Drone Simulation and Control, Part 5: Tuning the PID controller

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In the last video, we learned how accurate, nonlinear models are great for simulation but they don’t lend themselves well to linear analysis and design. This video takes the nonlinear model of the Parrot Minidrone and builds a linearizable model that can be used for tuning the 6 PID controllers in our control architecture.

We use the PID tuner app in Simulink to tune the altitude control loop and show why having a good model of your system is fundamental to Model-Based Design.

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Kranthi Kumar Deveerasetty . 2019-04-19
Dear Brian,
I am getting the following error.
Data type mismatch. Input port 4 of 'controller_tuning/ControlMixer' expects a signal of data type 'double'. However, it is driven by a signal of data type 'single'.
Component:Simulink Control Design | Category:Linearization error
Data type mismatch. Output port 1 of 'controller_tuning/altitude controller' is a signal of data type 'single'. However, it is driving a signal of data type 'double'.
121 2 . Reply
adriel Oliveira . 2019-04-06
Hello Brian, can you help me solve this mistake? I did exactly as video though this error occurred:

Data type mismatch. Input port 4 of 'untitled/ControlMixer' expects a signal of data type 'double'. However, it is driven by a signal of data type 'single'.
Component:Simulink | Category:Model error
Data type mismatch. Output port 1 of 'untitled/Controle de Altitude' is a signal of data type 'single'. However, it is driving a signal of data type 'double'.
121 2 . Reply
จุฑารัตน์ ชาวไร่เงิน . 2019-03-03
Dear Brian
I've done PD altitude tuning file same as your example, but PID tuner showed that " Plant cannot be linearized." Why? Please help.
Best Regards,
121 2 . Reply
göker gayretli . 2019-02-18
121 2 . Reply
Sharad Mathur . 2019-01-04
Thank you
121 2 . Reply
abdullah eraslan . 2018-12-16
Hi Brian 
I am student at Istanbul Technical University. My friend and I are working on parrot mambo as a graduation project. We have a problem. We can fly parrot mambo but it is drifting. Two days ago we noticed something under the parrot to put colored objects in the drifting is disappearing. It is about marker but we cannot understand what is the marker and how can parrot mambo detect a marker in simulink blocks. How can we understand parrot mambo detect a marker in simulink blocks?
121 2 . Reply
Fernando Liozzi . 2018-11-26
Can you share a link to the modified project ?, Since I can not follow you, it goes very fast. Greetings.
121 2 . Reply
Fernando Liozzi . 2018-11-22
Please, you could make a video making the identification of the system, with the input and output data. I have looked and made several control problems identifying systems, but I would like you to make the identification of this drone. I already have it working with Simulink and I'm doing everything you've done so far in the videos. Many thanks.
121 2 . Reply
Fernando Liozzi . 2018-11-21
WOW!, I was able to connect the Parrot to simulink, I am already with the initiation examples. Excellent thank you very much.
121 2 . Reply
Reglr. tv . 2018-11-21
@Brian Dounglas: Suppose the On-board hardware system is based on FPGA and DSP where the FPGA is in charge for the low-level algorithm and DSP for the high-level algorithms, but both devices communicate through a UART interface. Would Matlab still make the work easier for FPGA?
121 2 . Reply
Fernando Liozzi . 2018-11-21
Hello, I bought a Parrot Mambo Fly, a Bluetooth dongle CSR 4.0, I installed the harmony driver that you left in a link. The bluetooth works well, I can connect devices, transfer files and music. But when it comes to connecting the drone, only one icon appears, and it will not let me connect it.
121 2 . Reply
Mert Aygün . 2018-11-20
Sorry if I missed that part but what do you use as a hardware for this project? What is the drone you use for example? Thx in advance.
121 2 . Reply
Brian Douglas . 2018-11-20
Hi everyone! I hope you enjoyed this video. If you have any questions or comments you'd like me to see, please leave them on this comment so that I get notified and can respond. Cheers!
121 2 . Reply