Stardew Valley Co-Op Review (Makeshift Multiplayer Mod)

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The Harvest Moon like Stardew Valley took the world by storm when it was released but the one feature everyone wanted was co-op! Austin and Leena review an early attempt at it and let's just say... maybe farming alone is better for now...

»Be sure to check out LeenaBobeena's let's play channel! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClmkjWjXgEvXP_NKNdnd24A

»Makeshift Multiplayer Mod: http://www.nexusmods.com/stardewvalley/mods/501/?

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    Popular Comments:

Charlie . 2018-08-01
Hey I might be late but co-op comes out tommorow :D. hope you can play with your wife!
121 2 . Reply
FruityTec . 2018-07-05
Multiplayer beta is out now finally
121 2 . Reply
Marcin Łabowski . 2017-11-26
If multi works than mods is 10/10
If U can make better than do it ;)
121 2 . Reply
Norwegian Wolf . 2017-11-03
1 year later
121 2 . Reply
Kisuki . 2017-10-24
do u need same wifi to play?
121 2 . Reply
Josh Wong . 2017-07-05
please try this mod again. I just played it with 2 friends. (I was hosting) there was no problems except the obvious ones. like the mines to randomization or cutscenes or going through money really fast. eg buying a back pack for each player but with one bank account.

give the mod a 7/10 for even making multiplayer a reality.
121 2 . Reply
Bhargav Patel . 2017-05-20
Thanks for the review. Keep in mind it is not an official mod. THis is a single player game. I bet this is why Multiplayer is not being added for a while. Many gameplay fixes. Some of those bugs you mentioned are unfixable due to the limited API and base game features that are exposed.
121 2 . Reply
Red PS . 2017-05-13
I think of co op as two player on the same computer or - offline co op - would be fun to play with sibs maybe making it into two windows or just two view on same window would be great
However, i really and i believe most of us need the multiplayer feature BADLY

but then how will quests/cut scenes work lol
121 2 . Reply
Isaac Berto . 2017-04-17

PASS: 123
121 2 . Reply
Jorddo . 2017-03-27
No not a Batman v super man that's horrible
121 2 . Reply
HazemXD TFM . 2017-03-22
How want to play with me Stardew Valley

and you have hamachi and the 1.11 of the game version come

to this hamachi


121 2 . Reply
OminousWind97 . 2017-03-02
The no face is nightmare fuel
121 2 . Reply
SpookyBooty . 2017-02-20
"Batman v Superman/10" Thats possibly the lowest score i have seen anyone give anything. Im sure thats actually in the negatives.
121 2 . Reply
Zenny . 2017-01-28
Cutscenes were.. Special
121 2 . Reply
NORKIE . 2017-01-14
hopefully they get enough money to make an official co-op gamemode.
121 2 . Reply
z VenaTix . 2017-01-09
have you tried 3 or 4 player coop? Does it work?
121 2 . Reply
hi im joeby . 2017-01-08
what the fuck is a batman v superman out of 10
why couldnt you just use a number to make it easier on anyone thats not in on the joke
121 2 . Reply
Dr. Cunners . 2016-12-02
which version did you use
121 2 . Reply
iam zen af . 2016-11-30
Hey great Video! What microphone u use ?
121 2 . Reply
FlashingEye-sensei . 2016-11-27
Can be this mode on other maps ?
121 2 . Reply
CaptianMeg . 2016-10-24
Man I gotta say this video is magical. I was nearly in tears as you explained cutscenes. and I'm pretty sure my friend i was watching this with is going to die of laughter.

keep up the good work
121 2 . Reply
Gaming_With Exeel . 2016-10-14
The mod had some Big updates to it and now works with 1.11 maps for stardew valley. Should take a look at it again when you get the chance. I been using the mod with a friend and it has alot of the bugs fixed and does not have that choppy lag that it used to have.
121 2 . Reply
Grant Chauncey . 2016-10-12
Nice video. I wasn't expecting such a good video that only has 883 views. You deserve more. Nice microphone btw.
121 2 . Reply
The Grinch . 2016-10-06
Great quality video, keep it up dude!
121 2 . Reply