The PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Games: Team USA marching

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PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Games: Team USA marching at the opening ceremony

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eyeoftheshydragon shine . 2019-03-04
i know this is weird but if u stop the video it looks like kim Jong Un Sister looks like she giving a smirk behind of the VP and first lady
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Chris Amon . 2018-09-19
Mike Pence has gone too far. He is stupid arrogant, greedy, ruthless racist for bigotry of becoming Vice President as an accomplice of public enemy one Donald Trump as a racist. He is not to be a competitor. He should step down and resign the Vice Presidency for obstruction of justice, bigotry of being a racist and bribery and tax evasion. Mike Pence is getting a divorce from Karen Pence. He is never going to be elected the next Vice President of the United States under Donald Trump no matter what. Trump and Pence are both disrespectful, disorganized, undisciplined clown. Trump and Pence lose in 2016 Presidential election. Mike Pence is a liar, a loser and a pain in the pain in the neck.
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태정수 . 2018-07-23
미국은 싸이 노래 나와도 반응이 없다.
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1998 Nagano Olympic Opening Ceremony
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