[FFBE] 4-Minute Guide - Blazing Fast Trust Mastery Macro Setup - NOX

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Revised 5-26-2017 Use /u/Mcgillby's macros instead:

Turn on annotations if you're having trouble finding the appdata location. Make sure you show your hidden folders!

A video showing how to setup the Blazing Fast TM Macro for the NOX Android emulator.

For more details and strategy, visit https://exviuswiki.com/

If you have any questions, suggestions, or would like to contribute fan-content, contact [email protected]

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Dean Ventura . 2017-01-12
This works but but some people watchng arent as computer literate.

It would've been more helpful if you mentioned that you have to go to View - Show Hidden to see the App Data folder and that you have to make sure the existing script from the empty macro file is deleted before you copy over the new script.
121 2 . Reply
Legendary Gaming . 2017-12-26
Sadly nox doesn't work for 07 windows operator it crashes when logging into Facebook
121 2 . Reply
Sonaru Jenkins . 2017-12-24
Works for me, thanks!
121 2 . Reply
Josh Kelley . 2017-09-05
So i gotta say it works like a charm up until the get to the prompt to refill NRG using lapis. It doesnt click anything. Just sits there because the click are slightly off. is that user error or is it done until i manually restart it after getting some more NRG?
121 2 . Reply
Mil Chen . 2017-09-01
Can anyone please help me?
 I just got a Mac, but I don't know where the directory is to put the script.
121 2 . Reply
Matthew Poole . 2017-08-29
I'm using the Mac version (I understand this is for PC, but it should be similar) and there is no tool bar on the left or right of my screen. I don't know where to find the 'Record' button.
121 2 . Reply
Alexander Büsing . 2017-07-29
Hey, I'm using the suggested mcgillby's macro. Works like a charm apart for the fact that at some point it misses the three right characters. Anyone knows what's up with that?
121 2 . Reply
Insanity Laughs . 2017-07-27
I'm sorry if this is a dumb question but do you need to use a computer to set this up? I play this game on my tablet.
121 2 . Reply
James Jarman . 2017-07-02
Any chance we can get an updated video for Windows 8.1 Professional users? I'm unable to find the file path you describe as I don't see anything that says "AppData" in my system.
121 2 . Reply
Cyonyan . 2017-06-13
ok so how do you accelerate the game; i mean u did not accelerate on macro but your game speed is fast demn
121 2 . Reply
Chris Lee . 2017-05-06
how do I get the toolbar to show up? sorry I have a new mac now and I don't really know how to use it.
121 2 . Reply
Kristen Kunik . 2017-04-09
i hope you get banned
121 2 . Reply
Christopher Lopez . 2017-04-05
Is the updated version on the reddit thread because the script is never hitting the next button on any of the scripts.
121 2 . Reply
KliphnirTheHeroe98 . 2017-04-02
How do I create the empty macro file? do I have to have HiroMacro installed, and how do I add it to the bar, also, is this the same procedure with Mac users? Thanks
121 2 . Reply
Kyyle Rentz . 2017-03-28
do i keep the new recorded file saved in the notepad or just keep the raw link ?
121 2 . Reply
Carlos Carrera . 2017-03-25
so i can leave my laptop grinding my account at home while i play on the go?
121 2 . Reply
Kyyle Rentz . 2017-03-24
why do i have to drag the game app to another window ? and is the game app on desktop or in the nox player?
121 2 . Reply
vincennes faronto . 2017-03-22
is this save. will we get banned or something?
121 2 . Reply
Cesar Ivan Renteria Giron . 2017-03-18
cant find the macro empty file lmao
121 2 . Reply
jonny vaughn . 2017-03-11
yeah the app works nothing like this video! pos app cant start and stop macros easily.... first time I gave a thumbs down... 2 hours of my life wasted...
121 2 . Reply
Richard Lin . 2017-03-02
Does anyone if u choose the refill option will it stop by itself when you run out of lapis? and if you choose teh no refill will it stop when you run out of enegy? first time user thanks
121 2 . Reply
Richard Lin . 2017-03-02
I STILL CAN'T FIND RECORD, i READ the three people's comment and the video itself I still can't find it :( PC > nox > Bin > data show hidden but only thing in my data still only system.
121 2 . Reply
Jason Gusto . 2017-02-26
Currently Running version of the nox app player on my mac and am only showing 6 options on my side tool bar. How do I make other tools such as the macro recorder visible to use?

121 2 . Reply
Priestofbabylon . 2017-02-25
You should do more tutorial type videos, or at least speak over some of your gameplay videos. You have a soft and clear voice.
121 2 . Reply
andrew soudah . 2017-02-24
so yeah, the icons moved place in the new update so i used the jp patch.but its soo laggy unlike before (it still works fine tho).however,when i pause the recorder the lag stops becoming smooth as before.hope he fixes it tho
121 2 . Reply
indy soeroso . 2017-02-24
why do my script is not touching the "next" button
121 2 . Reply
Carrotss101 . 2017-02-23
Does this go against the term of service? Just wondering 😰
121 2 . Reply
Jack James . 2017-02-23
Thank you for an idiot proof tutorial. subbed
121 2 . Reply
Gilbert Borja . 2017-02-19
after i copy and paste the macro file and change the setting to till manually pause and save it, it doesnt play at all
121 2 . Reply
Jamiath . 2017-02-10
how long does this take to max 5 people with restoring energy
121 2 . Reply
Meo S . 2017-02-09
when i use this y is it so laggy?
121 2 . Reply
Sterlsilver . 2017-02-09
This is nice but would you be able to do this and have the energy to spare? Does it take breaks in bewtween?
121 2 . Reply
Ve Saran . 2017-01-22
thx a lot
121 2 . Reply
Goh Wei Sheng . 2017-01-22
bro may i know how to create script on marco recorder? my script is empty!
121 2 . Reply
Daikyosenshi . 2017-01-20
How do you make the game run twice the speed?
121 2 . Reply
marck lara . 2017-01-18
Very good video bro

a question!!!

This method is not hack? I'm trying it and it works out great

With this, my account is not at risk

I hope you respond greetings
121 2 . Reply
Taquan Gresham . 2017-01-18
What if you downloaded the Mac version how do you do set it up there is no toolbar ??
121 2 . Reply
W4sabiNinja . 2017-01-17
The exact video i needed to find where I had to paste the macro into. TY!

note: For those who are wondering why it's not working, your nox emulator may be setup as tablet. You need to set it up as phone. Click the gear icon at the very top, then Advanced tab, Select Phone 720x1280. Then save and restart Nox. Bam! A now working TM farming macro.
121 2 . Reply
Alex Oliki . 2017-01-16
what is root? whats its functionality?
121 2 . Reply
Fabián Vera . 2017-01-05
Excelente video! :D. Mata un poco al juego, pero para algunas TM, sirve :p.
121 2 . Reply
Leonardo Leon . 2017-01-05
121 2 . Reply
piotr boban . 2017-01-04
Seems there is no 'APPdata' in my user directory, can someone help ?
121 2 . Reply
FelipeBennington . 2016-12-29
I play this game on my android device but it's not connected no Facebook,I wish to farm TM on NOX but if I just login there with my gmail data I'll lost all my progress?
121 2 . Reply
untitled2012 . 2016-12-22
Can someone please answer where RECORD is? I've looked everywhere
121 2 . Reply
ezio auditore . 2016-12-22
121 2 . Reply
Libo Gonez . 2016-12-22
i cant get my script to let me rewrite it keeps saying please run as administrator on memu since i cant get nox to work on my mac you have any advice for me
121 2 . Reply
Ricardo Firino . 2016-12-21
I cant find the ^record^ what cna i do man
121 2 . Reply
Musana Aldin . 2016-12-19
Awesome guide!
121 2 . Reply
Andry Shin . 2016-12-13
is nox stil can play ffbe?
121 2 . Reply
Alpacino Jones . 2016-12-03
this video explains everything but for some reason I dont have that AppData folder its killing me
121 2 . Reply