I Payed $100 for Five Home Theater Leather Seats! ($2500 New)

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Every home theater needs comfortable seats. For my theater that I am building in my new house, I wanted to make sure that I had comfortable seats. I really wanted seats like the luxury recliners at Cinemark. After look on craigslist for about a week, I inquired on a set of five real leather home theater seats. Originally they were only asking $225, but when I texted the seller she imediately said "if you pick them up before this weekend, you can have them for $100." Needless to say, I got them right away. The pictures that were posted on craigslist were not very good, but she said that the home theater recliners were real leather, so I thought it would be worth it. They were kind of dirty, but cleaned up amazingly. I used Ultimate Leather Balm to clean them and they look like new. There are two recliners that don't recline, but I was able to find the parts fix it. It turns out they are a model of Berkline Leather Home Theater Recliners from 2010. Today a similar model sells for $2,500! I really got the deal of the century on these powered home theater chairs. Talk about doing a home theater on a budget.

Kennis Russell

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    Popular Comments:

FURognar . 2019-05-17
Yuck. Leather is hot, sticky and noisy.

But hell of a deal on that price! High-5!

Hopefully I can find such a deal on some microfiber seats.
121 2 . Reply
Holypotato2 . 2018-12-21
Exact seats my seats have...but no cents they are brand new
121 2 . Reply
tinostarks . 2018-11-03
Houston, biggest city in the world? According to what metric?
121 2 . Reply
FlightSimMovie . 2018-09-27
When you can bought it on full price and found this video.... am looking at you that 5 people...lol
121 2 . Reply
Tuong Nguyen . 2018-06-12
I've been trying to look for deals on home theatre seats for a while now. What a lucky find! Congrats on the find! On another note, it all comes down to personal preference, but leather isn't really supposed to be shiny when it's clean. A matte finish on leather is usually the way to go. Shiny leather typically means there are​ oils on the seats. I'd recommend using a dedicated leather cleaner and conditioner like Lexol for leather maintenance. Just an fyi. Looking forward to your HT setup!
121 2 . Reply
larry st.pierre . 2018-06-01
3 people couldn't find great deals
121 2 . Reply
chris c . 2018-02-15
dude, nice score and good job cleaning 'em up, but that wasn't "milk & yogurt" that lady's son crusted onto those seats, lol. might wanna clean 'em again...
121 2 . Reply
Stephen Holt . 2018-02-15
Nice! I need to look at craigslist more, Thanks Kennis
121 2 . Reply
What tool gave this a thumbs down? Some people man! Geez! :( I swear Kennis even with the price of guitars & stuff mate you guys in the US have it sooooo good price wise. We pay almost double here in the UK. Im jealous. Lol. Just fooling man. Enjoy.
121 2 . Reply
ThatWolffe . 2018-02-14
Loving the videos! keep em up :D i hope to get my own home theater someday
121 2 . Reply
Another bargain! You provide the DVDs & cinema & I'll bring a few kegs of beer & bottles of shorts. Lol. Nice one. I would love a home cinema set up. We have a cinema here in my home city of Liverpool UK that has sofas instead of normal cinema seats but I always used to fall asleep as you can buy booze in there too. I used to fall asleep on the sofa & the girl that worked there at the time would ring me the next day all the time & say "you have left your cell phone on the sofa again!" I do love the movies though. I reckon it will be boss when its done man. Good job bud. Cheers KR.
121 2 . Reply