Life of Sabertooth Tiger 3D (by Wild Animals Life) Android Gameplay [HD]

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In Life of Sabertooth Tiger 3D Game live the life of long-extinct predator – smilodon, saber-toothed tiger!

Google Play link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wildanimalslife.sibertoothtigersim

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With Life of Sabertooth Tiger 3D Gameplay survive in an exceedingly prehistoric atmosphere stuffed with huge carnivores and dangerous barbarians and Neanderthals, raise your kittens, stalk your prey, and battle for your life against alternative monsters of the prehistoric era with Life of Sabertooth Tiger 3D!

Do you love animal machines? This Life of Sabertooth Tiger 3D would provide you with a chance to measure the full lifetime of single beast – from the tiny weak and helpless cub through mature entire to the ghost of the recent tiger! Run through the plains and forests of period of time looking Irish large curved (Megaloceros), wooly perissodactyl mammal or large wild hogs!

Deliver the killing blow by spring through the air and pouncing on your enemy impaling it together with your large fangs! Use your razor sharp claws and big teeth to search out and fight deadly prehistoric creatures – not dinosaurs, however mammoths, cave bears, dire wolves and even dire rats! Watch out for human hunters – weapons of those barbarians may be primitive, however they're still effective against your skin!

Detain mind your health, energy, water and food indicators - if one in all it drops – there's no probability to remain alive! Upgrade your tiger’s skills to safeguard your pack! It’s your probability to relinquish birth to somewhat cub and begin your own saber-toothed tiger family or pack to forestall the extinction of your species!

Select gender, name, and color and make merry to play Life of Sabertooth Tiger 3D – nice game for people who loves animal simulators! Meet with alternative animals – herbivores like carved, mammoths and rats going to be your food, and carnivores like bears, foxes or pumas are your direct rivals!

Wear the skin of the extinct felid – Smilodon Fatalis - eat, drink, run to seek out another tiger to form a pack, and to journey together! Life of Sabertooth Tiger 3D is your probability to lift up from somewhat cub to the adult wolf, meet and mate with alternative saber-toothed tiger, fight against predators and simply have fun!

Life of Sabertooth Tiger 3D Game Features:
- Ultimate saber-toothed tiger machine filled with entertaining missions.
- Great probability to begin your own pack.
- Beautiful and realistic prehistoric 3D world to explore.
- Opportunity to speak with or struggle against alternative wild animals.
- Various upgrades for your smilodon – level up it when you get points.

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