Windsurfing- How to Vulcan

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The Vulcan also known at the Air Gybe or even Big Mac Tack!

Seen as the gateway move to modern freestyle the Vulcan is a right of passage for most freestylers. This video uses super slow motion as well as focussing on a few key elements to make it more achievable.
Big thanks to Neilson Holidays, Life Cinematic, Starboard Windsurfing and Tushingham Sails.
Filmed on Location at the Neilson Holidays resort of Ortakent in Turkey.
For further videos, clinics and coaching please check out sam-ross.co.uk

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    Popular Comments:

Dynamokzz . 2018-08-21
i would not like to fall to water there, i am so lucky i live in turkey, we got a wonderfull place called alacati.
121 2 . Reply
Martín Funes Brozovich . 2018-07-25
Hi Sam, greetings from Argentina, thank for your videos. I would like to ask you, which size of sail would be the biggest one you would recommend for a entry level freestyler. Goal is the Vulcan for start, upwind 360, slam gybe, front loop would be ideal. I have a 100 L freestyle board. The question is due to light wind conditions 12 - 16 knts. I´m thinking on a freemove sail to reach a big size of sail (Gator, Fusion, etc.)or maybe a wave sail? Thanks!
121 2 . Reply
Soi11 . 2018-07-13
Excellent tutorial! Thanks so much!!
121 2 . Reply
Johan P . 2018-01-02
Superior presentation. Beautiful place.
I can watch the stop action, slow-mo a thousand times.
It is winter now so I am psyching for the Spring and Summer coming in 3 months.
121 2 . Reply
MrAlexMunday . 2016-08-05
This helped me massively to learn the Vulcan. I sail out of quite a few now. Im now trying to learn the spock. Thanks!
121 2 . Reply
Bob Cooke . 2016-04-02
Hi, why do you have to pull your weight down the front arm and when?
121 2 . Reply
Luis Abdel . 2015-06-07
fin size?
121 2 . Reply
Eric Work . 2015-05-05
Great tutorial! I'm glad someone is still posting stuff about windsurfing ha. This is the trick I am currently trying to learn and this will help a lot. 

Thanks for the post!
121 2 . Reply
tantricsurfer . 2015-02-02
Thanks Sam, excellent guide!
A question: why do say, talking about the pop, to shift the weight from back to front foot? Should'n it be the opposite?
121 2 . Reply
Sam Ross . 2014-11-20
The next step the Spock Windsurfing- How to Spock
121 2 . Reply
GuGu G . 2014-11-13
Congratulations! Thanks for share this expanation!...is so helpful!
121 2 . Reply
Sam Ross . 2014-11-11
121 2 . Reply