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Source: Itchy eyes are a common problem. The fact that itchy eyes are so common does not necessarily make them any easier to deal with.
Millions of Americans suffer from itchy eyes caused by allergies alone, according to studies cited in the Review of Optometry.
While a number of over-the-counter eye drops are available, the key to finding the right treatment for a specific case is to find out what's causing it.
Many individuals visit ophthalmologists to find out what's causing their symptoms and select the best treatment possible for their particular case of itchy eyes.
Contents of this article:
1. List of eye drops for treating itchy eyes.
2. Overview of when eye drops could be used to treat itchy eyes.
3. Over-the-counter and prescription eye drops.
List of eye drops for treating itchy eyes.
Itchy eyes may be caused by allergies or by a bacterial infection.
Sometimes, itchy eyes are caused by seasonal allergies. These can be treated effectively by over-the-counter eye drops with antihistamines and decongestants.
Other cases may be due to bacterial infection and require treatment by prescription anti-bacterial eye drops.
Effective treatment of itchy eyes requires matching the medication to the underlying cause. The following drops are generally available:

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