We tried Amazon Key. The strangers it let in our door wasn't the worst part.

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The Post's Geoffrey A. Fowler tests Amazon Key, a new service that allows packages to be delivered right inside your door by allowing Amazon deliverers to open your door with a digital key. Read the story: http://wapo.st/2BZBnvN. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube: http://bit.ly/2qiJ4dy

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    Popular Comments:

Somebody Actually . 2018-11-12
Sounds like RT D2 but c o n s t p a t e d
121 2 . Reply
AdilvomAldi1 . 2018-11-12
How about installing a package box which can be opened by delivery people instead of your whole house.
121 2 . Reply
Baldoxxx4000 . 2018-11-12
how about just a doggy door?
121 2 . Reply
Pillow . 2018-11-12
o syit , it is near bois and gals , it is near .
121 2 . Reply
Sarah Leroy . 2018-11-11
No way no way!!! I won't own an Alexa or any of those tech products. I barely have a tv and PlayStation and phone. I literally own np other tech besides electronic kitchen items.
121 2 . Reply
veeman 293 . 2018-11-11
DOJ antitrust folks must be watching Amazon closely
121 2 . Reply
Cristian Ambaek . 2018-11-11
Yeaaa here i got a drop off point for all my packages either 200 meters, or 300 meters from my home, at a store that is open to 22:00
I will stick with this.
121 2 . Reply
MegaSmilee1 . 2018-11-11
Amazon being creepy.
121 2 . Reply
Adam Samson . 2018-11-10
Washington post reviewing amazon....can you say lol
121 2 . Reply
Bsay Bass . 2018-11-10
All hail amazon.
121 2 . Reply
Dallas Time Bandits . 2018-11-10
Harvey winesteine would cum in your milk & houseplants
121 2 . Reply
RobertWithPaws . 2018-11-10
I don't have amazon where I live
121 2 . Reply
Scott Gibson . 2018-11-10
There was a similar lock on Shark Tank but you use it on a box outside your door, which I would prefer. This goes a little to far for my liking.
121 2 . Reply
Al . 2018-11-10
THAT'S ENTIRELY too much trust into a person or company. This has gone too far. Frankly, anyone using it deserves everything they get. Why don't you give the key to your local homeless guy...he has nothing better to do. IF I have to have a Package delivered directly to my house...I TRACK it hour by hour. I am always home for a delivery. But I rather ALL my packages go to my PO BOX where all my important mail goes to.USPS will alert me when it has ARRIVED at the Post Office and alert me again when it was delivered into my PO BOX.
121 2 . Reply
Djdj Dkdj . 2018-11-10
who wants this..
121 2 . Reply
MrExtreme . 2018-11-09
This is why you should have nice neighbours you can trust to look after your parcels in their home if your not their to collect
121 2 . Reply
MrPhantomShade . 2018-11-09
i think this would be a good idea if it was a lock on a chest or something that can be anchored outside.
121 2 . Reply
demon1damon . 2018-11-09
The Amish were right
121 2 . Reply
letisha guliano . 2018-11-09
Or you could just use Dropspot. It's so much easier.
121 2 . Reply
Ƶєνєαι . 2018-11-09
When I miss the delivery I just pick it up at the nearest post office
121 2 . Reply
Gold Nuggets . 2018-11-09
Id rather some kind of lockable container out the front that they can access
121 2 . Reply
Dommert Technologies . 2018-11-09
Not to mention Amazon has access to camera feeds, can track when you come and leave, and use facial recognition to track people. And then who knows what they do with that data once collected.
121 2 . Reply
RegularGamer 0306 . 2018-11-09
I thought Washington post was owned by amazon?
121 2 . Reply
Alan Lee . 2018-11-09
WP should cover the delivers face to protect their privacy.
121 2 . Reply
The-UPS-Guy . 2018-11-08
Amazon controling the world lol
121 2 . Reply
Luke . 2018-11-08
I just have my packages delivered to my work during the week. Problem solved.
121 2 . Reply
Kenneth Artioli . 2018-11-08
Not a chance.
121 2 . Reply
Lukas Nestler . 2018-11-08
Locked out of your home?, no problem - Amazon Prime is the solution. Just order something over night and bam you are back in HAHA
121 2 . Reply
SonicArtZ l Designer Clan . 2018-11-08
Is America rlly so dumb?
121 2 . Reply
ESZTON KACSER . 2018-11-08
Why not install a safe outside the house?
121 2 . Reply
ramses bams . 2018-11-08
but what if amazon tried paying and treating their employees like real people??? :O
121 2 . Reply
FatGuyonTheCouch . 2018-11-07
This is some dystopian future bullshit.
121 2 . Reply
TTX XXT . 2018-11-07
in finland we go to our post office and there reclaim our packages. no body can't stole if from there so easyli than our doorstep.
121 2 . Reply
L B . 2018-11-07
121 2 . Reply
Andy Chen . 2018-11-07
WP is the advertising department of Amazon, don’t consider it as a media.
121 2 . Reply
[email protected]! . 2018-11-07
I wouldn't touch the cookies. Owner could sue me. They are not allowed to take anything.
121 2 . Reply
Mike Daley . 2018-11-07
Stupid idea. Spend the money on a secure drop box securely attached to you house. Then use the Amazon key on that. Could theoretically be broken into, but removes the porch pirate opportunists.
121 2 . Reply
dan hemmerling . 2018-11-07
Trust this NOT! I don't use or like Amazon.
121 2 . Reply
Twin Turbine . 2018-11-07
121 2 . Reply
jp devilliers . 2018-11-07
Why don't you install a box outside your house like a locker with that key system then only amazon can open it and deliver your package without entering your house????
121 2 . Reply
Courteney Clark . 2018-11-07
I got one of those Alexa speaker things for free from some event and I gave it away the second it reached my hands. Amazon seems like a great company to work for and buy from, but it reaches a point of intrusion.
121 2 . Reply
Renegade_Default . 2018-11-07
What if a robber steals there phone and uses there gun to make the amazon employees go open your door
121 2 . Reply
Mr hooman Gaming channel . 2018-11-07
In my country, if youre not at home, they will notify you telling you that you could claim it at their office
121 2 . Reply
VeganVendetta01 . 2018-11-06
121 2 . Reply
dude imperfect . 2018-11-06
Why not just a locked box outside to place the packet in that the delivery guy has the key to? Amazon fail
121 2 . Reply
Andy Kim . 2018-11-06
God that guy looks creepy doing the rope pull thing
121 2 . Reply
It's Candy Time Boys and Girls . 2018-11-06
I don't know how the hell I got here.
121 2 . Reply
Cameron . 2018-11-06
Lol Bezos owns Washington Post and Amazon. This just tickles me.
121 2 . Reply
Rishabh Bora . 2018-11-06
Why you screwing your corporate daddy?
121 2 . Reply
Breeze Moon . 2018-11-06
What I am seeing is a tool that the police can abuse by entering your home while you are not there and secretly searching it; they already do it without the new easy key. Then there are the criminals will begin copying these keys
121 2 . Reply