The Untold Truth Of Gaming's Biggest Cheater

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Forget about Bowser: right now, the biggest villain in video games is Billy Mitchell. For over 30 years, he was one of the most prominent gamers in the world, holding high score records on classic arcade titles like Donkey Kong, Burger Time, and Ms. Pac-Man. On April 12, 2018, however, all that came crashing to an end. Twin Galaxies, the organization that crowned Mitchell as the king of arcade games back in the '80s, determined that three of his world-record scores have been falsified. That might seem like a simple outcome, but the real story behind Mitchell's rise and fall is a maze with more turns than Pac-Man. From bitter rivalries to a lawsuit against a cartoon, here's the story behind Billy Mitchell...

The original king | 0:56
The King of Kong | 2:08
Mr. Awesome | 3:09
Garrett Bobby Ferguson | 4:01
Trading records | 5:14
The investigation | 6:05
Arcade vs. Emulator | 7:14
Struck from the record | 8:25
Wiebe victory | 9:26

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    Popular Comments:

SVG . 2018-07-10
Correction: We incorrectly state that Billy Mitchell's Centipede score was 15 million. It was actually 25 million.
121 2 . Reply
SHAUNDIGITY . 2019-04-26
Ha ha It’s okay because “Billy Michelle” always has a plan!
121 2 . Reply
Rusty The Raver . 2019-04-25
In my way of seeing things, if it wasn't witnessed live, it didn't happen....
121 2 . Reply
Michael Maddux . 2019-04-25
Using MAME allows you to save and reload your game. That way when you get really far in the game you can save there. Then if you die, just reload your save point. Each time you get a little further, save again. MAME definitely allows you to cheat this way.
121 2 . Reply
rcpwProductions . 2019-04-25
I thought this was darksydephil for some reason
121 2 . Reply
Gee403 . 2019-04-25
I wonder if the judge had a few laughs writing that ruling
121 2 . Reply
yo mama . 2019-04-24
I met him in person once. I have no problem saying he is the biggest douche in the universe.
121 2 . Reply
GRat9717 . 2019-04-24
Pause at 2:50
121 2 . Reply
Bill Backstein . 2019-04-24
121 2 . Reply
DrTheKay . 2019-04-24
You just watched someone elses video and copied them, you c*nt
121 2 . Reply
J G . 2019-04-24
the way this guy talks...douche he is...
121 2 . Reply
DavoInMelbourne . 2019-04-23
From the movie 'King of Kong,' I really despised Billy's hareem of sycophantic chronies worshipping the ground he walked on. I hope those wankers have disappeared into obscurity now.
121 2 . Reply
there544 . 2019-04-23
Lol, when someone is so good everyone thinks he is cheating. He didn’t cheat he is just better then you haha.
121 2 . Reply
Abnormally Normal . 2019-04-22
2:47-2:50 that moment when you act like a badass but you stutter
121 2 . Reply
420haxx . 2019-04-22
This guy could not look more like a douchebag if he tried.
121 2 . Reply
Marco Debart . 2019-04-22
looks like a real douchebag
121 2 . Reply
Alexander Peterson . 2019-04-22
Even the investigator said that his score was likely real, but just done on an emulated version of Donkey Kong, rather than an arcade machine. How does that make his score any less impressive?
121 2 . Reply
richard stephen . 2019-04-22
He looks like wannabe Jon wick
121 2 . Reply
Picasso VVIX . 2019-04-22
He looks like a normal sized person midget
121 2 . Reply
Mat whome . 2019-04-21
as Bill Murray says, "it just doesnt matter"
121 2 . Reply
Fred Basset . 2019-04-21
Should read "the told story", you're repeating what has already been revealed.
121 2 . Reply
Dany Paradis . 2019-04-21
I was sure you where about to get jumped and bodied in your shady ass van . The fuck off the road fucking fully stopped blocking the way . Your going to get mugged . Saying shit with the window down .
121 2 . Reply
NPC 54327 . 2019-04-21
Who cares about cheating gamers... They're just pathetic losers that are just as shitty of a person irl. Like playing call of duty with Redbox and aimbot and declaring yourself the best ever.
121 2 . Reply
JTGameZ . 2019-04-21
The thumbnail makes him look like Andy from the office
121 2 . Reply
gravilo pricip . 2019-04-21
He looks like an adult colombine gunman
121 2 . Reply
When Will Ferrell's movies write themselves...
121 2 . Reply
Eric oung . 2019-04-20
Wait so technically he may or may have not cheated, but he was disqualified bc of the lie ?

I get billy is a huge dick, but wasn't one of his records done in public ?
121 2 . Reply
orc001 . 2019-04-20
I had to watch 6 ads during this video. Much appreciated
121 2 . Reply
No Name . 2019-04-19
He looks like a Tyrion Lannister without dwarfism
121 2 . Reply
bLa ze . 2019-04-19
U ment the most told story......

How u have such an unsympatic voice wtf
121 2 . Reply
wiisalute . 2019-04-19
he reminds me of Silas Adams from Deadwood.
121 2 . Reply
Archi Teuthis . 2019-04-18
Watching King of Kong makes it pretty difficult not to completely hate Billy Mitchell,
but it also makes it clear why Steve Webe was never even in the running for "Dad of the Year"
121 2 . Reply
Hector Garza . 2019-04-18
He looks younger now than he did back then!.. 😂
121 2 . Reply
Jrexx28 . 2019-04-18
I'm gonna keep on saying this but he looks like GBF from regular show may based from him
121 2 . Reply
Al Blastbeet . 2019-04-18
"the character literally explodes, unlike plaintiff" .... Now that's gold.
121 2 . Reply
Micah Fails . 2019-04-18
Almost to 1M!!!!!!
121 2 . Reply
Dark Friday . 2019-04-18
90% fluff and bullshit. Eat a dick honey.
121 2 . Reply
L. M . 2019-04-18
Looks like Jesus and Uncles Rico’s bearded brother is a fraud. Lies, no trust in man anymore
121 2 . Reply
Tyger . 2019-04-17
Never trust a man with a hairstyle like that!
121 2 . Reply
Richard Lord . 2019-04-17
How about todd rogers (i think this was made before his cheating became public, didn't see that this was an old video)
121 2 . Reply
Someone Somewhere . 2019-04-17
Just the fact he accused the guy of actually recording himself, pixel for pixel, on an emulator tells me all I need to know about Mitchell. It would be literally impossible to copy Billy's game pixel for pixel, millisecond by millisecond.

But also the fact he said he could 100% prove he didn't cheat, and it's now been over a year and he's shown nothing says a lot, too.
121 2 . Reply
Deion Orange . 2019-04-17
Ain't that a bitch lmao we all know GBF was Mitchell 😂😂😂😂 judge was on some bs that day
121 2 . Reply
ZER0 . 2019-04-17
What's with his hair?
121 2 . Reply
Oswald Cobblepot . 2019-04-17
Who watched that Regular Show episode not knowing that GBF was him?
121 2 . Reply
I'M GOING TO SAY THE N WORD . 2019-04-17
Was he on Regular Show
121 2 . Reply
Hakim MacLuvin . 2019-04-16
No, biggest cheater and self-titled king of video games was Todd Roggers, who was stripped of ALL his (around 2000 claimed) records and banned from TG.
Mitchell was his friend, also a scumbag. Also still denying he lied.
121 2 . Reply
Circle 25 . 2019-04-15
now starring in eastenders
121 2 . Reply
Mark . 2019-04-15
0:54 and people say this guy looks like john wick, idiots.
121 2 . Reply
J o n a t h a n . 2019-04-15
he's still a good gamer ok he used mame but he still had a perfect score on pacman he still had over 800,000 on donkey kong in 1982 people are idiots he's still one of the best gamers of all time. people are idiots if you people understand gaming. he was made to look like the evil guy but did you know billy does charity probably not and one the nicest guys ever. dont judge a book by its cover.
121 2 . Reply
Fabian del Rosario Baldur . 2019-04-14
Once a cheater... always a cheater... Super VACban
121 2 . Reply