DIY Head Gasket Sealant Repair for blown head gasket

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Bottom line. the point of this video is to show people that there is hope if they cannot afford the expensive repair of a blown head gasket. Bear's True Blue Head Gasket Sealer is a safe and effective product.


Head gasket repair. Head gasket repair sealant DIY. How to seal head gasket leaks in your car's engine without taking the engine apart. If you can't afford the time or money to replace your head gasket, you might want to try this product.
In this episode we show you how to change your head gasket on the cheap / inexpensive/ cheap bastard/ WRONG way. If you're smart, you'll get your head and block shaved, new head bolts etc, but if you're cheap like us, though it's not recommended...it WILL work as long as your mating surfaces are flat and clean. Head gasket repair. How to fix a head gasket leak DIY. How to fix tough head gasket leaks in your car using a liquid sealer (steel seal). If you don't have the time or money to replace a head gasket, you might consider trying this alternative. DIY car repair with Scotty Kilmer, an auto mechanic for the last 42 years. Ever wonder what the inside of your engine looks like? How about what a head gasket failure, an overheating motor, or a melted piston looks like? In this video I go deep inside an engine using a bore scope (endoscope) to look through the spark plug hole in my Chrysler PT Cruiser with a blown engine. Thoroughly detailed video on replacing your head gasket on any vehicle- though a Toyota 2.2L is used in the example. Includes measuring warpage specifications, special tools needed, proper techniques, and options to consider such as machine shop services, used vs new cylinder heads, and more! Showing the inside of cylinder head after liquid head gasket repair was made. This option works well when the head gasket has a small leak. Mike's supra is smoking and the exhaust is smelling sweet. That means the head gasket is on its way out, so lets fix it before we have some real problems!
"Blue Devil Liquid Head Gasket Sealer" is what we used, and time will tell if it fixed it, or if we just wasted our hard earned money on a scam! This is a quick video tutorial on how 6 easy tests to detect a blown head gasket in an engine.

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Corey Lumley . 2018-10-30
Get out of here with your scamming ass. I looked up on YouTube as to whether head gasket sealers are safe. So far I have been seeing the majority of the videos being by this company saying how all the other companies are garbage and yours is the only one that works but not one time have you explained how it is any different. Let alone you blatantly ripped off Blue Devil in name alone. Sorry, but my vehicle will not be drinking your blue Kool-Aid!
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