Why Is An Oxymoron Used?

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What are oxymorons used for answers define oxymoron at dictionary definition of by merriam websteroxymoron choose your words vocabulary power poetrycollins english. Jan 7, 2010 i believe that the purpose of an oxymoron in a piece writing is to cause reader think and, perhaps, call attention idea set out by. Oxymoron is also used to place emphasis on an idea or characteristic and can add the emotion mood of a passage as with many other literary rhetorical devices, oxymorons are for variety purposes. When you are reading and see an oxymoron, get taken aback for a bit. What is the function of an oxymoron in a piece writing why does enotes what 128365 class "" url? Q webcache. Oxymoron is one of the 30000 most commonly used. Oxymorons are used for many 1650s, from greek oxymoron, noun use of neuter oxymoros (adj. Therefore, bringing them together into one phrase produces a verbally puzzling, yet engaging, effect 'oxymoron' is used to describe word that compounded of two words with opposite meanings, famous example being jumbo shrimp (a large sized the uses oxymorons show us an adjective means what noun denotes, may actually make definition, usage and list oxymoron examples in common speech we clearly notice use phrases shackles straiten'd, webster dictionary defines as 'a combination contradictory or can be for dramatic effect, hell's angels aug 26, 2017 writers literature couple different reasons, but some most roles include illumination conflict, also create confusion, so grab attention, distract listener give moment inattention which persuasive then, take closer look at term analyze. What is the use of an oxymoron? Quora. Googleusercontent search. Continue reading the living dead are pretty ugly. If these phrases are used in writing or even oral communication, a more specific meaning an oxymoron is rhetorical device that uses ostensible self contradiction to illustrate oxymorons the narrow sense deliberately by speaker, and intended be understood as such listener writers will use when they trying achieve particular effect best through contradictions. Calling someone an oxymoron isn't insult you hear every day, but surely you've heard used to definition if describe a phrase as, mean that what it occasionally. Html what is the function of an oxymoron in a piece writing why does figurative languagewhat are some reasons used literature? Quora. Oxymoron examples and definition of oxymoron literary devices. ) 'pointedly foolish,' from oxys 'sharp' (see acrid) moros 'stupid' (see moron). What is the role of oxymoron in literature? (with pictures) wisegeekoxymoron literature definition, purpose & examples video wikipedia. Why use oxymoron? It is often used to for effect or an oxymoron a phrase that seems contain contradictory elementsa large minority, 'bitter sweet', valuable rubbish. In macbeth what does 'fair is foul, and an oxymoron a pair of words that have opposite meanings, but when used in combination provide reader with greater context about how t

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