Iron Shaft Testing & Looking At Differences Of Performance Using Launch Monitor

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Testing 3 different Iron shafts, 1 x heavyweight, 1 x mid weight & 1 x lightweight to see if there are any differences in performance with launch, spin and dispersion using GC2 HMT launch monitor.

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starflash08 . 2018-04-17
nice comparison, too heavy = pulls and variation, too light = pushes however will be less variation, your figures reinforced this for me
121 2 . Reply
David Hall . 2018-03-29
subscibed! :)
121 2 . Reply
David Hall . 2018-03-29
Thats a really good point in that people interprate the feel of weight differently and a lighter shaft can make the club feel heavier because you can feel the head weight more. Enjoyed that video thank you - good stuff!
121 2 . Reply
Bob Kirkwood . 2018-02-13
Many pros are going to a mid weight shaft. What no OEM does is MOI match clubs which is a HUGE benefit. Check out MOI matching!
121 2 . Reply
Mark Lee . 2017-12-22
Best video on shaft weight and swing. Thank you very much!
121 2 . Reply
Joe Perez . 2017-11-23
A few years ago I bought a set of Mizuno EZ-Forged clubs that had the Mizuno Orocchi graphite shaft, which is a 65 gram shaft. The shaft was so light that the club felt like I was holding a sledgehammer. I consistently bottomed the swing out behind the ball until I sliced off the grips and replaced them with back-weighted grips (Secret Grip). Next time I bought a set of Mizuno irons with graphite shafts, I opted for the Mizuno "Tour Weighted" graphite shafts, which felt much better.
121 2 . Reply
Frank Lilley . 2017-11-07
Noticed the side spin numbers were vastly different with the heaver shaft producing SIGNIFICANTLY lower numbers and as the shaft weights reduced the side spin numbers INCREASED!!  You were only looking at the backspin numbers . . . why?
121 2 . Reply
Christopher Whitehead . 2017-11-03
My only criticism ( and its true of all the youtubers) is the small sample size of these tests. Mike, you only hit 3 balls with the different shafts and then made a conclusion. One poor hit skews the results so much the results are meaningless really. I like the idea of this vid, but 20 shots with each shaft would make more sense. You don’t have to show us all of the shots, but a bigger sample size is a must for me.
121 2 . Reply
Sebastian Nachilly . 2017-09-22
Ads at 5.5K subs lol
121 2 . Reply
Diesel Man . 2017-06-26
Thanks for testing. I find these tests more beneficial.
121 2 . Reply
Phil McIver . 2017-06-25
Great Vid Mike. Would you advise a player to get the same shat in their wedges as your irons or just stick with the generally heavier stock one?
121 2 . Reply
Tennessee Titans . 2017-06-24
Anyone else notice that shaft has a std?
121 2 . Reply
Clinton Worden . 2017-06-22
I'm using KBS 120 X flex was using KBS 110 so happy I changed really noticed the difference between the stiff and X also have 130 X flex in my Mizuno Mp5 which I only use on good tracks great review thanks
121 2 . Reply
Sanjeewa K . 2017-06-19
could you please do a comparison between NS Pro Modus 3 Tour 105, 120 and Project x 6.0? thanks
121 2 . Reply
Stephen Jordan . 2017-06-19
nothing in it?
121 2 . Reply
James Harvey . 2017-06-18
Interesting vid. I was fit for some MP-15's last year and came away with light weight NS-Pro shafts (as that's what the data suggested) even though I like the feel of the Project X 5.5 I was advised against them. Would it really have made a massive difference?
121 2 . Reply
DirtOffRoad . 2017-06-17
I found the S300's to have fantastic tight dispersion and no loss in distance over my current shaft.. but they felt harsh.. even more so after two buckets of range balls. How would you compare the Modus 130 to them Michael?
121 2 . Reply
iMondo . 2017-06-17
My personal experience in shaft fitting, not what I expected from a professional teacher... I expected the best shaft match for my 112 mph swing and ended up with a disappointment. I was recommended KBS C tapered and lost control with my irons, inconsistencies. I ended switching with True Temper S400 and gained control. Trust your judgement...
121 2 . Reply
Garry Grant . 2017-06-17
Sorry, but Custom fitting is so overrated for the average golfer. If you have a repeatable swing, day in day out then yes, get custom fit. I've had 3 custom fits, one from Mizuno, then Cobra and another from an independent. 3 completely different results. I'm 13 handicap but I know my swing changes all the time. Moral of the story go with whatever feels right.
121 2 . Reply
Stephen DiBari . 2017-06-17
Great review, I enjoyed it. Very informative. I'm using the Nippon Modus 105 in stiff flex in my Mizuno JPX 900 Forged irons and I love them. Mid weight not too heavy and great feel.
121 2 . Reply
kvgolfa . 2017-06-17
With iron shaft fitting it's really about getting someone a shaft they can deliver as consistently as possible, not chasing numbers. A degree of launch of a few hundred rev can be achieved by bending the head a touch strong or weak
121 2 . Reply