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The culmination of the past 10 years of MCU build is here! Thanos wants to get some rocks, so let's review AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR!

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Cash Lannister . 2019-01-05
I think it's Awesometacular, personally.
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Big K . 2019-01-04
So I finally watched the film recently(I know I'm very late to the party.)What I can say about it is thanos was an actual good marvel villain, it had some genuine great moments, and it was surprisingly focused for the scale. However I was a bit underwhelmed tbh. This movie was a massive financial and critical hit and it has so much praise and I honestly was expecting more. Was it good? Yes great? No. Just my opinion though.
121 2 . Reply
Jackson Wilburn . 2019-01-03
The dollar general of movie reviewers
121 2 . Reply
Ross Mitchell . 2019-01-01
I think the new mortal kombat movie when it happens needs to be like the avengers Liam neeson as rayden Scott Adkins as Johnny cage or kano Ronda rousey as sonia blade iku waisas as lui kang he did mile 22 and beyond skyline Brian tee or ken wantanbe as shang sung
121 2 . Reply
hmmm mmm . 2018-12-30
I pity the guys who saw the movie without watching the last 16 MCU movies
121 2 . Reply
Qiang Liu . 2018-12-25
121 2 . Reply
bbutters2 . 2018-12-22
I agree about most of the cg used for Thanos being spectacular sans a few scenes. There are scenes, especially when the battle on Titan is going down where Thanos looks straight up like a real creature, fucking amazing cg they used in those scenes. I was convinced he was a living and breathing creature in reality.
121 2 . Reply
Pussy Pounder . 2018-12-15
This movie was AWESOMETACULAR!
121 2 . Reply
hugo pinai . 2018-12-11
To me this is the Empire Strikes Back of the MCU
121 2 . Reply
John von Shepard . 2018-11-23
Thanos did nothing wrong.
121 2 . Reply
robin singh . 2018-11-07
Thanos is cool
121 2 . Reply
Monish K . 2018-11-05
4:56 Jim Carrey is that you?
121 2 . Reply
StormDoesGaming . 2018-11-02
My MCU ratings:

Iron Man - Awesometacular
The Incredible Hulk - Good time no alcohol required
Iron Man 2 - Good time no alcohol required
Thor - Good time no alcohol required
Captain America: The First Avenger - Buy it on Bluray
The Avengers - Awesometacular
Iron Man 3 - Awesometacular
Thor: The Dark World - Better time if drunk
Captain America: The Winter Soldier - Good time no alcohol required
Guardians of the Galaxy - Buy it on Bluray
Avengers: Age of Ultron - Awesometacular
Ant-Man - Buy it on Bluray
Captain America: Civil War - Awesometacular
Doctor Strange - Buy it on Bluray
Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2 - Buy it on Bluray
Spider-Man: Homecoming - Awesometacular
Thor: Ragnarok - Awesometacular
Black Panther - Buy it on Bluray
Avengers: Infinity War - Awesometacular (best in my opinion)
Ant-Man and the Wasp - Buy it on Bluray
121 2 . Reply
Bhekamandaba Makhonza . 2018-10-31
The greatest movie of 2018
121 2 . Reply
singingchef23 . 2018-10-28
After watching the movie like 30 times now, each section makes sense
121 2 . Reply
The Cow Lord . 2018-10-27
Thanos has the gauntlet on his left hand.... why didn't you flip your image so it's on your left
121 2 . Reply
The Cosmic Cat . 2018-10-26
there is no good or bad... there is only POWER!!!
121 2 . Reply
Erza Scarlet . 2018-10-18
121 2 . Reply
Yohance Warren . 2018-10-13
Tchalla screen time 3:30
121 2 . Reply
ubcroel . 2018-09-16
Remember in captain america civil war where bucky and cap have raunchy ram ranch sex while the avengers just awkwardly sit n watch? That was a weird epic random scene
121 2 . Reply
Jake Stanton . 2018-09-04
Do you wear pants when making videos? Thats always what im thinking when watching your vids
121 2 . Reply
Lucas McManus . 2018-08-31
1.2K dislikes? Pfft DC fanboys who can't admit marvel CRUSHES DC in every way.
121 2 . Reply
Bran Phillips . 2018-08-30
Quick, someone grab Reed Richards, Susan Storm, and a huge bottle of Viagra because MCU is now officially in dire need of Franklin Richards; long may he reign!
121 2 . Reply
holet . 2018-08-30
This movie sucked ballz
121 2 . Reply
Theman Joe . 2018-08-22
this movie was awesometacular.
121 2 . Reply
DeltaPrime350 . 2018-08-20
121 2 . Reply
Aman Pathak . 2018-08-18
Ragnorak was great and so was this, you're wrong here bro
121 2 . Reply
. 2018-08-17
Another positive point for me : I was very surprised at how well-portrayed the romantic relationships were in IW. Generally, romances in this type of movies feel cheap or underveloped, and I don't really care about them. But here I really felt for Wanda/Vision, and Quill/Gamora. I think it's because of the good acting and the dialogues that respected the characters. I dunno, I felt like these relationships added stakes to the movie, kept it grounded in some way.
121 2 . Reply
Caleb Witts . 2018-08-17
This got the same rating as Suicide Squad. And I'm pretty sure that's illegal.
121 2 . Reply
Toxic Touch Productions . 2018-08-16
This review inspired me to do my own review of the movie and now I do my own YouTube show daily
121 2 . Reply
Kyreese Alford . 2018-08-16
This movie was AWESOMETACULAR!!!😎
121 2 . Reply
Kizer Soze . 2018-08-15
Man, this movie was so fucking awesome. Thanos was no joke and the fact that they did him right. The action was great, but my favorite fight was on the planet Titan. I have a hard time trying to figure out who was the MVP of this movie.It`s a toss up between Tony Stark & Doctor Strange. Tony was giving it his all fighting against Thanos. But Doctor Strange was calling off powers against Thanos that was so motha fucking dope. And the scene with Captain America & Black Panther running into battle on Wakanda was soooo dope. This movie just kicked ass on so many levels. I just wanna say great job to the Russo Brothers for pulling this off. My favorite MCU movies are now......
1.) Avengers: Infinity War
2.) Captain America : The Winter Soldier
3.) Captain America : Civil War
4.) Iron Man
5.) Marvel`s The Avengers
121 2 . Reply
Nikos Kollias . 2018-08-13
Bro dont be insecure the movie was over worthy of the awesometacular ,you just worry too much the suicide squad thing wont happen again
121 2 . Reply
Kong V . 2018-08-09
You know what Thanos reminds me of... Darth Vader. He's supposed to be a big badass super strong person, in comics. In the movie, however, he can't move shit with his huge armor or raise arm above his shoulder pads. Guess what... Thanos is the same too. Disappointing movie.
121 2 . Reply
Kronickillness Nikolaos . 2018-08-07
i trust ya mate so I'm buying this shit rn! i missed it in theater and just want to absorb it take my time with jt not be hindered by rental bullshit time! Cuz 24hrs eh not worth it on big films only like the lead up cuz that's too much to buy but if the rest are as good or better than the others then I'm a have to say I'll Buy the entire fkn infinity war saga! ffs unless it gets fucked my more pedos. ugh plz dont expose said pedos involved in this series until its complete! Then after that we can say fuckem! lol cuz the last decade I've known its been building up to this n the hype began there holysjit is there a lot of fkn hype! excuse this broken glass fallin off the screen literally pos not just the tempered glass no the actual fkn screens got black pixels and fkn chunls of glass fell out n more tring n lil shards xut my hamd fuck I'm out
121 2 . Reply
Snake Eyes . 2018-08-06
Infinity War was awesome, great heroes , an unstoppable villain and a shocking ending that's never been done in an Avengers flick before , hope the Russo Brothers keep making good movies like this .
121 2 . Reply
Spartan 329 . 2018-08-04
I hated Tony's new suit...
121 2 . Reply
Ansh Bangia . 2018-08-04
Why not awesometacular????
121 2 . Reply
cinema gamer . 2018-08-03
Jeremy, the glove was recalled because it's not screen accurate. Hello I'm from the future. :)
121 2 . Reply
Nucleus . 2018-08-03
121 2 . Reply
imicca . 2018-08-02
not awesometacular?
121 2 . Reply
Nebula . 2018-08-01
Would have loved the movie if only ot wasnt spoiled for me due to social media.
The amount of "i dont feel so good" and dust memes flooded social media the day of release.

So as someone who had huge expectations, with spoilers in hand...i found it ok. Just ok.
Was actually pissed off that i didnt enjoy it...fucking idiots ruining it for others. Fucking pissed dude
121 2 . Reply
konquer247 . 2018-07-31
For your ending punch, you should have punched with your loot crate glove. Just saying.
121 2 . Reply
Lego Ultimate1 . 2018-07-30
What about 4K Ultra HD?
121 2 . Reply
crimsonlilyfairy . 2018-07-27
so michael keaton, cate blanchet, jeff goldblum, andy serkis, and michael b. jordan don't count as great villains since thanos dropped into the party?
121 2 . Reply
Darrell Jones . 2018-07-14
After watching the movie I came to the conclusion that Thor is stronger then hulk until I see a rematch or a comic that settles this once n for all this will be it I lost faith in hulk🤦🏾‍♂️😭
121 2 . Reply
D DD . 2018-07-14
How is this not Awesomtacular???!!?
121 2 . Reply
Ivory Rasmussen . 2018-07-10
I'm so glad that you mentioned Thanos as such an AWESOME villain. I thought so to for that very reason. My dad and I had an awesome conversation that got really deep. We absolutely loved this movie. It's funny cause I realized that throughout the series, everyone talks about Thanos like he's this bloodthirsty villain who is evil for the sake of being evil and has no motivation for his actions. But I loved how eye opening it was to realize Thanos ' s motivation for killing people and it actually made me sympathize with the villain.
121 2 . Reply
A-Town Alex . 2018-07-10
I totally agree about how Thanos was developed in this movie. Before Thanos, I thought Kilmonger was the best villain in the MCU leading up to infinity war and it made me worry about Thanos being another generic MCU villain but Josh Brolin and the Russo Brothers did an amazing job that far exceeded my expectations. I’m excited to see what more they do with him in Avengers 4
121 2 . Reply
Islam Swaty . 2018-07-09
So, if Thanos killed half of Gamora's planet BEFORE the snap

Then he did the snap

Does that mean that half of the half that's left on Gamora's planet disappeared? so now it's only a quarter?

Same goes for every planet Thanos did the half-killing before the snap
121 2 . Reply