Muslims fastest growing religious population, will match Christians by 2050 – report

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New research from Pew Research Center is looking at the changing demographics and future of world religions. It reports that Islam is on track to become the most prevalent religion across the world in the next 40 years. Manuel Rapalo has more on the report and the reasons behind the shifting demographics of not only Islam and Christianity, but also Atheism and Judaism.

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Salamu alaikum . 2018-07-16
Also alot of muslims are not in those statiscics i know i am not even though im muslim so alot are ''secret muslims'' also if you compare how christians believe vs muslims then christianty is pretty much a sunday trip to the church now a days and most muslims praying 5 times a day and doing all kinds of deeds in secret so in reality there are more muslims than that
121 2 . Reply
Anonymous . 2018-07-16
your supposed to be asking how will the world survive with this ignorant fools
121 2 . Reply
doni woods . 2018-07-15
SEE? here is where you Hyprocracy is. on the one hand, Russia & Putin Hates Muslims.
on the other hand, you Use Muslims as Proxies against the USA. example > Russia keeps saying they came to Syria in the beginning to Fight ISIS.>>>>>BULLSHIT.

while supporting like Iran and Syria. you Russians Conduct total Massacre of the people of Syria. ( and I'm NO supporter of Bashar Assad) that Islamic Butcher.
Putin thinks Usama bin Louding is still in charge :) hate to disappoint you Russian & Islamic trolls.Obama is NO LONGER THE PRESIDENT.
121 2 . Reply
jardean hinchliffe . 2018-07-12
121 2 . Reply
Tefaaroa Tamatoa . 2018-07-12
You'll bow down sooner than that 5 times a day facing a stupid beduin rock. Westerners for instance are just a bunch of inconsistent sweethearts busy accusing each other of racism and Islamophobia lol
They make no sense, there's no foothold in their ideas. No wonder a lot of young people find meaning in Islam. But most and foremost they find a tribe, compagnons, brothers something long gone in the West. Powerful force within men wanting to belong to be part of a tribe.
121 2 . Reply
newbieshelper . 2018-07-06
121 2 . Reply
Aman The Conqueror . 2018-06-27
Fastest growing because
1) Sterelisation not allowed
2) u can't leave Islam once u were born to a Muslim parent otherwise would be killed legally for what is called as apostasy..
121 2 . Reply
saqib khan . 2018-06-21
Lol all dislikes and hate comments are from trump voters. Go on Muslims. I can taste the tears of these hypocrites and islamophobes.
121 2 . Reply
Night Boy . 2018-06-18
That's not because of fertility that is because of revert
121 2 . Reply
Phillip Loco . 2018-06-17
STOP islamic mass immigration now
BAN islam
BAN sharia law
BAN muslim only zones
BAN outdoor muslim prayer
BAN the burka
No more Mosques .
BAN all Mosques.
If muslims do not want to integrate amd respect the laws of the western or latin countries Permanently DEPORT them.
PERMANENTLY DEPORT all muslims who commit any type of crime
islam HATEFUL religion of disgusting sick evil pedophiles
Be careful not to be raped by muslim pedophiles .
Easy Meat.' Britain's Muslim Rape Gang Cover-Up
Grooming gangs of Muslim men failed to integrate into British society
A European nation becomes a rape capital -- due to its immigration policies.
Muslim immigrant rapists believe that all non-Muslim and uncovered women can be lawfully taken for sexual use; hence rape and sexual assaults are justified. Appearance, particularly for women, is an important aspect of Sharia Islamic law. Modesty is how women achieve honor and to appear in anything revealing brings shame not only for her but for the entire family. Almost all Muslim governments encourage and even legally obligate women to dress modestly: at a minimum to wear a headscarf, in some countries a veil and in others a full body covering.
Hundreds protest in Sweden after police told women to ‘stay inside or walk in pairs’ after series of violent gang rapes of teenage girls

BAN islam
The Prophet Mohammed was a disgusting sick pig fucking evil pedophile,
Prophet married Aisha when she was 6-years-old and consummated his marriage with her when she was 9. He was then, 54 years old.these are from islamic scripturesSahih Muslim Book 008, Number 3310:
'A'isha (Allah be pleased with her) reported: Allah's Apostle (may peace be upon him) married me when I was six years old, and I was admitted to his house when I was nine years old.Sahih Bukhari Volume 7, Book 62, Number 64
Narrated 'Aisha:
that the Prophet married her when she was six years old and he consummated his marriage when she was nine years old, and then she remained with him for nine years (i.e., till his death).Sahih Bukhari Volume 7, Book 62, Number 65
Narrated 'Aisha:
that the Prophet married her when she was six years old and he consummated his marriage when she was nine years old. Hisham said: I have been informed that 'Aisha remained with the Prophet for nine years (i.e. till his death)." what you know of the Quran (by heart)'Sahih Bukhari Volume 7, Book 62, Number 88
Narrated 'Ursa:
The Prophet wrote the (marriage contract) with 'Aisha while she was six years old and consummated his marriage with her while she was nine years old and she remained with him for nine years (i.e. till his death).?

Islamic schools teaching sharia law punishments

UK Muslim Schools Teacher Teaches Kids to Kill None Islamist

Leaked footage from UK Muslim school teaching students to kill gays

islamic schools in Britain teaching hate and segregation to young muslims.

Muslims teaching their children to hate at a very early age
121 2 . Reply
MFA_Sterilization Products KSA . 2018-06-14
121 2 . Reply
Shakir Hamid . 2018-06-13
Islam will dominate the world as Allah says
not by gun not by force
islam will dominate world
121 2 . Reply
я неудачник . 2018-06-12
Western world ain't imposing restrictions on Muslim entry cos they're afraid of being fired from the Oil and natural gas commerce.
If any oil and natural gas reserve is discovered in non-muslim nations then they will trash Muslim countries. This the real politics of the world .
121 2 . Reply
Domestic Chihuahua . 2018-06-11
We need a new Crusade
121 2 . Reply
Vishal Shetty . 2018-06-11
if Muslim Increased all over the World by 2050 as per report than I will leave Mother Earth and Goes to Another planet
121 2 . Reply
MMohammad Emon . 2018-05-31
proud to be a Muslim 💜💜
121 2 . Reply
Gurmeet Dhillon . 2018-05-30
Muslim are increasing just because their birth rate they believe into having 5 to 6 children but don't worry because even they are Killing their community in Syria and Myanmar
121 2 . Reply
vignesh k . 2018-05-27
Nuke them........Or islam destroy world
121 2 . Reply
Mike jones . 2018-05-26
If you want (FACTS) Islam is at 1.8 Billion while Christianity is at 1 Billion, You can't count catholics and Christians as one religion because they are not they different bibles different views.
121 2 . Reply
jonny malayil . 2018-05-24
European countries are doomed because of their foolishness of rejecting God and Bible and God's curse appears to be upon them in the form of Muslims refugees who are nothing but invaders and freeloaders and rapist and fanatic who bombed the club's intolerant and barbaric and breed like rabbits and will over take the European countries very soon
121 2 . Reply
jonny malayil . 2018-05-24
Islam is a false religion since it denies the death and resurrection Lord Jesus and and His God hood. Sadly all following Islam on the way to destruction of hellfire and God's curse appears to be upon them since they deny the Trinity.
121 2 . Reply
SSJGoku 418 . 2018-05-24
Calm down comment section
121 2 . Reply
John Mathew . 2018-05-19
Islam will dominate the world Insha Allah🕌🕋
121 2 . Reply
Robert Gift . 2018-05-13
Poor Muslim's Allah has failed. Most of the world is not and never has been Muslim. The laughable forced butt-ups religious myth of HIslam remains #2 beneath the laughable 3-n-1 Gods myth of Christian-inanity .
121 2 . Reply
Muzammil Ali . 2018-05-13
Hates of christain and jews make us strongest. My lovely religion islam
121 2 . Reply
Abid Veeray . 2018-05-13
now whole world will my Islam
121 2 . Reply
jorgan ray walkerson . 2018-05-12
homosexual Grown too fastly one day people reach start to have sex with a plants .imagine you walk to the park seen someone too busy make love to tree
121 2 . Reply
Ban Radical islam . 2018-05-05
islam teaches muslims to: have 4 wives, have sex-slaves, to beat their wives, to kill people and take all their properties
121 2 . Reply
Abdelaziz Boucelham . 2018-04-26
Reality that islam is a true religion
121 2 . Reply
A.Qadir Gabol . 2018-04-25
Islam is d religion of peace but there are some black sheep in every community
121 2 . Reply
Sahil Khan . 2018-04-21
Allah is only one God believe it before it's to late
121 2 . Reply
equalism 42 . 2018-04-21
How sad to think any stupid bull shit religion is growing, I had rather hopped the population was out growing the superstitious nonsense called religion......I mean to say idiots killing themselves to go to heaven thinking it is full of virgins....what do they think virgins that don't put out while alive, will want to get laid in heaven what a load of shit and not very well thought out!

As for Mohammad it is said he was an epileptic who claimed god was speaking to him when he had his seizures, and then murdered anyone that disagreed.....hardly the basis of credible claim, since voice epilepsy is well recognized in medical texts.
121 2 . Reply
Sid Gaur . 2018-04-21
Secularism is threat for the country islam is garbage
121 2 . Reply
SALIM SHA . 2018-04-19
Mashallah happy to hear this more people embracing islam and worshipping the true ALLAH.
121 2 . Reply
banana man . 2018-04-18
soon everyone will be muslim. Take your religion and f#ck off back to where your found it (im an atheist)
121 2 . Reply
Ajshdh Dhfhdh . 2018-04-15
Muslims have a holy book called the Quran which claims that the words in it are revelations of God that will never change. Interestingly enough many none Muslims scholars have stated that indeed the Quran chapters, sentences, verses, linguistics have never changed ever since it came out in more than 1400 years ago. Plus Islam support science and knowledge which helps with the technological advancement where as Some other religions oppose science and philosophy which really just goes against the advancement of our mainstream life. If you want to delve more into the golden age of the Muslims read about he Córdoba and the Baghdad history! Check why most of our doctors in the west are Muslims! 😆I don't know how the west would look like without the Muslims!
121 2 . Reply
Muhammad Akhlaq . 2018-04-11
Show your confidence in your religion, science or reason. I suggest you with respect that you follow the Holy Quran, if you don't agree with me? then after death liar will take other's and his whole nation's sins, do you agree? Be brave now.
(Don't relate pseudo Muslims with Holy Quran, remember according to holy books and science dead mankind or Jesus is Noncommunicable.)
121 2 . Reply
Hatsuharu Akimoto . 2018-04-10
So this is how the world ends, huh

There are already 2 billion Muslims out there

Damn I don’t want more

I don’t want America to be ruined by those terrorists
121 2 . Reply
Tasneem Ahmed . 2018-04-07
God blesses and cares on all of us.
121 2 . Reply
jonny malayil . 2018-04-04
European countries are doomed because of their foolishness of rejecting God and Bible and God's curse appears to be upon them in the form of Muslims refugees who are nothing more than invaders and freeloaders and rapist and fanatic who bombed the club's intolerant and barbaric and breed like rabbits and will over take the European countries very soon
121 2 . Reply
sami alamin . 2018-04-01
they wanted to throw the american mistake called 9/11 to Muslims and yet it accelerated the number of Muslim reverts
121 2 . Reply
I'm a watchman of God! Nothing slides by! . 2018-03-24
Armies of Christianity, FIGHT BACK!
121 2 . Reply
Abdul Rouf P . 2018-03-16
Islam is truth, If any one will studies Islam from "holy kur-an" and authentic Hadis (speach or activities ete of nabi-s ), then he will surely except Islam.👍

Because, it has all that happened past , will happen in future and currently. he have to experience currently occuring things from that.
May Allah.. will give Hidayat to all..
121 2 . Reply
Adrian Adsuaara . 2018-03-15
yah its true islam is fastest growing religion and one day jesus is comeback to kill those who believe in satanic religion which is the islam sad but true
121 2 . Reply
Fred . 2018-03-15
Once Islam finds critical mass in the west, its pace will accelerate to an alarming level. The current rate is too slow compared to what Islam offers, mainly bc of ppl's fear of going against the grain & protecting their livelyhood, but that will pass. They made a huge mistake pillaging Muslim lands. God is re-inheriting his ppl.
121 2 . Reply
Joseph Corani . 2018-03-08
you keep hating
but we love you sleep on it
121 2 . Reply
Joseph Corani . 2018-03-08
we Muslim we love you whether you like or not because is part of our Faith to love you
121 2 . Reply
Bill Smith . 2018-02-24
121 2 . Reply
Pita Maulia . 2018-02-12
because Al Quran is original god creation. and Allah promise that people can not make it.
121 2 . Reply
Romer Villareal . 2018-01-25
Don't put your faith in any God. God won't lift a finger. Put your faith in humanity.
121 2 . Reply