 . Reply
Shaun Howard . 2018-02-06
Sounds pretty fun
121 2 . Reply
Jeewan Suranga Attanayake . 2018-02-04
PyeongChang 2018 Olympic T-shirt, now available in our stores -
121 2 . Reply
Phil W . 2018-02-02
I cant wait !! I hope its good ... I will be watching , along with , literally millions of other people ..;))
121 2 . Reply
gloria . 2018-01-31
It's been a cold winter with plenty of snow...How the winter Olympic should be...All the best!
121 2 . Reply
Jenny Jenson . 2018-01-25
It's not Sea of Japan! It's East Sea!!
121 2 . Reply
Hyunjun Koo . 2018-01-17
Well done South Korea!!! Very much looking forward to all the exciting games and meeting great athletes from all over the world!!! 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗😗😗😗😗😗
121 2 . Reply
Ryan Laing . 2018-01-15
No nhl in the games. Dont care
121 2 . Reply
vojtaodg . 2018-01-07
Well done, great effort to bring maximum to everyone involved! We much hope everything works out great. Will see much of it thanks to great proffesionals from Czech National TV broadcasting... thought small country, sport seems to be held first during this special time for winter sport 👍👏
121 2 . Reply
Ives Lin . 2018-01-06
这将是多无聊的奥运会啊,没有俄罗斯队,没有中国队,没有美国队! 去的人是去看什么,是去听音乐吗?
121 2 . Reply