Samsung LED TV Blank Screen No Picture With Good Backlights Basic Troubleshooting Help

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How to troubleshoot a Samsung LED TV that has a blank screen but does have backlights
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Jimi Hermen . 2018-11-10
Hi.. i have a Samsung un32eh4003fxza and the picture has gone dim. You can faintly see a picture and the screen prompts are pretty bright but also dim. But the picture is barely visible. Just trying to pick a good starting point for repair. Your help would be appreciated.. thanks
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MR.YOUTUBE . 2018-10-19
I replaced the lvds cable and the main board and I’m still not getting picture
121 2 . Reply
Sagar Sau . 2018-10-18
Samsung led tv ua22f5100armxl white display but sound is running
121 2 . Reply
RejectedManiac . 2018-10-14
What do you do if there is an image with the flashlight test? Would it be the backlight driver board?
121 2 . Reply
brittany ward . 2018-10-13
I'm 9 years old OK bitch ass nigga
121 2 . Reply
Saad Badrh . 2018-09-30
Hi guys
I have Samsung 55 inch smart tv
Doesn’t turn on
backlight off doesn’t turn on
No power
Only the red standby button
I did change the power supply board
But unfortunately still won’t turn on
and the backlight still off .
Is some thing else I need to replace it or change I’m not sure I see other videos talking about replacing the backlight led . It’s to hard for
Please if any one know how I fixed let me know
121 2 . Reply
Faiyaz Tamboli . 2018-08-30
Ua24h4003ar pichar micsing problem how to idiy
121 2 . Reply
Tahir Rasheed . 2018-08-13
sir 4k resolustion software plz
121 2 . Reply
Binod Sah . 2018-08-02
What is the price
121 2 . Reply
rowe parr . 2018-07-28
iI have this exact TV set in this video.. A Samsung UN32EH4003F - UN32EH4003 And we have sound but no picture. Should I hook up a DVD player and see if there is a picture? I do not see any burnt out componets on both boards. From what you have said it may be the tcon board, is that correct? If so can it be tested? Any information would be helpful. Thank you.
121 2 . Reply
Tesfaldet HaileMichael . 2018-07-13
hello every body i have a Samsung model number ue49m6320ak suddenly goes to blue screen no menu or anything is shown on the screen but there is a sound.can you help me to get it fixed.any idea or suggestion can send me through my email [email protected]gmail.com
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Sujay hello . 2018-06-24
Black screen and power button light blinking 6 time
121 2 . Reply
TheVicar . 2018-06-12
I have a Samsung LT27D390SW/XU with sound but not backlit. It showed the image when checking the screen with a torch. I dismantled the unit to find that the connector onto the backlight LED strip wasn't soldered onto the board entirely. It was loose and hence why intermittent backlight power, which eventually failed completely when it fell off: https://i.imgur.com/1mqjfgd.jpg
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Joseph Ramsay . 2018-06-11
Hi, I've got a Samsung UN50J5200AFXZA which is flashing all the LEDs periodically as soon as it's plugged in. No picture or sound. At this point I've replaced both the power board and the main board; same result. I also did a test where I disconnected the main board from the power board and it still flashes. Any ideas on what I'm looking at? The LEDs are bad? I suppose there's a chance that both power boards are bad as well. Any help would be appreciated, thanks
121 2 . Reply
Brad Mckinney . 2018-05-06

My TV looks exactly like the one on this video. It's a Samsung model number: UN32EH4003FXZA. Initially the TV would not turn on. When I opened up the TV I found three bad capacitors on the power supply board. I replaced these capacitors, but the TV still would not turn on. I saw another video on youtube that showed disconnecting the connector between the power supply and the main board, and if the LED's come on when doing so, then the problem is likely the main board. The LED's did turn on when this connector was disconnected so I acquired a replacement main board from a TV with a damaged screen.

The replacement main board looks identical to the original one except the TV tuner unit is slightly larger. Both boards have a placard with the number: BN97-05375B. Since replacement of the main board, the red LED standby light comes on, the TV turns on, makes the sound that indicates that it's on, and the backlight LED's light up, but it has no picture. None of the remote buttons (menu, source, etc.) have any affect, although the Red LED blinks when the remote buttons are pressed indicating that it's receiving the remote signal.

Just to be sure that I didn't still have a power supply problem, I checked the voltages on the connector that goes to the main board and got the following results: pin 1: 13v; pin 2: 3v; pin 3: 13v; pin 4: 13v; pin 5: 13v; pin 6: 5v; pin 7: 13v; pin 8: 0v (gnd.); pin 9: 0v (gnd.); pin 10: 0v (gnd.); pin 11: 5.25v; pin 12: 5.25v; pin 13: 5.25v; pin 14: 3.5v. These were obtained with the TV turned on, and are consistent with the voltages shown on the legend adjacent to the connector on the board.

The ribbon cable from the main board to the panel board appears to be in excellent condition and I was very careful with it while connecting and disconnecting. Interestingly, the TV behaves exactly the same with the ribbon cable connected to the panel board as it does with it disconnected. Do you think I have a defective main board, or perhaps a bad panel board? I appreciate any help you could provide, and will purchase what you think I need from you.

Best Regards,

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domink lorenz . 2018-03-21
I have a Samsung un55fh6030 When I turn the eco sensor to Off, the tv is darkest say 50%, low 55% Medium 60% and High where I have it 90%. I feel it's a bad or failing eco sensor issue but don't know where it's located . When enabled, the backlight setting can only go up to 12, anything higher the screen darkens to below 50%. It's strange that the brightest I can get the tv is when the eco settings are turned on three highest. Which is opposite from my understanding.
121 2 . Reply
beeks yf . 2018-03-17
Rather Buy a new TV
121 2 . Reply
afthab sanu . 2018-03-06
My samsung tv model:LA22B450C4M .It's display workes sometimes only can you help me
121 2 . Reply
Priya Surajbali . 2018-03-04
Hi Jimmy, I have a Samsung UE46D6530WS led tv. I replaced the t-con board because my tv broke down out of nowhere. I didnt had backlight/screen or audio. Now I do have backlight and audio because I replaced the t con board. What can I do to get a screen? Do I have to replace the main board too or something else? Can you help me out please. I dont know much about technical stuff so please use simple terms to instruct me. Thanks!
121 2 . Reply
muralidhar ks . 2018-03-02
Hi ihav see problem with power switch on tv and after 30 min tv going on sleeping mode and autometicoly 30 seconds on in only av and hd port
121 2 . Reply
jfa63 . 2018-02-26
Hello! I enjoy your videos. Thanks for posting them. I have a Samsung UN55ES6100 LED TV. Upon power on, back lights turn on for about 2 seconds, then off. So, back lights do not stay on and flashlight test shows no image on the screen. Power supply is producing 5V & 12V, which is making it to the main board via the connector. Disconnecting main board from power supply results in back lights coming on and staying on continuously. Disconnecting all connectors from the main board, except for the cable from the power supply to main board, results in same initial symptom of back lights on for about 2 seconds, then off. No caps look swollen and no burnt components; however the main chip on the main board gets too hot to keep your finger on it for more than about 2 seconds. Thanks in advance for any help.
121 2 . Reply
jon Keister . 2018-02-19
When i do the power supply board test the lights flash what could that mean
121 2 . Reply
prachi mobile shop . 2018-01-12
Sony led_model no klv-32w562d
Main board price......?
121 2 . Reply
Zoran Dimitrijevic . 2017-12-20
Hi, Jimmy. I have a problem with a LED TV - On this TV I replaced a mainbord with a new one. Before that it was changing channels by itself.Now it can read digital signal, but on analog it says No signal. Everything else is OK. What could it be? Can you help?
121 2 . Reply
Dushan Anderson . 2017-12-13
my samsung un46eh5000g flashes 8 times two times with 2 seconds break than two more times for a total of 8 flashes. What could it be?
121 2 . Reply
Wojciech Wandycz . 2017-11-28
OK, this is not working out. Replaced all 3 boards backlight is on but no menu. Flashlight test yields nothing
121 2 . Reply
Wojciech Wandycz . 2017-11-28
TV has turned on. What next? I could really appreciate the help. Thanks. E-mail address is [email protected]gmail.com
121 2 . Reply
Wojciech Wandycz . 2017-11-28
Hi I have a Samsung UN39FH5000FXZA model TV. My problem is that I have already replaced
121 2 . Reply
Michael Williamson . 2017-11-26
Jimmy. I have a Samsung UNF60FH6200F 60 inch LCD. I purchased the replacement Power board/LED driver BN44-00669A from you. When I replace the board and plug in the power (tv off) the board sparks and pops. It only does this when the connector for the LCD strips is plugged in. Never the connection from the Logic board. Can not find an explanation. Is the Board connecting to the LEDs bad? Wouldn’t think a blown LED would do that. TYIA.
121 2 . Reply
BEN DIAZ . 2017-11-25
Hi.. Help please. I have a Samsung mod # LN46A630M1FXZA it began with a annoy noise and vertical disturbed lines, hardly can see any pic. I been told to replace the TCON WICH I DID  the TV worked fine only 2 days then the problem came back, any help will be appreciate very much ... PS   TV has no sound , only the laud noise coming thru the speakers
121 2 . Reply
Sherry Amjad . 2017-11-23
sir started problem how set
led start but blue screen are is not work any thing
121 2 . Reply
misterfun1982 . 2017-10-26
I need help. My samsung UE40F6770SS turns on but in 3 seconds the screen turns black. There is backlight. I see the smart logo and then some symbols. En the nothing. The screen is on but no image.... if i wait a minute the the smart logo shows again and the symbols like it's rebooting.... can jou help me ? I upload a video


Is this a mainboard problem? I can order 1 for 85,- euro
121 2 . Reply
Sonny Mendoza . 2017-10-19
I been working on a samsung unf50h6201afxza and i have replaced main board t con and still no picture audio inputs also non functional but have backlights only . Iam able to turn off and on tv but that’s it ..
121 2 . Reply
Trisha Clarisse Cristobal . 2017-09-24
How to fix led tv no picture and sounds, with white screen only.
121 2 . Reply
sir miss-a-lot . 2017-09-24
I could see the menu with a flashlight but after replace the led there's still no picture?
121 2 . Reply
Adolf Hissler . 2017-09-23
I will never ever purchase another Samsung product in my lifetime (this one and any subsequent ones that may follow) and will convey my disappointment with the functionality and apparent pitiful workmanship of my Samsung t.v. model ln32b360c5d to anyone and everyone who will read and/or listen. NEVER AGAIN SAMSUNG! NEVER AGAIN!
121 2 . Reply
tango10001000 . 2017-09-22
Oops, I just send you a message to another video. I see now you explained the T-con is under or together with the screen?? can still be change??
This is the message I sent to the other video
Hi, and thanks for the video, they are very informative. I have a Samsung TV model #is un48h5500. I have a problem on the screen that started couple of days ago. There is a white spot on the screen, only one, in every input. I made a picture test and still there, is about in the middle of the screen to the right. I have a picture I can send. I call Samsung, they first laugh at me and then told me to call a technician. I work repairing computers so I'm I can replace a board, thinking that that's the problem. If you have an advice please. Im sure is either the t-con or the main board, do you sell those? which one you think is? If you have the parts in ebay send me the link so i can buy it.
Thanks, Marcelo
121 2 . Reply
Lance Brown . 2017-09-16
Samsung beeps numerous times before it turns on. Worst when cold start, quicker if turned off and turned back on within 30 minutes,
121 2 . Reply
Anil Pathak . 2017-09-09
Help Jimmy Samsung led tv model no ua22es4oo3r
Fault tv is on but sometimes tv is not on what I do tell me something
121 2 . Reply
Anil Pathak . 2017-09-09
Help Jimmy Samsung led tv model no ua22es4oo3r
Fault tv is on but sometimes tv is not on what I do tell me something
121 2 . Reply
PJ P . 2017-09-08
Sir, I want to know that what are that very small ic type black components on led strip near connector of 12V & 24V for 12V it has some number on it (2F E0) and 24 V burnt so I don't know that component number.and I have to replace that component. Please help.
121 2 . Reply
Star Computer Solution . 2017-08-29
hey Jimmy My Samsung LED TV Model No.UA32f5100ar screen is broken So i want to know how to replace it ?? if u know how to replace share me your knowledge>>>>
121 2 . Reply
Sarem Alhamadani . 2017-08-27
Jimmy, please, my Samsung UN50H5203AFXZA, IHO2, I lost the picture , black display, no sound, remote control sensor
.flashing red light, there is no damage or burn in the boards
Wait you advice
121 2 . Reply
harish sreenivasa . 2017-08-18
Hi, I have a Samsung UA40K5570AULXL TV , unfortunately my son grabbed some cable and TV falled down. Actually when it falled only the right frame was cracked and left one was misaligned but TV screen was working fine and I let it work for 10 days, Then I called a samsung technician to make that frame align, the frame was aligned but he made a hole at the bottom center of the panel and gave his friend's number to my wife and said to consult for repair. His friend is saying nonsense that screen is broken
How come the tv worked for 10 days and it broked after he came, please help the symtom was horizontal lines and vertical lines on left side also a black patch. After a while whole screen gone and no image seen on the display.
121 2 . Reply
PLTWCastro . 2017-08-16
Thank you for the video. Samsung 50 inch that had the back light on, the sound was on. It faded to black while viewing. One T-conn board later and boom, it's back. I really didn't want to replace the tv as it was only 2.5 years old.$50 and the reassurance of this video, and I get my tv back. Thanks again Shop Jimmy
121 2 . Reply
dello abusayaf . 2017-07-17
121 2 . Reply
maria abelhad . 2017-07-16
HI jimmy,

I have a Samsung smart tv model # un50eh5300f, it will not turn on. When I disconnect the cable that connects power board to the main board I see the back light come on. I order a new main board, replaced it but the tv still won't turn on. Can you help identify the issue.

Thank you
121 2 . Reply
Nadeep Katagoda . 2017-07-05
samsung ua40h5008ar screenlight on sound come no picture solution??
121 2 . Reply
حكمت البيداري . 2017-06-13
The device was malfunctioned due to power loss during the upgrade tv samsung smart UE46ES6905U
121 2 . Reply
STANLEY MOISE . 2017-06-10
My Samsung UN60H7150 60 inch LED TV has sound when I try to play with the power knob but the screen stays black. What do you think I should for it?
121 2 . Reply
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