World's Most Infamous Donkey Kong Player Caught Cheating!

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Time to ditch the Mitch

King of Kong: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0923752/
Billy's 1.047m: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KYtJzRcvOzk
Jeremy Young's Post on TG: http://www.twingalaxies.com/showthread.php/176004-Dispute-Jeremy-Young-Arcade-Donkey-Kong-Points-Hammer-Allowed-Player-Billy-L-Mitchell-Score-1-062-800/page34
Billy's 1.05m: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qfk0WxlSqpo
TG DK Leaderboards: http://www.twingalaxies.com/donkey-kong/arcade/points-hammer-allowed/page/1?ref=fbshare
Billy Announces His 1.063m: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7y15Y6xrpXY
Footage of Billy and Todd: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UvdrEgk2l6g
Board Swap Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_5cuc-ayP0
Article on Kotaku: https://kotaku.com/former-world-record-donkey-kong-score-now-in-dispute-1822736797
Regular Show Episode Which Parody's Billy Mitchell: http://regularshow.wikia.com/wiki/High_Score
Interview on ESDS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hWLxh9Yi5Dc
Interview with Empire TV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6JSzpjo8Oe0
Article From Former TG Employee Patrick Scott Patterson: https://www.scholarlygamers.com/feature/2018/02/07/king-wrong-deconstructing-billy-mitchell/

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    Popular Comments:

Apollo Legend . 2018-02-16
BTW Billy and Todd, you guys are still welcome to come on anytime just send me a DM or email.
121 2 . Reply
ceth91 . 2018-04-25
Love your channel, waiting for new videos!😁
121 2 . Reply
Billy Mitchel . 2018-04-25
I sat down in front of a Donkey Kong. And after a little trouble, as their normally is I managed to play and I managed to set a new world record. I said one more thing I got to take care of, And I started a game of Donkey Kong Jr. I saw and opportunity that would maybe let me set my highest personal best so I played it right to the end right to the dying last breath. And I beat my own personal record.
121 2 . Reply
Emilio Montemayor . 2018-04-24
John Wick
121 2 . Reply
ditc210 . 2018-04-24
Fuck billy
121 2 . Reply
Nathan Jolly . 2018-04-24
121 2 . Reply
yzchenwei . 2018-04-24
so what? who cares...
121 2 . Reply
Other Peoples Meeples . 2018-04-24
I'll kick his ass on Jet Pac... 😀
121 2 . Reply
Nick Oehlberg . 2018-04-24
You might want to clue this person in cause they are.... far behind. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MIH7d8jcbJk
121 2 . Reply
Dendy The Kappa . 2018-04-24
Never played it on meme eh???
121 2 . Reply
Iroquois Pliskin . 2018-04-24
The ego of this guy
121 2 . Reply
RaeFX - Sync Addict and moar! . 2018-04-24
john wick?
121 2 . Reply
Gazzapper Games . 2018-04-24
Jury is out...I believe he was unaware if the machine was a mame or board based...just cause some people find him arrogant is no reason to judge...just my opinion as King of King fan.
121 2 . Reply
Matthew Hamilton . 2018-04-24
I actually do not think he cheated. I think this is a fake cheated video. These are popular now. Knocking someones old high-score because it was recorded on old technology. These are getting like the fake prank videos.
121 2 . Reply
stratogustav . 2018-04-24
The short guy from Pixels look exactly like him, he is just tall.
121 2 . Reply
Logan Sanders . 2018-04-24
I personally feel like this had way more assumptions than actual fact. You can say he's lying all you want, but to say that what you're saying is absolutely right makes you as bad as him.
121 2 . Reply
CNEWS News every 6:00 EST! . 2018-04-24
Took you guys long enough got damnit.
121 2 . Reply
jjmah7 . 2018-04-24
Billy and Todd buttfucked once. There’s a tape of it, but it’s spliced to show Billy’s cum shot to be thicker and fuller.
121 2 . Reply
fuggotry . 2018-04-24
That's actually Drake and he is threatening me for telling the truth
121 2 . Reply
Bob Cook . 2018-04-24
My easy answer is I've never played it on Mame. Well what is the hard answer? It was a yes or no question. There shouldn't be any hard or easy answers if you are telling the truth Billy!!!!
121 2 . Reply
Bob Cook . 2018-04-24
Billy says the tape isn't his but yet the ref asked him about the flashing over the score and Billy acknowledged it, so he just gave himself up right there. That was his tape, no doubt in my mind.
121 2 . Reply
Omega X2 . 2018-04-23
Time to ditch the Mitch that’s a bitch.
121 2 . Reply
BusyBasaz . 2018-04-23
I love trashing people who sets their self worth to how good they and others are in-game. Absolutly pathethic. Hopefully Billy does this as a massive troll. Turds are grinding years in and out to set that record and Billeh just swoops in and goes "gg ez n00bz, l2p fegs". People are just so worthless and dumb.
121 2 . Reply
MrGrimm . 2018-04-23
When you looked up to Mitchell,This hurts...Great research and keep it up! Cheaters are not acceptable anywhere.
121 2 . Reply
Will Loomis . 2018-04-23
How would you even get a direct video like that off an arcade machine? This blow dried blow hard is the DJ Trump of video games.
121 2 . Reply
Christof . 2018-04-23
He just need to beat his own score again but with witnesses and with an original unchanged Arcade machine.
But how was it even possible that he manipulate a Arcade Machine back then?
121 2 . Reply
Holymakinaw . 2018-04-23
Who cares if some fucking Loser cheats at a dumb video game? LOL. I only clicked on this because it came up in my feed. NERDS.
121 2 . Reply
RadMasterMatt . 2018-04-23
You absolute madman 👌
121 2 . Reply
Cpt vin productions . 2018-04-23
But can he get the dub????
121 2 . Reply
MattyGeneric . 2018-04-23
And the truth shall come out. No matter when or how...It will always be revealed by someone greater than the creator. Great one Apollo!, You are the Legend now.
121 2 . Reply
Brady Amy . 2018-04-23
Is he legit or a cheater? Both... he's a legit cheater.
121 2 . Reply
Brady Amy . 2018-04-23
Don't you know who I think I am?
121 2 . Reply
CyberRonin . 2018-04-23
Definitely a cheater, look at that hair. You can't trust him.
121 2 . Reply
Samuraijoa X . 2018-04-23
Is that John Wick
121 2 . Reply
Skeptischism . 2018-04-23
Referee people? People referees!?
121 2 . Reply
Faceless Man . 2018-04-23
Finally they banned him.
121 2 . Reply
Rob McAllister . 2018-04-23
121 2 . Reply
ipKonfig.com . 2018-04-23
Hey, just like the top players in WoW cheated their way to the top, too. Nothing new here! lol shit players cheating to the top!
121 2 . Reply
Cherrypone . 2018-04-23
That fucking interview is hilarious
121 2 . Reply
Rictor Phoenix . 2018-04-22
Billy got a world record on my birthday
121 2 . Reply
Edward Amadeus Alexander . 2018-04-22
East side Dave is taking the piss out of Billy! He’s been doing it for years and the joke is on Billy because Dave knows exactly how to play to Billys ego while simultaneously making an ass out of him. I’ve commented on your other video to tell you this but you still fail to see that Dave is clearly making fun of Billy.
Great vids anyway bud.
121 2 . Reply
Noah Vido . 2018-04-22
did he fabricate his pacman score as well or was that actually legit?
121 2 . Reply
colin smith . 2018-04-22
Billy tried to change the subject at the east side interview
121 2 . Reply
Ouack strax . 2018-04-22
Gosh, he didn't even seem snake-like at all. o-wait.
121 2 . Reply
Too late For band . 2018-04-22
“With all of this blowing up” right after billy Mitchell in regular show exploded
121 2 . Reply
Clem Fandango . 2018-04-22
there's a special place in hell for people like Silly Bitchell. just start a new website for game scores. corruption has no place in the scene, it undermines the integrity of the participants. Shady stuff has to be named and shamed.
121 2 . Reply
Claudette Smith . 2018-04-22
Not so nearly irrelevant.
121 2 . Reply
Del . 2018-04-22
That first one giant squilbs.
121 2 . Reply
Marvin Rhone . 2018-04-22
Garry Bobby Ferguson!
121 2 . Reply
ljbKage . 2018-04-22
Wait, Garret Bobby Fergison is real?
121 2 . Reply