Thrall vs. Garrosh - Epic Cinematic (WoD Spoilers)

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The final cutscene after fighting Garrosh Hellscream in Nagrand.

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    Popular Comments:

Jovan Lee . 2018-06-17
A true Warcraft player know that Thrall never use that hammer for close combat. He only shoots out lightning bolt.
121 2 . Reply
harper new . 2018-06-17
Thrall cheated... that fucker
121 2 . Reply
TheWhiteWolf . 2018-06-16
121 2 . Reply
Gruja . 2018-06-10
121 2 . Reply
Koolgaf Rogaf . 2018-06-08
Balmond mobile legends hahahaha
121 2 . Reply
Hubert's Hub . 2018-06-07
Thrall cheated. Garrosh did nothing wrong.
121 2 . Reply
Magic Ravioli . 2018-06-05
Orcs should be as Garrosh wanted. Orc's aren't peaceful little bitches that want to PVE alongside the alliance. Thrall made Orc's soft and now it's led them to being cucked by an undead elf... pitiful...
121 2 . Reply
CaptJack . 2018-06-03
121 2 . Reply
TheGnurgen . 2018-05-31
Garrosh has a point though, Thrall failed as a ruler, and when things got to the point where he would have to face consequences, like the growing opinion amongst the older orcs who preferred the old ways, what did he do? He simply put another guy in charge, watched him deal with the consequences and fail miserably, and then in the end put all the blame on the new guy. It reminds me of when people blame the current president for things like the economy, a situation that was clearly created by the previous presidents.
121 2 . Reply
lolcina lol . 2018-05-29
This made me cry dayum :(
121 2 . Reply
Liskenstein . 2018-05-26
this is the fucking peak of blizz doing bad story writing
121 2 . Reply
Thomas Spettel . 2018-05-26
The elements abbandoned Thrall the moment he abused their power. An all to similarity from Guldan. Garrosh should of stayed our warcheif. Its a pity Blizzard turned him villain in Panda's and yet Garrosh is right. Thrall made him what he is, depsite the denial. Yet Garrosh did had to answer for other crimes he did commit.
121 2 . Reply
Emre Cemcem . 2018-05-24
Orospu çocuğu Thrall ananı sikeyim senin, babanın amk. PİÇ!
121 2 . Reply
Victor Silva . 2018-05-24
I'm new to the WoW universe.

Where is written that this was a Mak'gora duel?
121 2 . Reply
Rick Wricker . 2018-05-21
This cinematic always maaakee.. me crryyyyyyyyyyyy WHERE ARE YOU PALADINS AND DRUIDS TO RESSURECT HIM
121 2 . Reply
Rick Wricker . 2018-05-21
But Illidan vs Garrosh who can win?
121 2 . Reply
Rick Wricker . 2018-05-21
121 2 . Reply
Rick Wricker . 2018-05-21
If Thrall dont use a GIANT HAND and grab Garrosh and shoots a lightning and kill him Thrall was dead
121 2 . Reply
Nick Lancial . 2018-05-21
Did for the horde my ass....what he did he did for HIM.....his old man although did some stupid things redeemed himself in the end and FREED an entire race from demon enslavement.....he just wanted power and wanted to wave it around
121 2 . Reply
Forest Brooks . 2018-05-15
121 2 . Reply
Can Gürel . 2018-05-14
Yo garrosh was right or whatever but he didnt have to be an orc supremacist and condescend any other races, sack and raid the entire pandaria and rape its culture or, OR, he could have chosen not to nuke theramore which led to rhonin's death and insanity of jaina, both of whom were actually fond of the horde to an extend. Say whatever you want about thrall cheating in a shit makgora, it was nothing compared to the stuff garrosh pulled off throughout the entire expansion. Garrosh sucked and was not worthy of his father's legacy.
121 2 . Reply
Kimmy Scott . 2018-05-13
Thrall is here for 13 years
121 2 . Reply
Vladislav Pomakov . 2018-05-13
The moment the True Horde Warchief died.
121 2 . Reply
James Perry . 2018-05-13
Thrall looks like LeBron James here.
121 2 . Reply
Pennywise Dançarino . 2018-05-12
Thrall! You have no honor!
121 2 . Reply
iziplqktor BG . 2018-05-10
Garrosh cheats too ! HE USES HEROIC LEAP ! 1:37
121 2 . Reply
Sargeras . 2018-05-06
Wonder why Thrall didnt have the gut's to try that on Guldan... He is a self righteous coward!
121 2 . Reply
Isaac Clarke . 2018-05-03
you are not worthy of your fathers legacy
and thrall cheates in Makgora while Durotan did not
121 2 . Reply
LadyGaga And Taylor Swift are Queens . 2018-04-29
Who cares
121 2 . Reply
Murky . 2018-04-20
Fuck you Thrall
121 2 . Reply
Nathan Wise . 2018-04-19
He did nothing wrong and Green Jesus cheated.
121 2 . Reply
Sean Martin . 2018-04-13
After Thrall acted dishonorably, what happened to him? I don’t play WoW but I enjoy the story
121 2 . Reply
Doctor Emmett L. Brown . 2018-04-13
Even elements agree that Thrall is a cheater.
121 2 . Reply
Wade . 2018-04-13
Glad they nerfed that rock grasp+lightning combo from shamans
121 2 . Reply
ethan hunstiger . 2018-04-09
Thrall had to chose between his own honor and the future of his people. When the time came to chose, he did not hesitate.
121 2 . Reply
pimpofdoom . 2018-04-07
Thrall is the one who took Garrosh from Outland nagrand. Thrall is the one who made Garrosh idolize his father. Thrall did make Garrosh what he is.

Garrosh warned thrall many times against making him warchief. But he did anyway.

Garrosh does what an orc warrior does. He attacks his enemy. This includes theramore whom they were warring with for weeks, if not months.

When he's caught, he's lambasted and put to trial, yet freed by the celestial spirits. Spirits of wisdom mind you.

Then wrathion takes him to an alternate draenor to amass forces to fight the legion. A fairly noble task.

But no. Thrall, against the judgement of the celestial spirits, drags the entire God damn horde and alliance to draenor just to enact a personal vengeance on Garrosh.

Garrosh did exactly what everybody expected him too and told them he would do it beforehand. Especially towards thrall.

Therefore, I blame thrall for all of this.
121 2 . Reply
Vagorian Valencius . 2018-04-07
Thrall is a cheating bastard! Garrosh was best warchief!
121 2 . Reply
Pernell Adams . 2018-04-07
Garrosh did nothing wrong
121 2 . Reply
BroFoxGaming . 2018-04-03
0:11 blizzard plottng garrosh death
121 2 . Reply
Warboss West . 2018-04-02
This would have been better if it was Sarfang that fought and killed Garrosh.
1. Instead of cheating with magic he could win with his blood rage
2. He was his old mentor so the "you failed me" and "you made me what I am" still work
3. Unlike Thrall he didn't loose to him in MoP so his win holds more weight
4. They could have Garrosh say "he prevented the Horde from going down the dark path" and Sarfang say "no he led them down it all the same"
121 2 . Reply
Will Panuska . 2018-03-30
thrall fucking CHEATED
121 2 . Reply
Riddle Ziddle . 2018-03-29
U made me warchief!!!
121 2 . Reply
-Rage'- bLacKouT . 2018-03-28
Thrall reported... noob cheater
121 2 . Reply
Reason . 2018-03-26
I thought magic was forbidden?
121 2 . Reply
Nikita Kazakov . 2018-03-23
Realistic warrior vs any magic class battle
121 2 . Reply
Undi . 2018-03-22
Magic is for pussies,Thrall
121 2 . Reply
TheHeartlessFour . 2018-03-21
Yeah. Thrall cheated. But Garrosh had it coming. No one who essentially revives and old god, and dabbled in their powers deserves to live.
121 2 . Reply
LMNOP QRS . 2018-03-17
What was he suppose to do?

He is a shaman, He is a Warrior.

Dont expect a shaman to run around and use a freaking hammer!!
121 2 . Reply
Pedro Santos . 2018-03-15
Of course the giant green pickle had to cheat and use his bitch ass powers.
121 2 . Reply
thrall is pussy
121 2 . Reply