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Tyrone Lakent Woodley (born April 17, 1982) is an American mixed martial artist, actor and former collegiate wrestler for the University of Missouri. He is currently signed by the UFC and is the UFC Welterweight Champion

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    Popular Comments:

hey you got that right the chosen one for WHAT.. DAMN
121 2 . Reply
Theo P . 2016-12-31
Diehard conor fan... but hed lose to woodley
121 2 . Reply
rosinantedelafuente . 2016-11-28
i don't see anything other than a wrestler that throws haymakers.
121 2 . Reply
Sir Cabão . 2016-11-13
conor pick a fight with this man? he dead... Conor is good.. One of the best... but this guy he'll murder McGregor... He hits too damn hard...
121 2 . Reply
Drogo . 2016-10-11
The overreaction to him wanting a money fight surprises me. A lot of
people don't know about him, if he feels he can't handle you its
straight to the ground . He's a more rounded fighter than wonder boy is
even though wonder boy is a genius.

People see Twoodley and all they see is a brawler but his death punches are perfectly timed and he aims for the chin and temple most time

He knows when to retreat or shoot .So people thinking it would be an easy fight for wonderboy might be in for a surprise
121 2 . Reply
Karime karime . 2016-10-08
what'song please ?
121 2 . Reply
Michael Anthony . 2016-10-07
I think Woodley is gunna surprise a lot of people and KO Wonderboy.
121 2 . Reply
CommandoShepard . 2016-10-06
Chosen one of what? To be the biggest race card pulling crybaby in the UFC. Nowhere to run now, here comes the Wonderboy
121 2 . Reply
OMEGA NIG . 2016-09-22
the best welterweight facts.
121 2 . Reply
C C . 2016-09-14
Well done!
121 2 . Reply
Clinton Quinn . 2016-09-07
dope video!!
121 2 . Reply