Brad Bird winning for "Ratatouille"

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Brad Bird accepting the Oscar® for Best Animated Feature for "Ratatouille" at the 80th Annual Academy Awards®.

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    Popular Comments:

Lorenzo Manca di Nissa . 2018-12-22
Brad.You are a genius.
121 2 . Reply
Henry Stanley . 2018-12-15
Where are you now Austin?
121 2 . Reply
scootscootriot1020 . 2018-11-05
They didn’t show where Remy and his friend were holding their Oscars.
121 2 . Reply
F Santo . 2018-08-15
I love all pixar movies, but I'm crazy about Ratatouille I even went to like rats more
121 2 . Reply
Sleeping dogs Fan 2012 Crimewatch Fan 2016 . 2018-07-07
So where can I find 2008 Oscar Best animated short Film cause I don't know where to find it low down in the comments
121 2 . Reply
kev p . 2018-07-03
121 2 . Reply
Emiliano Ruiz Aspe . 2018-06-24
Bee Movie
Surf's Up
The Simpsons Movie
Meet The Robinsons
121 2 . Reply
Guilshad Joseph . 2018-06-13
Brad bird is an filmmaking genius
121 2 . Reply
JORGE RUIZ V. . 2018-06-09
Bee Movie - DreamWorks
The Simpsons Movie - Fox
Surf's Up - Sony Pictures Animation
Ratatouille - Walt Disney And Pixar Animation Studios
121 2 . Reply
supermariofan03 . 2018-05-02
Would have filled the last two spots with The Simpsons and Meet The Robinsons
121 2 . Reply
Luke Passos . 2018-04-03
And people still underestimate him for Incredibles 2
121 2 . Reply
BoyThunder Productions . 2018-02-16
Surf's Up? SURF'S UP??? Why not Simpsons?
121 2 . Reply
Calipurnio, el Rey del Odio . 2018-01-29
So much "I like Ratatouille" commentaries, but just 9 talking about Persepolis.
Because that's the Academy Awards problem: Animation is for kids, and kids like Disney.
No. I like animation, I'm 19 years old. And Persepolis is a great story: The story of a little girl of Iran watching how her world, since 1979, change. She lose respect for be a girl, she can see how lose freedom for enjoy things like music, and how she must go to France for escape of that cold and hateful world.
And is sadder know that the story was real because that's the biography of the author.
But what did the Academy say? "Nah, too sad. We must let the Oscar to the film about a rat and a chef".
121 2 . Reply
Mode iplier . 2017-12-27
0:07 looovee biiirds
121 2 . Reply
Alonso Donayre Adrian . 2017-08-12
ratatouille was a great movie, but persepolis is amazing
121 2 . Reply
angel omar soto . 2017-07-16
Anyone can cook. Not everyone can become a great artist, but a great artist can come from anywhere.

I love this movie
121 2 . Reply
Carlos Cucalon . 2017-06-05
Ratatouille is pretty good, but dude, bee movie was a freaking masterpiece. It was totally snubbed and everyone will say "duh, a golden globe nom is enough" NO. it should've won best animated feature
121 2 . Reply
Fernando Ortiz Fabian . 2017-05-31
Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway Protagonists Of Get Smart
121 2 . Reply
Verónica . 2017-04-18
Persepolis, you was the real masterpiece.
121 2 . Reply
Cheese Pizza is Pure Delight Formerly CEC Manassas . 2017-04-17
Ratatouille Was great but I wanted Surfs Up to win
121 2 . Reply
Daniel Furtado . 2017-03-28
Persepolis should have won.
121 2 . Reply
Josue Ascencio . 2017-03-14
brad bird is a genius
121 2 . Reply
boru25 . 2017-03-02
So I did see another Oscar before this years. I was very happy for Brad Bird but I was over the moon when Zootopia won the Oscar for best animated feature as that film changed my life and restored my love for cartoons. Ratatoullie almost did it but Byron Howard and Rich Moore finally hammered it in that cartoons can be enjoyed by anyone no matter what age you are as long as there's a moving story that will make you believe in it it can be enjoyed by anyone. It's funny that 2 former Simpsons writers went on to be huge huge success's in Hollywood. The Simpsons made me feel good about watching cartoons and Zootopia completely convinced me how wonderful animation is.
121 2 . Reply
Mary Jameson González . 2017-02-27
121 2 . Reply
stevie newendyke . 2017-02-27
persepolis should have won! nothing against this and surf's up, but those were kids movies! nothing against kids movies, but its rare the academy recognizes a animated adult film. and it's based of the author's life involving the iranian revolution! (persepolis was originally a comic book)
121 2 . Reply
Kyle Campbell . 2016-11-12
I think Brad Bird is perfect for Star Trek
121 2 . Reply
Aldridge Family 1992 . 2016-09-01
I'm so glad Ratatouille won but I wish Meet The Robinsons and The Simpsons Movie were nominated.
121 2 . Reply
angel omar soto . 2016-08-27
1 Ratatouille
2 Persepolis
3 Surfs up

Others two:

Meet the robinson

I love this movie.
121 2 . Reply
Manuel Orozco . 2016-02-07
Ratatouille is one of my Pixar favorites! Brad Bird has created two modern animated masterpieces from the past decade that are Ratatouille and The Incredibles. Inside Out to me was the most original film from the studio since then and will in a few weeks be the next Oscar winner! Good luck Mr. Bird on Incredibles 2
121 2 . Reply
J.A.M James . 2015-10-14
i hate it when they dont also include the nominees :/
121 2 . Reply
Star-LordDavid-101 . 2015-05-29
Brad Bird is a great director!
But when is The Incredibles 2 gonna come out?!
121 2 . Reply
Gus Ramos . 2014-07-07
In my opinion Ratatouille deserved a Best Picture nomination.
121 2 . Reply
Link 21 . 2014-06-06
This guy is a genius.
121 2 . Reply
Diego Manuel Pisfil Ramirez . 2014-05-14
Best Movie Ever
121 2 . Reply
aboud alqallaf . 2008-03-17
i'm so glad he won. ratatouille was perfect.
121 2 . Reply
Anders Larsen . 2008-03-16
Thats is so cool!
121 2 . Reply
Nelson Lin . 2008-03-13
i wanna make movies!
121 2 . Reply
kookynikki . 2008-03-07
I liked Persepolis too but something about this movie just got me. Pixar got me to love and root for a rat chef... I mean hey it was deserved lol
121 2 . Reply
sakredfire . 2008-03-07
great movie, but what about persepolis?!
121 2 . Reply
Edoardo Rodriguez Salazar . 2008-03-07
I rather like Persepolis, my favorite movie of 2007
121 2 . Reply
larma7 . 2008-03-05
Ratatouille was a great film!
121 2 . Reply
Inediblehulk . 2008-03-03
completely obvious. Though this is probably my least favourite BB movie. I hear he is working on a live actio nfilm now.
121 2 . Reply
Aprann . 2008-03-02
My niece was so happy that she had a movie that won an award LOL! It was a great animated film and he deserved it.
121 2 . Reply
hellohalotime . 2008-02-29
what happens movies doesn't exist then i have to invent it lol that was funny
121 2 . Reply
Benoit Terminet Schuppon . 2008-02-29
: ) The iron giant The incredibles Ratatouille all great movies brad bird is great
121 2 . Reply
George Parks . 2008-02-29
God Loved This Animated Film it was really good Pixar's Best though The Simpsons Movie was good too.
121 2 . Reply