We tried Amazon Key. The strangers it let in our door wasn't the worst part.

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The Post's Geoffrey A. Fowler tests Amazon Key, a new service that allows packages to be delivered right inside your door by allowing Amazon deliverers to open your door with a digital key. Read the story: http://wapo.st/2BZBnvN. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube: http://bit.ly/2qiJ4dy

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    Popular Comments:

SilentLife . 2019-02-23
"Alexa, activate flying mode"
121 2 . Reply
RustRabbit . 2019-02-22
you want someone that has only accomplished in life a "VAN DRIVER" inside you house when your not in ,.
121 2 . Reply
Bar . 2019-02-22
Washington Post reporting on amazon, i see no conflicting interests here
121 2 . Reply
Hannah H . 2019-02-21
In England, they knock on your door and if you're not in, they take it to a neighbors house and they will give it to you afterwards. :)
121 2 . Reply
Craig Disease . 2019-02-20
How about they put it in a mailbox or u just collect it
121 2 . Reply
yxng_retard . 2019-02-19
The amazon workers won’t take cookies from a stranger, you could’ve done ANYTHING to them
121 2 . Reply
zEropoint68 . 2019-02-19
i wouldn't give jeff bezos implicit access to my home because he has enough money to buy the "right" to lock me out and assume residence. in fact, i would have a hard time giving jeff bezos access to my home at all. it's not safe to be around someone who can afford to be unpredictable.
121 2 . Reply
John John . 2019-02-17
What company has what power? Ain't got no power over me or my home that's for damn sure.
121 2 . Reply
J G . 2019-02-16
Smarter thing to do is build a bigger mail box about 3ft by 2 ft or 3ft with a bigger door to put packages in and put this device on it. No reason to use your home door smh. Put the new mail box closer to your door and not towards the curb
121 2 . Reply
J G . 2019-02-16
Why would anyone do this. People are stupid as fook
121 2 . Reply
Ryan Wassle . 2019-02-16
This is a commercial
121 2 . Reply
Unicorn Dubz . 2019-02-14
You gotta love how Jeff’s own news site is against him 😂
121 2 . Reply
Darius Butler . 2019-02-13
I wonder if he lost his job
121 2 . Reply
jay tn . 2019-02-09
If they did this at my house they will be meating my pink nose pitbull lol
121 2 . Reply
Cringe Warning . 2019-02-09
Lost it at “r2d2 with constipation.”
121 2 . Reply
Johnny Stash . 2019-02-08
whats really creepy is that the Amazon Bidet has a camera in it too...
121 2 . Reply
carlo gilbert zamora . 2019-02-08
Much better deliver the package to your workplace
121 2 . Reply
Phil Heather . 2019-02-06
Sounds ok to me. He's concerned about being sucked into the whole Amazon environment. But you don't have to go 'all in' on it. Just like you don't have to go 'all in' on the Apple world. Pick and choose the best parts of each and go with that.
121 2 . Reply
SuntzuMocro . 2019-02-04
Yeah, don't buy this.
121 2 . Reply
Radagast . 2019-02-04
The worst part is that when you order $250 worth of equipment for this, it’s not installed yet so they have to leave it outside
121 2 . Reply
Max Johnson . 2019-02-04
Isn't you a writer?
121 2 . Reply
job3ztah . 2019-02-03
great way have two door enterance so one for mail the other for to get house
121 2 . Reply
Katerina Tourlitis . 2019-02-03
I'm in Greece if no one is home they leave a note , and you go pick it up at the post office .
121 2 . Reply
quevoツ . 2019-02-02
121 2 . Reply
Zreddx . 2019-02-01
Waddabout security systams?
121 2 . Reply
Benjamin Zephaniah . 2019-02-01
I still have to communicate my decision to buy. Can’t Amazon do that for me too as long as I give them direct access to my thoughts, and save me the hassle?
121 2 . Reply
Knockoff Transformers . 2019-02-01
The question is that why do u have so much packages, and what are inside ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

121 2 . Reply
Daniel . 2019-01-31
No thanks
121 2 . Reply
Watch This . 2019-01-31
......and The Post's Geoffrey A. Fowler was never heard from again......
121 2 . Reply
Dominant Shark Squad . 2019-01-30
121 2 . Reply
Ant1 . 2019-01-30
Why not a giant amazon mailbox?
121 2 . Reply
Aiden Gaming . 2019-01-30
1:17 is that Danntheman
121 2 . Reply
Grace Xiong . 2019-01-29
You can order delivery to your car trunk and garage too, you will recieve a notification when it delivers, and you give them access. The cloud camera will help you feel like you are in front of the delivery guy, and you can talk with that delivery guy or girl too. : )
121 2 . Reply
askquestionsplz . 2019-01-29
the first time i had a package stolen i stopped ordering from amazon. what kind of stupid company leaves packages on doorsteps or in main hallways of buildings?
121 2 . Reply
RR7GamesRJW . 2019-01-29
Jokes on them i have two doors
121 2 . Reply
Jordan Tanner . 2019-01-29
Why not just have a big crate that’s attached to your house that’s only opened by the owner or the amazon people so you don’t have people going in your house or your lock malfunctions.
121 2 . Reply
Dennis . 2019-01-29
Why not just metal box outside your house with amazon key? Way safer then a stranger in your house.
121 2 . Reply
Incognito Dash . 2019-01-29
I think I will be fine since I live in a really small neighborhood and everyone around me is a relative.

No, it's not Alabama.
121 2 . Reply
Nightmare . 2019-01-29
I never understood why Americans do this. Here you have to provide your ID and sign to get the package. Otherwise, no package.
121 2 . Reply
Newdrug . 2019-01-29
This is idiotic.
121 2 . Reply
Real Official Nestea Totally Better Than Bepis. . 2019-01-29
Good thing I barely use amazon
121 2 . Reply
IWorldz . 2019-01-28
Just Make a Gate
121 2 . Reply
TheBlackYoshie . 2019-01-28
Don't have Alexa, Don't have Fire Products, don't own Amazon Key. Other than occasionally purchasing off the site (similar to eBay) I don't use their service. Amazon can have an army and own all it's cities, but not my home. The creepy rich billionaire promised to keep my package safe in exchange for my house, privacy, etc. No thanks. JUST INSTALL A LOCKED MAILBOX SYSTEM FOR YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD. They cost virtually nothing for the city to install, they be installed directly in the neighborhood and they keep boxes 3 feet by 3 feet by 3 feet locked up too and they just slide the key in your also locked mailbox, the mailbox key being with my car keys. Boom. Solved. And I didn't give my house to Amazon. I just gave my mail box to the USPS, the same people who locked it up at the Post Office. (Edited for spelling and grammar)
121 2 . Reply
kadapols . 2019-01-28
They should just do the system like in Australia where if you’re not home, they put a note and notify you to collect it at the post office.
121 2 . Reply
CoversGrande CB . 2019-01-28
121 2 . Reply
Heroes Never Die . 2019-01-28
if you dont like it dont buy it. its not like amazon is holding a gun to your head making you purchase their door lock system.
121 2 . Reply
Pollexize . 2019-01-27
Washington Post is Jeff Bezos's. Why is this a video dissing his own product?
121 2 . Reply
LukeTrinton . 2019-01-27
imagine having sex and they opened the door just to deliver your package..
121 2 . Reply
Gamer_for_life . 2019-01-27
Getting hacked is true and a power cut is true
121 2 . Reply
Hydra . 2019-01-27
R2-D2 with constipation
121 2 . Reply