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PGA Golf Pro Rick Shiels tests the latest NEW PING G400 IRONS using foresight GCQuad and Tilteist ProV1 golf balls!

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Rick Shiels Golf . 2017-07-10
Hey! 👋 Thanks for watching The Ping G400 Iron Review! If you enjoyed the video hit that LIKE button! Also check out the other G400 reviews here
121 2 . Reply
Keith Lyons . 2019-01-19
rick they look & sound great low to mid hcp players iron. i think your right gmax or g are maybe for me as im a 27 hcp newbie i am thinking of a new set for this year as ive start golf with a very full set of Dunlop MAX Driver 3/5 Woods & 3-9-P-SW & a Tracy II Putter. thanks for all your volgs very very good & helpful
121 2 . Reply
Reavx . 2018-12-04
You come in at a wierd AOD which is causing u to top spin it waaay too much, i suggest u do another video with g400, this is not your best review =)
121 2 . Reply
Frank Jacono . 2018-11-22
What is the difference between the different colors of the Ping Irons? Black, Yellow, etc?
121 2 . Reply
Kourtney . 2018-11-22
I hate how ignorant you are. These aren’t spinning less than any other type of club with the same loft. They are launching higher and spinning the same as a blade of same loft.
121 2 . Reply
Daniel Abbruscato . 2018-11-15
did you like the G400 better then the G700? Feel, distance, workability, and forgivness?
121 2 . Reply
Sam Widdis . 2018-09-28
Mate I hit these with 6300 rpm spin, the pro v1’s clearly don’t suit them clubs
121 2 . Reply
Glasterz . 2018-09-26
to be honest, these wedges look like they had to fill a giant cavity behind the face, so they just grabbed a speaker and stuck it behind the sweet spot...
Seriously, that looks like a speaker jammed into the cavity
121 2 . Reply
tim childers . 2018-08-09
Take them to the course show us the spin???
121 2 . Reply
matty burrows . 2018-07-15
this is daft..these should be banned..look how big and fat they are in real life..its comical..ppl using these need to be laughed at so in a few tears we dont see this crazyness.them new g400 are huge too..they have a thinner face because they have strengthened the metal with foam?? what now??metal face is now strong because of foam..bitch please..proper piece of metal please..thanks mizuno titleist..forged metal...proofs in the pudding.. quieter so softer..butter soft..go and smack one and see..its like hitting a plastic practice ball..
121 2 . Reply
Travis Goodspeed . 2018-06-05
Plenty of height but no spin? The 7-iron has a similar loft as some stronger 6-irons, and you averaged 5,234rpms with 31y peak height. That is plenty of spin+height to stop a ball on the green. STOP PROPELLING THE MYTH RICK!
121 2 . Reply
Dan Rasmussen . 2018-06-03
I just bought these I got 6600 on back spin for 7 iron
121 2 . Reply
Bass Beamer . 2018-05-26
I own the Ping 400 regular. Great height. My shots are not running off the green. Used Mizuno’s for over 20 years and have no regrets. I am a senior golfer carrying a 10 handicap.
121 2 . Reply
Neil Creelman . 2018-05-12
Just bought the ping G400 irons and straight away I could feel the difference from my old iron. I would use 6/7 iron on my local course par 3s but with my ping G400 I'm getting on the green with my 8 iron easy.
121 2 . Reply
Simon Crockford . 2018-05-11
I just tried these at a demo day and I love them.
$1180.00 for pw to 4 iron (Australian dollars) is the onl y reason I didn’t buy them on the spot but
I’ll probably get them.
121 2 . Reply
Arn G . 2018-05-10
I bought them and they are great. They feel and perform like a champ. I don't have an issue stopping on the green since they fly so high. I was worried about it before buying them but it turned out not to be an issue.
121 2 . Reply
P 3 . 2018-04-30
Just used my G400 irons for the first time today. Used to have G15's. WOW....I have a serious man-crush on these stix. These things are just terrific and the feel is so nice. Had a 190 carry all the way over water, dead into a gusting 20mph wind today. My 5 iron busted that ball onto the green (OK...the front, when the pin was back), and stuck it. Had a long putt but the shot made even my smart aleck son gasp. These things are dead on.....target seeking weapons. Man I love them so far.
121 2 . Reply
John Eagan . 2018-04-26
I played G15 the last six years and moved up to the G400 this year. Played six rounds so far with the G400. I've gone up 15 yards a club but surprisinly have had much better results when I miss hit a shot with the G400. I thought about going with a blade this time but decided to stay with GI clubs. I'm shooting on average 10 strokes less than last fall. Couldn't be happier with the clubs or my decision to stay with amateur clubs.
121 2 . Reply
Billy Graham . 2018-04-15
So you got to play like Lee Trevino to use these irons effectively? (Play a roll?)
121 2 . Reply
Darrell Williams . 2018-04-09
On my "buy soon" list
121 2 . Reply
TLRChad . 2018-03-05
Really enjoy your reviews.
121 2 . Reply
Ecclesiastes 3:18 . 2018-02-22
I'm concerned about the iron breaking at the "Neck" where that groove is located. Has this ever been an issue with the Ping "Hosel groove?"
121 2 . Reply
Ecclesiastes 3:18 . 2018-02-22
Please stop with the over emphasis on spin. At approx. 7:17 Rick hit a "5" iron (ACTUALLY A 4 IRON LOFT) and look at the spin number. It's 4185 rpm - a perfect number for a 4 iron loft.
121 2 . Reply
Ecclesiastes 3:18 . 2018-02-22
Comparing loft for loft, spin numbers are comparable to that of a players iron. Factor in peak height and descent angle. There really is no issue with spin.
121 2 . Reply
Rinaldi Andrian . 2018-02-06
Finally i pick the G 400 rick, coz like you say “easy” “easy” “easy” to hit . Thx u
121 2 . Reply
Tab Powell . 2018-01-17
OK, so 718AP1 or Ping G400?
121 2 . Reply
Freddy Bigtoe . 2018-01-11
Unless Ping's founder was old enough to be making irons out of old musket barrels, the current president is not the "great, great" grandson of the founder. I believe the current president is the grandson of Karsten.
121 2 . Reply
Daniel Kreiss . 2018-01-06
Ordered my g400 after getting fit for them. Really solid club!! My first real club that's fitted and not store bought
121 2 . Reply
Linda Tanner . 2018-01-05
they look ugly
121 2 . Reply
Don mackenzie . 2017-12-09
Please compare the Ping G400 and the Titleist AP1.
Thank you
121 2 . Reply
jay willingham . 2017-11-29
if i had your swing it wouldnt matter what club i had but i love PING'S
121 2 . Reply
Kourtney . 2017-10-25
The spin is relative to the loft so the spin rate is normal.
121 2 . Reply
Lee Laird . 2017-09-26
Rick, I understand your take on the spin numbers, but might it be better to compare a like-yardage club (one that hit a similar yardage) rather than just the old 7-iron vs new 7-iron? Just seems I toggled might be a more apples to apples comparison, as opposed to looking at the lack of spin for a given iron? Just a thought. Cheers! Lee
121 2 . Reply
Larry Hill . 2017-09-17
Any comments on the TT P95 shafts in the g400 from Ping
121 2 . Reply
Andres Cordovez . 2017-09-15
How do they compare to the AP3?
121 2 . Reply
William Russell . 2017-09-13
Another common myth regarding forging and casting is that forged clubs feel “softer.”

It’s very difficult to quantify feel, and thus very hard to dispute that statement. However, it has been proven, time and again, that feel comes almost exclusively from the geometry of the club and not the material. So the perception that a forged club feels softer is often primarily a function of club’s shape.
121 2 . Reply
s o . 2017-09-13
G or G400, ?  We're waiting.
121 2 . Reply
Johnny Apple Seed . 2017-09-11
7 iron with 6 iron loft and spin.....if you're well aware of that, then play it that way...duh!
121 2 . Reply
John Dicken . 2017-09-10
Rick any chance of doing a Ping GLE vs Taylormade Kalea review my daughter is making the step up from junior to ladies clubs and there isn't much out there comparing ladies clubs (irons hybrids and woods) you may need help from lady golfer to make a fair comparison
121 2 . Reply
Simon Hobden . 2017-08-27
can anyone tell me if is there much difference between these and the Ping G irons as i love the look of the G but i find this looks really cheap and plasticky!? Id rather have the G's in my bag but if these are much better then i would reluctantly go for these...
121 2 . Reply
Gary Wells . 2017-08-25
Rick, would love to see you and Rob do a mid handicapper of the G400 and the new TM P-790.
121 2 . Reply
David Lepre . 2017-08-15
I'm wondering at what point club manufacturers will come clean and start calling their de-lofted clubs by the more accurate traditional number. The 7 Iron in this video at 30 degrees is clearly a 6 iron and so on. I realize they are playing on the ego to sell clubs... hey I can hit my 7 iron as far as you hit your 6 iron... and that sells clubs. But, it is starting to feel a little too manipulative. No doubt these G 400 clubs are very good. I just wish the game being played was gold, not head games.
121 2 . Reply
Jarrett Christensen . 2017-08-11
You should have Rob test these.
121 2 . Reply
Jesse Jeffries . 2017-08-06
I love the way these irons look. Maybe one day I'll have em. Great video rick as always.
121 2 . Reply
Shaun Taylor . 2017-08-01
Hi Rick looking at changing my iorns can you get Rob to try the iorns to see if he can hold the greens , with fitting could they not be set up to give more spin thanks Shaun .🏌
121 2 . Reply
nielshunniche1 . 2017-07-26
Could be great, if you could display both yards and meters :-)
121 2 . Reply
justin theriau . 2017-07-24
when you hear rick say "bullet" and in your head you pause and say "absolute bullet " before him
121 2 . Reply
Erich Fouke . 2017-07-19
But 5000 spin is perfect for a 5 iron esp. since that 7 irons has the loft of my 5 iron.
121 2 . Reply
Sean . 2017-07-18
Why is it that clubs do not have to be a certain loft to be called a certain iron? I mean there are many rules and laws regarding clubs right this just seems silly. I mean it does not really matter as long as you now how far you hit your own clubs but still.
121 2 . Reply
Joe Spina . 2017-07-17
What is the notch for? Why is it there.
121 2 . Reply