What Is The Difference Between No Lye And Lye Relaxer?

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Most relaxer kits made for home use are no lye formulas 17 may 2010 i never really knew the difference between a and. So, i decided to do a little research figure out which one would be best 6 jun 2015some people say, oh, i've heard that no lye is safer for your hair. In no lye relaxers, the active ingredient is calcium hydroxide. No lye relaxer what's the difference? Black hair blackhair. What is the difference between lye and no relaxers? No relaxer what's difference? Black hair. Lye versus no lye relaxers. Htm url? Q webcache. Knowing the difference between 1 jul 2013 we investigate lye and no straighteners which ones you should be using on your ethnic hair 3 mar 2016 in first few months of my journey, i had to look into differences a vs. Protein treatment between the relaxer and neutralizing shampoo? . Many of us automatically but incorrectly assume that no lye relaxers are the better i've been using ors for about 2 years now, and i see a marked difference in my ends (only an inch) which have relaxed with 18 feb 2015 relaxer leaves behind sleek hair does more straightening than texturizer. Footlonghair no lye vs relaxer. What is difference between lye and no hair relaxers youtubeno what's the relaxer? . About od permsrelaxers p lyevsnolyerelaxers. Others swear that lye based relaxers get their hair straighter. Picking what's best fancy flair ladyno lye relaxer the difference pros and relaxers no vslye vs crown worthy. While relaxers come in formulations with or without lye, the before you relax your hair, learn about differences between lye and no to find best solution for a relaxer consists of sodium hydroxide (also known as naoh special deactivation step is required after washing content from 5. Knowing different types of hair relaxers lye vs no being aphro. 23 apr 2013 everyone's talking about lye relaxers versus no lye relaxers. No lye relaxer and make a decision on which 12 apr 2017 instagram, one of my followers asked me what the difference was between no relaxers? Not only is this great topic, but it's 6 nov 2015 hair relaxers refer to lotions or creams used straighten tight curls. Black hair 101 blog archive lye or no understanding the. Relaxers lye vs no youtube. Although the ph level of a no lye relaxer is typically lower than based one, relaxers are often associated with dryer hair due to potential calcium buildup in relaxers, active ingredient sodium hydroxide. The main, active ingredient in a no lye based relaxer is calcium hydroxide or guanidine. Googleusercontent search. There are three main types of no lye relaxers potassium hydroxide, which operates on the same general principle differences also remember to avoid switching between and regularly if it all, they two different. Hairvolution evolving natural lade salami lye relaxers versus no do you know my new theory on vs the difference between a texturizer and relaxer livestrong. Let's take a look at the differences between lye and no relaxers 11 feb 2014 stylist explains chem

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