Theory Suggests That Joaquin Phoenix Is Not The Real Joker

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Move over, Jared Leto — it's time for Joaquin Phoenix to take a turn as DC's Clown Prince of Crime. As we've known for months now, the Walk the Line actor will be playing an alternate version of the character for director Todd Phillips in an upcoming standalone origin movie, simply titled Joker...

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    Popular Comments:

Looper . 2018-12-03
There's something to this rumor. How do you think the Joker will be revealed in relation to the known timeline with Batman? Is this really an "old" Joker?
121 2 . Reply
julio sosa . 2019-02-18
Why are people so obsessed of claiming to know everything about a movie when they haven’t even seen it! Watch the film, enjoy it and then comment about it!!
121 2 . Reply
Darren Allgood . 2019-01-20
"no direct comic book analogue"? The Killing Joke should've been mentioned at this point...
121 2 . Reply
THOR God of Thunder . 2019-01-19
Because Heath Ledger is the real JOKER.
121 2 . Reply
Steve Mcqueen . 2019-01-09
This is one of the many Jokers. The first one.
The Joker cult is like the Anonymous movement. Many people that speaks as one, all using the Guy Fawkes mask to make the point that the face (person) is not important. Only the message.
The Joker is the same.
121 2 . Reply
Gary Smith . 2019-01-07
It wouldn't bother me.
Let's see how it plays out.
121 2 . Reply
Doodle Noodle . 2018-12-31

Don't you voice in Smashbits?
121 2 . Reply
Brendan Geary . 2018-12-31
Repeat after me everyone. It. Is. A. Stand. A. Lone. Movie.
121 2 . Reply
Derek Dick . 2018-12-30
I still can't wait to see it . Phoenix will do good hope it don't push him over the edge though
121 2 . Reply
Ryan Rust . 2018-12-29
121 2 . Reply
Alexandru Timofte . 2018-12-28
isn't joker , older then Batman actually ? like in his debut in the comics he looked older , like he was middle aged .
121 2 . Reply
Adolf Hitler rules . 2018-12-27
I don't like theory's
121 2 . Reply
Matthew Conway . 2018-12-25
121 2 . Reply
the mad clown . 2018-12-25
Dude Jerome and jermiah version of the joker is amazing. Ow and I don't care if people say their not the joker cause if you watch Gotham you'll know Jerome had several references as the joker in the comics and in the darknight returns
121 2 . Reply
guitarman0365 . 2018-12-25
well of course this is not the real joker it is an elseworlds tale. The real joker can only exist through Batman. No Batman here no real joker origin thus not real joker in normal continuity but he can be a joker none the less in an elseworlds origin. Not news at all.
121 2 . Reply
Always Saying Basically . 2018-12-25
The Joker is no one but everyone.

He’s basically everyone. Anyone can be The Joker.

One bad day can set things in motion.
121 2 . Reply
Forsaken Hunter . 2018-12-24
Do any of you understand the joker is not one person, he's a mindset that get instilled in people. That's why there have been 4 different ones therefore, it is possible that he could look different, act different or plan differently based upon which joker it is.
121 2 . Reply
Billy Budiharjo . 2018-12-24
here we go again....
121 2 . Reply
The Blox Fam . 2018-12-22
What if at some point the joker say's to a kid "Why so serious Son?" 😱😱😱
121 2 . Reply
Nexis siempreaqui . 2018-12-22
121 2 . Reply
Zaya .45 . 2018-12-22
so Joaquin Phoenix kills his parents in the alley?
121 2 . Reply
Don’t forget about the classics . 2018-12-19
This joker is gonna kill Thomas and Martha Wayne
121 2 . Reply
Germanic 8 Ball . 2018-12-18
Joker is an alias
121 2 . Reply
Sasha Lada . 2018-12-18
Partied with Phoenix in Hollywood and been to his house. That man is wild AF, and pretty dark in reality. He won’t be acting, he’ll be himself
121 2 . Reply
Brax Bonner . 2018-12-18
We are Joker
121 2 . Reply
Er C . 2018-12-18
However the shit they run it or spin it, Ledger will always reign as the leader of ALL Jokers. The end. Will still watch, but just saying baby boi. ..
121 2 . Reply
John94709 . 2018-12-17
We need a few more dozen Jokers before moving on to some other re-hashed crap out of Hollywood. The whole town is either brain dead or too scared to think for themselves.
121 2 . Reply
Samuel Blomqvist . 2018-12-14
Got a 'The killing joke' vibe since i saw the first teasers
121 2 . Reply
Uvuwuewuewue onyetue Osas . 2018-12-13
i hate these kind of thing, let joker be the joker and batman be the batman, why always have to have some theories proto this proto that... its BS!
121 2 . Reply
Lil Squirt . 2018-12-12
I mean you literally explained it our self this is just a man whos gonna inspire heavily the joker thatll come after him which means that that inspired man would be the joker we all know and love which honestly makes complete sense cause it the comics its revealed that there has been 3 seperate men that have been the joker all in one universe it can easily work out
121 2 . Reply
ivanm10 . 2018-12-11
Just put Mark Hammil's Joker in a Live Version Movie.. and PROBLEM SOLVED!!!!
121 2 . Reply
Nero TV . 2018-12-11
HE IS NOT THE JOKER, just look at him. movie runied
121 2 . Reply
Knight-Mares . 2018-12-11
Real Joker? There's no such thing.
121 2 . Reply
ELLEDITS . 2018-12-11
If he inspires a crime wave there's a chance that it could lead to Thomas and Martha Wayne's death, by his hand or someone else's. That's fairly consistent with the Joker ideology of "it only takes it one bad day" for somebody's life to turn completely upside down. Not just his but Bruce's as well.
121 2 . Reply
King ofLemon . 2018-12-11
or is it the killing joke with instead of batman its his father night wing and the rivalry becomes a family tradition
121 2 . Reply
Lazlo Gogolak . 2018-12-11
I'm honestly sick of this "Not the real Joker" bullshit. We already danced around this with Gotham. People are too afraid that they will offend hundreds of autists that will pick apart the fact that he isn't how they want him to be. Grow some balls and go all out with it.
121 2 . Reply
Voyeur Coma . 2018-12-11
That would be a great twist but I doubt it is actually the case
121 2 . Reply
Connor Van Winter . 2018-12-11
I mean its pretty easy to infer that its definitely not going to be any of the Jokers that we have seen adapted to film because the age gap would be too severe. I think this is going to avoid connecting any prior or past films and just make a thrilling, creepy, heartbreaking movie about a failed comic who loses his mind and goes to the extremes. Having Bruce's dad be one of the main characters (allegedly) would be a super unique way of making it. I cannot wait personally
121 2 . Reply
Connor Van Winter . 2018-12-11
I mean its pretty easy to infer that its definitely not going to be any of the Jokers that we have seen adapted to film because the age gap would be too severe. I think this is going to avoid connecting any prior or past films and just make a thrilling, creepy, heartbreaking movie about a failed comic who loses his mind and goes to the extremes. Having Bruce's dad be one of the main characters (allegedly) would be a super unique way of making it. I cannot wait personally
121 2 . Reply
kick . 2018-12-11
Keep your cancer fan theories to yourself, no one cares what you think
121 2 . Reply
Ron Moses . 2018-12-10
What if there is no Batman in this world ... what if it has nothing to do with comics at all. Just a crazy comedian. Wouldn’t that be hilarious.
121 2 . Reply
TaylorMade 3 . 2018-12-10
Man WarnerBros really has no idea what to do with Comic based films. Why they didn't get Jared Leto to play the Joker I have no idea. He was the best besides Heath Ledger. Then you can't fundamentally change a character as iconic as the Joker. Wow smh.
121 2 . Reply
Mike Ravenkey . 2018-12-10
There is a Batman storyline where The Joker is a senior citizen and still at large doing what Joker does best but that's Batman Beyond, IIRC.
121 2 . Reply
DedLighter TV . 2018-12-10
OCTOBER 4TH?!?!?!?!
121 2 . Reply
T E . 2018-12-10
Whoever came up with this also believes in the tooth fairy
121 2 . Reply
OpCharlieBravo . 2018-12-10
It's called Jokah?
121 2 . Reply
Amarvir Johal . 2018-12-09
Lol just splash his ass in the Lazarus pit
121 2 . Reply
Beau S . 2018-12-09
"Would you like to know how I got these scars?"

I think we might have an answer. :-0
121 2 . Reply
Euan Krasniqi . 2018-12-09
Let's all hope Joaquin's Joker to be sth like Heath Ledgers.
121 2 . Reply
John Inglis . 2018-12-09
so basically Gotham
121 2 . Reply