Eminem x Sway - The Kamikaze Interview (Part 3)

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Eminem sat down with Sway for an exclusive interview for his tenth studio album, Kamikaze. This is Part Three.

Kamikaze is out now: http://shady.sr/Kamikaze



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    Popular Comments:

Larry Brown . 2019-04-23
Eminem matured a lot over his career
121 2 . Reply
Reicela Berzina . 2019-04-19
Yee yee mgee 23
121 2 . Reply
moonnu chamling . 2019-04-19
Celebrities can't do anything. If they support trump, they get hate even if they hate trump then also they will get hate for it. Nothing much to do. look at kanye, he supports trump and how much hate he gets from it. Anyway, Eminem is legend, great rapper and also MGK,he is talented rapper of this generation.
121 2 . Reply
Kayla Murray . 2019-04-19
I wanna know what dre deems "too far" for em to say! And I do drink to much moutain Dew 😆
121 2 . Reply
taytor tott3r . 2019-04-16
I curse like eminem.
121 2 . Reply
Jen Lucille . 2019-04-12
i cant get over Em's honesty. He's so authentic ya know?
121 2 . Reply
Vince Carter . 2019-04-10

121 2 . Reply
faggotron the II . 2019-04-08
you watch a lot of news
eminem thats your problem , there liers
121 2 . Reply
TheEvilGeenyus . 2019-04-07
Watching eminem, he's just a person who's just like me.
His hand gestures do what my hands do when I talk.
121 2 . Reply
TheEvilGeenyus . 2019-04-07
HAHAHA. Sway saying kamikaze is the pinacle of going to far.
121 2 . Reply
a4d3 . 2019-04-07
This dude is scared of em. Em is a legend but he is a human and his ego is too big. Fuck that.
121 2 . Reply
Marcin . 2019-04-03
For me football is the best too, just wondering whether he prefers messi or ronaldo?
121 2 . Reply
ChosenOne204 . 2019-04-03
8:22 one of the best parts of this interview is when he starts going off at overly sensitive people who make a big deal of kneeling at the anthem
121 2 . Reply
Christopher Perez . 2019-04-02
Spirit of the M.C.
121 2 . Reply
Carlos Cordova . 2019-03-31
Imagine biggie or pac having this conversation, wouldn't be as politely as em is saying it.
121 2 . Reply
Silence is Golden . 2019-03-31
Whoaaa!! two pioneers in hip hop respect game 🙏🙏
121 2 . Reply
Jaiden Rivera . 2019-03-30
In an art that is dominated by black people, a white person is the one holding the paintbrush
121 2 . Reply
Alex Ortiz . 2019-03-30
Eminem's always getting backlash for shit he says. Always in trouble. Even wen he was using drugs, and also sober? That's how u no he keeps it real
121 2 . Reply
María José . 2019-03-26
@8:53 That response tho lmao
121 2 . Reply
MUSIC KING . 2019-03-26
I like that Eminem respects his fans opinions
121 2 . Reply
Cristián ulises Agular rosales . 2019-03-23
Mejor odia a donal Trump y a la Justin Bieberon
121 2 . Reply
Cristián ulises Agular rosales . 2019-03-23
Eminem por. que odias
a los mexicanos
121 2 . Reply
Adybhoy Tha Legend . 2019-03-19
Wish I had a dad like him
121 2 . Reply
hpylori . 2019-03-18
Was I ever a dick to you?

121 2 . Reply
Nick Castleberry . 2019-03-18
"You don't have to bump this, but please respect it."
121 2 . Reply
Jaylin Hochstetler . 2019-03-17
I lost respect for enimen when he said about kneeling when national anthem is played.
121 2 . Reply
Henry Khiangte . 2019-03-15
Who still here after the kill shot?
121 2 . Reply
Dakota Le Francois . 2019-03-15
8:37-8:45 Real Talk!
121 2 . Reply
Hold up wait a minute... Your cap is gay. It definitely should be... Straighter... The brim
121 2 . Reply
tjorven The don . 2019-03-14
Eminem is just the best ever to make a rap song Eminem is the best ever to rap no one is gone to kill his legacy his just the best fuck mgk
121 2 . Reply
Jessica Simpson . 2019-03-13
Can someone please tell me about that Nike thing I didn't quit understand that subject. I come from overseas
121 2 . Reply
Alex Valerio . 2019-03-13
My dad loves he died hi hair blond like you and he past on 2018 but I think you should shave your beard
121 2 . Reply
Anne Marjorie Koskinen-Lambert . 2019-03-11
10:38 😂
121 2 . Reply
Gustavo Hernandez . 2019-03-11
10:30 is the closest I’ve have EVER seen Eminem laugh. RAP GOD ISNT A ROBOT! lol EM is king!
121 2 . Reply
Maddox Mulligan . 2019-03-10
He's annoying that sway ?
121 2 . Reply
Jar Jar Binks . 2019-03-10
The only reason revival got hate was bc he dissed trump
121 2 . Reply
The Dude Abides . 2019-03-10
Love Sway's reaction at 3:28. That was pretty much my reaction. What exactly does "too far" mean for Eminem? It seems like he laid it all out there on the diss tracks.
121 2 . Reply
Timmy Franke . 2019-03-08
Fuck eminem, he hates trump over that NFL loser! Can't stand for our soldiers. Fuck em
121 2 . Reply
Hayden Boisvert . 2019-03-07
6:20 because he's the real slimshady
121 2 . Reply
MoRpH . 2019-03-05
Eminem was betrayed pretty badly :(
121 2 . Reply
TheM0istOne _ . 2019-03-05
They touched on this at about 8:00 in and I thought I would share my own opinion on it (even though I’m fully aware that my opinion is worth much). They were talking about how Nike supported the guy that kneeled at the anthem in football and people started burning Nike shoes in response. My opinion on what the guy did is that it’s good that he’s protesting, but however I feel like he protesting in a way that kind of rude to our military who fight to defend our rights. If he was to protest by for example tweeting something on twitter, that’s fine but not standing during the anthem is just disrespectful. Now I do think it’s kind of ridiculous that people are burning shoes because Nike supported this guy. Now, I will say that it was kind of a dumb idea for Nike to get into politics since that’s probably the worse thing for a company to do, but honestly, I don’t care about a company’s political view. In a company, I look at the quality of their products or services, not their political stances. But that’s my opinion, feel free to reply if u agree or disagree
121 2 . Reply
Maddox Mulligan . 2019-03-05
I hope he's he's seeing some one ,as in dateing.to go home to ,we all need to spoon ,is that an English saying x
121 2 . Reply
Maddox Mulligan . 2019-03-05
Don't no why he worries ,haveing youtube etc ,it gets around now these days ,he started ,with none of that ,I feel sorry for him a little x
121 2 . Reply
ecbatana1 . 2019-03-04
I love his voice...really i could sleep with him talking...in a good way...relaxing...and he is also so interesting, hisnpoints of views about things...
121 2 . Reply
CHINASKISMO . 2019-03-04
You do have all my respect, man!
121 2 . Reply
Rupert Q . 2019-03-03
Rappers are like comedians. They're always going to punch "up". If you're at the top, you're always up. Seems like it's taken too personally in this case. I guess the question would be, can this man's brand be damaged by "lesser" rappers?
121 2 . Reply
rational _ . 2019-03-02
eminem ... u ain't on the right of history... u missing the whole point.. u brainwashed by mainstream media and social media... trump isn't hitler... just fucking chill, ww3 isn't gonna happen even tho y'all seem thirsty for it.
121 2 . Reply
Tapatio Armani . 2019-03-02
EM ur the voice of many of us keep goin saying what it needs to be said,,,we Mexicans fckin got mad love for u man!!!
121 2 . Reply
Leah Powell . 2019-02-28
Can I say I had and loves me some Nora Jones. Everyone I know knew about her. I didn’t know Em had an album.
121 2 . Reply
Ashique Desai . 2019-02-28
Eminem is so authentic in every interview of his, that is so refreshing and beautiful.
121 2 . Reply