Chris Webber Opens Up About Fab 5 and Jalen Rose

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NBA Legend Chris Webber stopped by Sway In The Morning and talked about his relationship with Jalen Rose, The Fab 5 and returning to Michigan.

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    Popular Comments:

Tim K . 2019-05-09
He’s lying about the “afterthought” part. He just can’t talk about it. It’s all personal to him. They called him non stop. I know. Jalen called him. He’s a nervous dude who’s very sensitive.
121 2 . Reply
Deandre Ray . 2019-05-01
Chris Webber thinks jalen is doing it for his career lol jalen career is set by himself
121 2 . Reply
nplovingham . 2019-05-01
That J Rose C Web face-to-face is going to be epic. With our black men icons dying off, hopefully they dont wait too long.
121 2 . Reply
H K Lionheart . 2019-04-30
Webber kept it 100 about what LeBron does off the court. Whether you hate LeBron or you love him, nobody here can deny the fact that the dude is a great role model, on and off the court. And LBJ always represents! This is where LBJ is completely different from Michael Jordan. LBJ is not afraid to stand up. True MJ might won more rings on the BB court than LeBron but as we all know, the guy (MJ) was too scared to speak up straight up about anything. Nobody knows what he believed in because he was just too afraid of losing his NIKE brand and his 💲💲💲
121 2 . Reply
Oh thats Lauren . 2019-04-28
Webber should’ve paid Ed back !! You got 75 million and Ed helped you from April to October until u got paid !!! You changed your number and didn’t pay the man back putting rose in a bad place seeing that was his friend and rose had to check you !!!! Period ... selfish as hell !
121 2 . Reply
coyote mangan . 2019-04-28
I love Chris Webber, but 98% of that interview was completely unwatchable. Ask idiotic questions, get idiotic answers.
121 2 . Reply
Xyere . 2019-04-25
How prophetic "If he goes to LA he may not make it to the second round. He should stay in Cleveland. "
Hell ,LeBron didn't make it to the playoffs and Magic quit. I have always admired Webber. But when he gave God the GLORY and proclaimed FORGIVENESS that was that REAL TALK!
121 2 . Reply
devon bent . 2019-04-25
Jalen is a snitch
121 2 . Reply
Star Lord . 2019-04-09
Good interview,I need a Timeout...
121 2 . Reply
East Atlanta Trav . 2019-04-05
So ed gave them things so they can give it back if they make it to the league if that’s the case I’ll proly lie to ... if Ed has an agenda then I don’t fault c webb
121 2 . Reply
Kurtis Stoddard . 2019-04-02
Yea I’m sure they didn’t call Webber till the documentary was already done. Liar
121 2 . Reply
WildwoodClaire1 . 2019-03-31
The disgusting thing about the attitude of Jalen Rose and some of his teammates at Michigan was the corrosive idea that academic achievement was "acting white." An elite athlete may be in a position to succeed and grow rich without much education but for the vast majority of poor kids, such a shitty, narrow-minded world view is self-defeating and potentially devastating for their lives and financial welfare.
121 2 . Reply
No1 No1 . 2019-03-27
Krissy Webbber is a fraud! Here is why:
1. He chose to leave his boys at Michigan when everyone thought Jalen would be the first to leave
2 To save his own azz, he s#1+ on someone who gave him money and helped him out (Ed Martin)
3. He signed a $70 million contract with the Warriors and didn't pay Ed back.
4. He weaseled his way out of GS because he didn't want to play center and set that franchise back 20 years
5. He then went to the Bullets/Wizards and couldn't stay off the weed during foreign and domestic travels, the franchise still hasn't recovered
5a. [Washington gave up Tom Gugliotta and three (yes 3) first-round draft picks]
6. He whined about getting dealt to the Kings (the Wizards got two old guys back and no draft picks)
7. Instead of taking a stand and admitting he took money like Jalen did, he pulled a Reggie Bush before Reggie Bush
8. Michigan had to take down the banners and he was banished from campus
9. For 20 years, to support his friend, Jalen only went to only 2 UM games
10. He agreed to be a producer on the FABFIVE doc like his four other brothers, but he says he was told at the last minute
11. When he was a no show/no phone, the higher-ups at ESPN called the higher-ups at TNT, but nothing
12. He doesn't want to talk about his taking money in college, but he is calling college games --- hypocrite
13. Four years into a 7 year, $127 million contract, the Kings gave him to Philly
14. Less than a year later, he failed to come to the last game of the year, Fan Appreciation Day for the Sixers
15. The next year, Philly gave him $25 million to just go away!
16. I could keep going . . . but I will leave you with this:
LeBron James and this guy were the No. 1 picks in the NBA Draft, and only 10 years apart, and you mean to tell me that the elder star has never held a conversation with someone who looked up to him and in a group of men who only 71 other athletes are members? Whatsupwifthat???

Yo Chris, you were the most talented of the FAB Five, you were the face of the FAB Five and you had a better career and a better post-career of any of the Fab Five! Think about this quote: To whom a lot is given --- a lot is expected! You didn't win anything as a basketball player in a team environment and there is a reason for that. Quit acting like a petty child, accept and admit what you have done and fix what only you can fix. If not, you may ended up like another No. 1 overall pick. One, who when he died, there were less than 20 people at his funeral --- his name was Jimmy Walker. If you weren't so petulant . . . you could call Jalen and ask him about this guy. After all, he was your running buddy since the age of 12's father! RESPECT!!!
121 2 . Reply
TheTruthness2011 . 2019-02-27
These guys are fools.

Jay Z couldn't be anymore Illuminati.
121 2 . Reply
TheTruthness2011 . 2019-02-27
What the fuck are they on about - "Amen"?

'Amen' is Amun-Ra

- the god the Cabal worship.

You know - the gang that are repressing the world.

No surprise to me from millionaires.
121 2 . Reply
Frank Samson . 2019-02-27
Still dont wear white socks only vegeta pic. 4 times.
121 2 . Reply
Nick Farias . 2019-02-21
CWebb is the reason I wore #4 Go Blue till the day I die
121 2 . Reply
Ron D. . 2019-02-18
I want to smash Honey Gold, Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian.... Blacked...
121 2 . Reply
Randy Eason . 2018-12-30
That Michigan team would have been crap without Webber and they know it. What happened after he left...thank you
121 2 . Reply
Sea Pea . 2018-12-29
When we gonna have nightly sports talk show called Webber & Rose?
121 2 . Reply
Gregory Campbell . 2018-12-26
Cris Webber was the best power forward ever to come from Detroit Michigan
121 2 . Reply
Ron D. . 2018-12-20
Hes hyping the crowd up like this nigga is about to get in the ring and throw down....
121 2 . Reply
moomoo hakim . 2018-12-14
C Webb album was kind of nice
121 2 . Reply
bballjunkie73 . 2018-12-13
Great Interview. Good to hear dude speak a little about the fab 5 documentary . I’m
Glad he’ll be making his own doc and writing a book .
121 2 . Reply
BRANDON Le . 2018-12-13
Chris was my favorite player back in the days man
121 2 . Reply
regulatorguy . 2018-12-10
What is Fab about a team that never won a damn thing?  Hey Chris Weber lets take a time out" and think that one over......
121 2 . Reply
Dale Hall . 2018-12-08
Chris you didn't win the NCAA or NBA championship though you got close to both. But Chris you are a champ in life brotha!
121 2 . Reply
Joshua Lovehall . 2018-12-07
Chris I have complete respect for you and Jalen. I love the way we you are handling it now. I miss that insignia from humility records though my brother.
121 2 . Reply
E Chase . 2018-12-06
LIES!!! he dont talk to Ray all the time. Im sure He dont talk to Jimmy cuz he didnt even mention him. # of them cats dont rock wit c webb.
121 2 . Reply
Dee . 2018-12-03
Who would live in Cleveland or Oklahoma if they had a choice? Also when gms and owners put super teams together and win dont have a problem with it.
121 2 . Reply
Tony Taylor . 2018-12-03
that breaks my heart the conflict between Chris and Jalen
121 2 . Reply
icuhater numberone . 2018-11-28
I remember watching them play. Exciting times.
121 2 . Reply
Josh Taylor . 2018-11-27
Love tha FAB 5 reason why I wear blk Nike socks till this very day but they jus flat out represented for my culture how dope that Webb produced Blunt Ashes too one of my fav songs on that album
121 2 . Reply
Travis MiddleBrooks . 2018-11-21
Chris just planted a seed in my heart. Thats a Humble guy. I got tears... Much respect
121 2 . Reply
LV Juice . 2018-11-16
Chris Webber a real fella and only sway can get a real interview like this
121 2 . Reply
Muffin . 2018-11-16
I love how Chris always gives props to the people before him. He always does it and us the fans appreciate how he always acknowledges those who paved the way.
121 2 . Reply
Reuben Jones . 2018-11-14
a for real though Chris Webber was a hard match up Shaq could just stop him, loved his game
121 2 . Reply
Lincoln Morgan . 2018-11-12
Jalen never used you for his career. That what your doing with your book right now. Why not being your brothers in since as you said;,"they don't care about us",and share the proceeds equally? Because you believe your self a better basketball player than Jalen which is true and a better bball mind which is very debatable. This is the dude that avoided Larry Brown trying to sabatoge his career by making the team and fans question why Brown ignored and put such a talent on his bench. Brown ended up looking foolish on that one. See their is a reason the point gaurds are considered and extention of the coach and called floor generals cause they can if good , see plays developing before they jappen and if the play they want to run wont do they know which one the coach would prefer sometime ahead of him calling for it. The good ones make coaches look good. Jalen was a great one who could make a coah look like a genious or with Larry Brown , jave people wonder if he is still able to coach and or develope yoing talent after seeing jow Jalen was treated. So I give the bball mind edge to Jalen, Chris knows ball but not on Jalens level. He coild but too lazy to put in the brain work needed. Like studying other plays of dimilar style with slight deviations. This Jalen would be love like book work for financial accts majors like my mom who loved finc. accts. For Chris it would just be tedious work. This is why Chis is on more shows cause he thinks it makes him look more intelligent, but it reveals that no matter where he goes it's the sameold same old. However he is liked. Jalen however is loved, this bugs Chris when Jalen could just hook him up if he called but pride is a killer of opportunity
121 2 . Reply
Lincoln Morgan . 2018-11-12
Chris your not being truthful. For I saw the fab doc. It was balanced all had equal time it seems. However I think you felt you should have more, maybe be called team leader. However the pg Jalen is called the floor general and I think there in came the issue. You feel he has eclipsed you. For why talk to all the guys who back up his story and not him. It makes no sense. You talk to none, you refused to share seats next your so called brothers. If you blame everyone but they all poimt back at you in most cases it is you thats the problen not them. Not someone else you may feel. What code did he break that the others did not. You are either an idiot or a liar . I SAY a bit of both. You have alwaus been insecure. That play is a big liece of bball history and you hate it cause it reminds you that you are just like everyone else flawed not perfect.
Let it go. Nobodies checkomg for you in that play , just teach ing people how overcome pressure situations but u make it about you, Jalen simply basketball. It is why they pay him more as well. You make less doing more, but want all to know you more than him but it has never worked. Simply cause people see you as fake, Jalen they feel is a real dude. The only you talk to is J Howard and you know this. Vanity and misjudgment as well as misunderstandings is all that I ever have gotten from this one sided beef with Chris and Jalen. Chris started it and omly Chris can end it with himself. For Jale long firgave you man. Nobady thinks you did any wrong. The school and coach are at failt and had yo point somewhere and chose some blavk boys they find annoying but profitable to take the fall after they had no more need or use for you all. But now that your back watch all fab5 returns merch comes back in a flash. Sad. You feed the beast not Jalen.
121 2 . Reply
Lincoln Morgan . 2018-11-12
Wait I saw that. The other 3 in addition to Jalen spoke just as much and git just as much time, how were you an aftet thought. Or did you simple want something to make you stamd apart from your team mates cause it came iff very equal in time and story as fir skill only one I believe never got to the nba or played pro.Those 4 stay together but why do you stay apart from them. Iy seems simply for clout not even over Jalen , but you seem to just want to be known as the one who did and accomplished more. However, its Jalen that has.
If your brothers talk to Jalen why do you still ignore him, he did no more or less than they. You say you talk to all but Jalen which makes no sense at all since your friends(fab5) have more than backed Jalens story up. Jalen has done all he can to mend bridges but you rather they burn. thonk he doesnt speak to any of them at all for it made no sense for him to stay apart from all of tj if he is only javing an issue with 1. Chris is too worried like most of us are about image and those years were the best and most embarrassing times for him and he simple seems to be angered if anyone brings it up. He made mistakes we all do. Jalen broke no code his other friends didn't for they all said the same thing. Jalen still keeps in touch with all of them Webber only speaks to Juwan Howard I believe. Jalen is a more open person and he is fearless. He isn't worried about how you rate or regard him. Chris feels J. did this for the job that his talent brought him. For he has a much bigger platform and Chris envies this fir he feels he is the better analyst but he ovoids things surrounding his days ad college fir he thonks it weakens his credibility to critic tje game when he could brand himself as ome who has fallen and gotten back up. How do you ignore the man I call brother. Nobody needs to know what you speak about of you guus are tight, but yoi wont even speak to hom privately and you afmit this on always show why? Cause it draws attention using Jalens celebrity by trying to hurt his credibility as a friend. By saying he betrayed the bro code. But all did Chris if there is such a thing really, so this is you attention and pitty seeking when you have no reason, but I giess this is how to market your own opinon , your own script. It took long cause you had to figure how to not make Jalen aakot factor, but it's mot possible so you waited till the tom I felt was right to admit to things we already know cause Jalen told us all this already. When they were all together for their micjigan return and you are seated away from direct cotact you looked bad not Jalen and you know it. Sad SMH. Chris you are both successful what is ur deal. Let it go. You look fake when around them. Like you still want to be the big man on campus days and all followed your lead. Till youvlook back and see in truth everyone was really only following if Jalen planned to go with you. It's a one sided fued for and over nothing but simple vanity and misunderstandings. Again you are mad at Jalen cause everyone follows his lead but not yours. At least thats how yiu percieve it. People support each other for varied reasons but you don't get it. So you didnt get a bigger role than everyone cause you saw yourself as the leader bit in bball the pg always leads, he is the floor general, thats nott Jalens fault. I bet you blame Jalen for your mistakes in the game you messed up. Jalen has never been a fame guy. But you always have been. It's sad when friends loose their way over small things. I know this well.
121 2 . Reply
Mel Vino . 2018-11-11
Nobody introduces like sway......
121 2 . Reply
heavyjr1 . 2018-10-30
My favorite warrior
121 2 . Reply
Damon Johnson . 2018-10-22
I play for Mumford High School Chris and your mother used to be the lunch teacher and she was a very very lovely woman I grew up on 6 Mile and Burwood
121 2 . Reply
Patrick Adams . 2018-10-18
Michigan don’t need his corrupt ass. His signature move was calling a timeout to lose the national championship game. Fake ass poser pretended he had “street cred”. Jalen came from the streets. Webber was a Country Day punk.
121 2 . Reply
PK Cannon . 2018-10-02
Go to 21:15 for Fab 5 Comments. Much respect to 5.
121 2 . Reply
William de Murney . 2018-09-29
God is good.
121 2 . Reply
Jazz Cook . 2018-09-27
Jalen said they called Webber before the script was written. The movie was a joint effort so if Chris can talk to the others, he can holla at Jalen!
121 2 . Reply
Darryl Nelson . 2018-09-23
He still acts like a petulant child.
121 2 . Reply
Darryl Nelson . 2018-09-23
Weber was the last to sign because he wanted to go to duke.
121 2 . Reply
green ghost . 2018-09-18
There's been a lot going on for years in society but no one has spoken up since Bill & Kareem to LBJ. There"s so many players to come along between these 3 players era and said nothing publicly like them and all these players giving respect to Lebron but came before him and was mute while they played. They all get away with it because everyones so focused on Jordan but all them even Isaiah Thomas (from Chicago), Charles Barkley, Dominique WIlkins, Carl Malone, Vince Carter, Scottie Pippen, Shaquille O'Neal, Grant Hill, Tracy McGrady, Allen Iverson huge names never put themselves out there like LBJ as a player and they all sold sneakers and merchandise too.The question should be why they never stepped up like Lebron, the guy they always complimenting?
121 2 . Reply
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