Dissolving O2 in (Waste)Water - ECO2 SuperOxygenation System for Odor Control & Lake Aeration

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The system operates by pumping a side stream of raw, unscreened wastewater through a conical shaped oxygen transfer reactor. The small sidestream pump pulls a portion of the main flow and overcomes the head loss through the cone to reintroduce the SuperOxygenated wastewater into the main line or body of water. Gaseous pure oxygen is metered into the cone which has an exceptionally large gas/water interface generated by the bubble swarm to achieve rapid SuperOxygenation. The ECO2 SuperOxygenation system completely dissolves the gaseous oxygen into the wastewater before it is blended back into the receiving body. There is no internal baffle matrix or static mixer that could collect rags or stringy material.

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Dissolving O2 (Waste)Water ECO2 SuperOxygenation Odor Control Lake Aeration

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Denis Tourchenyak . 2017-09-09
Could you please write the name of the Website
121 2 . Reply
TheHocmaster . 2017-03-08
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Sugarsail1 . 2016-12-11
omg...a good idea on the internet that isn't based on pseudo science...say it isn't so?
121 2 . Reply
Terry Rhuebottom . 2013-10-11
Has something like this ever been used in a Aquaponics environment. Typically the more oxygen in the system the better. I am very curious about this.
121 2 . Reply
Mick Tree . 2013-04-12
Hi, do you sell a small ‘see-through’ cone as shown on Youtube?
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