Muslims fastest growing religious population, will match Christians by 2050 – report

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New research from Pew Research Center is looking at the changing demographics and future of world religions. It reports that Islam is on track to become the most prevalent religion across the world in the next 40 years. Manuel Rapalo has more on the report and the reasons behind the shifting demographics of not only Islam and Christianity, but also Atheism and Judaism.

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r bs . 2018-12-15
That becouse western people like free live without marry. They merry at 40s age. And give legecy with high blood pressure, colestrol, goat, diabet and others to they new baby
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Thomas Palmer . 2018-12-11
According to Islamic teaching, Muhammad founded Islam in 610 CE after the angel Gabriel appeared to him at Mecca and told him that God had entered him among the ranks of such great biblical prophets as Abraham, Moses, and Christ.

Surah An-Nisa [4:171] O People of the Scripture, do not commit excess in your religion or say about Allah except the truth. The Messiah, Jesus, the son of Mary, was but a messenger of Allah and His word which He directed to Mary and a soul [created at a command] from Him. So believe in Allah and His messengers. And do not say, "Three"; desist - it is better for you. Indeed, Allah is but one God. Exalted is He above having a son. To Him belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is on the earth. And sufficient is Allah as Disposer of affairs.

The Quran..written some 500 years...AFTER the Holy Bible
..if Mohammed was told by "Gabriel", he was a prophet and that alah is the only God...

Luke 1:19
And the angel answering said unto him, I am Gabriel, that stand in the presence of God; and am sent to speak unto thee, and to shew thee these glad tidings.

Deuteronomy 6:4
Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God is one LORD:

Corinthians 8:6
But to us there is but one God, the Father, of whom are all things, and we in him; and one Lord Jesus Christ, by whom areall things, and we by him.
121 2 . Reply
BobbyCar Hater . 2018-12-10
looking at how many leave islam because they realise how flawed it is, this will most likely not happen :/
too bad
121 2 . Reply
Aleem Iqbal . 2018-12-10
Inshallah ❤
121 2 . Reply
ed z . 2018-12-01
121 2 . Reply
Sam M . 2018-12-01
The God of NDEs isn't particular about religion ... And then there are these guys ... 😑
121 2 . Reply
Longshang Isaac . 2018-11-25
Muslims are struggling to become highest religion population.their faith losing day by day, hell is reserved by muslim
121 2 . Reply
claffa20 . 2018-11-24
this change will not be for the better
121 2 . Reply
SYED SHEIK . 2018-11-23
ISLAAM is not Religion. but ISLAAM is BEST Living Style FOR "HUMAN" the TASTE of LIFE.before and After the Death. I LOVE U ALLAH💚💖RASOOLULLAH💞💕💜
121 2 . Reply
Yasmine Nazarine . 2018-11-18
One think.I like about Islam they don't bring people to.Islam.give them something to.convert them haram living sex girfrends boyfriend's club money only.one Quran that's it like it eccepte it don't like it leave it Christianity all is money CHARITY jobs women men money sex 🐖 shite sharraby🍻🍷🍺 drink club disco that's not "Esa virgin" sermon preache He didn't worshipps all devil things not even 1% people worshipps Esa virgin" sermon is all about the 💰 meterial of this 🌎
Is ok to give charity but not to follow for charity to get something to be charistains in the ⛪or when you lose jobs or financial or Being stizen of rich country go the ⛪ you want to be charistains 😠how many people third 🌎 country did convert to the ⛪ for something for their benefits that's not God word that's not religion's use Jesus for something why not black African American ⛪? Why only rich white ⛪?
I've seen it my own eyes from club people lost jobs to Jesus CHARITY money I'd worshipps mighty god for my.poor life struggle of my life not Jesus charity not Jesus i will not repent to flesh of woman as God or ⛪ boyfriends girlfriends poor Jesus batrayed for two thousand years even his disciples batrated him dinied him one of them sold him for one kiss😘 few silvers 😂😟😟😧😦😫😩
121 2 . Reply
Black Roses In My Garden . 2018-11-16
Allah Akbar
121 2 . Reply
Yaamin Mohmmed . 2018-11-15
They can hate us but they can not stop us ❤️
My country is Muslim 100% and it’s in Africa
Somalia 🇸🇴 💙💙
121 2 . Reply
Servant of Allah S.W.T . 2018-11-15
People always said their religion is the truth.

Then i said to them had your book had this word 👇:

Al-Ma'idah 3
..This day those who disbelieve have despaired of [defeating] your religion; so fear them not, but fear Me. This day I have perfected for you your religion and completed My favor upon you and have approved for you Islam as religion...
121 2 . Reply
toophat baby . 2018-11-15
in the end of the day, there will be just muslims vs dajjal(anti-christ)...
god believer against the atheist
121 2 . Reply
ico . 2018-11-09
I'm Muslim. I know you guys don't like me! 😂😂😂😂 Because your Mamarikans media told that I'm a terrorist! My false religion spread like cancer!! HAHAHAHAHA. EAT THAT!! YOU FOOLS!

We will be number 1. INSHAALLAH. Nothing can stop us. We will be richer. We will be stronger than ever. And I know you will hate this reality HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. COME AND BULLY ME MOTHERFUCKER!! GIVE ME YOUR HATE SPEECH TO MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER.
121 2 . Reply
Mohammed Rayyan . 2018-10-26
121 2 . Reply
Abraham Jordan . 2018-10-24
Islam only grows in the East because of high birth rate.....lol😂😂😂😂
121 2 . Reply
Sean Arellano . 2018-10-07
How can not be the fastest growing religion? This cult allows several stupid women to one maniac man. It is not by choice...it by fear and multiplying like rabbits.
121 2 . Reply
hossin maddoh . 2018-10-02
😃😃😄😃😄😄😄 African pup it will be end Christianity
121 2 . Reply
نِسر البكستاني افتخر ان اكون البكستاني . 2018-09-29
We Muslim to much love with Each Other.. Almighty Allah is great .. My Prophet Sir The Great Muhammad Peace be Blessing Upon Him Is Our love...
121 2 . Reply
BigORat . 2018-09-28
Islam is fastest growing because they are the 'church' of the Antichrist & the False Prophet written about in the Bible. The Antichrist & the False Prophet come in the end times to save the world from war according to the Bible and deceive the world with peace. Islam is buying in. They think because Islam is exploding, they must be the one true religion. But they are waiting for the Mahdi and the 'prophet' version of Jesus to come. Perfect match of the antichrist and false prophet written about in the Bible.
121 2 . Reply
Anne Dolcie . 2018-09-26
I was an atheist and then Christian and I tried searching for the truth. I fount it! and I’m a devout Muslim now Alhamdulliah. May Allah protect us from the evil influences in the world and the evil desires in our own minds ameen ❤️
121 2 . Reply
anmol jayswal . 2018-09-26
Islam is biggest threats for india..i hate them 😠😠
121 2 . Reply
Sulaiman Mohamad . 2018-09-25
We Muslim believe by the End of the World that there is more Muslim then non - Muslim. It doesn't mean that the Muslim population are growing with new born Muslim but the non-Muslim themselves embrace to Islam.That's why you see that the Muslim population are growing.
What I call this epidemic is the vanish of non-Muslim of this World
121 2 . Reply
nur ali . 2018-09-23
Truth prevails.
121 2 . Reply
Raahil Athiest . 2018-09-22
MashaAllah i am so lucky that i was born in Muslim family ??
121 2 . Reply
biomutant242 . 2018-09-21
Complete revisionist bullshit. Muslims are increasing in Europe and USA due to invasion (read migration) NOT through breeding. Also, there are not 1.5 billion musilms in the world. Half of them are inbred and illiterate and cannot even read the Koran never mind Arabic.
121 2 . Reply
фавад джавадов . 2018-09-21
My children will be in a better world for sure inshaa Allah
121 2 . Reply
Ghufran Shareef . 2018-09-19
Study amazing book Quran a divine book. Believe it.
121 2 . Reply
Sabaru Engineering . 2018-09-14
Other Religions: 1 Husband, 1 Wife, 2 Kids VS Islam: 1 Husband, 4 Wifes, A Football Team Kids.. that's why brother, it's a simple Math and we talk about population here
121 2 . Reply
Isman Ismun . 2018-09-13
Soon or later, all of you will be back as a MOSLEM..
ALLAH's promise that to us..
Just wait and see...ALHAMDULILLAH!
121 2 . Reply
Astro Zayd . 2018-09-01
Alhamdulah islam is growing fast i hope all people in islam go to heaven inshallah
121 2 . Reply
gorkha Li . 2018-08-30
Disgusting, Islam is the fasting growing religion
121 2 . Reply
amir asahd . 2018-08-30
Inshallah 🕌🤲♥️🇵🇷🇲🇦
121 2 . Reply
Russell Schell . 2018-08-28
If Allah's all great, why didn't he heal anybody like Jesus? If Allah was divine from God, why is there not a single time Allah could heal someone? Allah isn't God guys, it's Jesus.
121 2 . Reply
M M . 2018-08-28
Truth always prevails.
121 2 . Reply
Muhammad Muhajir . 2018-08-24
It even can be faster, in 2030 I think.
Because in the near future other religion follower will realize their fake god and convert to Islam, and the lgbt will be vanished due to hiv desease.
121 2 . Reply
joswin edward . 2018-08-22
lol christians are coward only peace is not good
121 2 . Reply
Abdul Baqi . 2018-08-17
I love reading the comments while eating popcorn. Haters type nasty comments against Islam. Oh my I just love their hate.
121 2 . Reply
B S . 2018-08-16
Islam is a beautiful religion.
121 2 . Reply
Nasri Company . 2018-08-15
Alxamdulilah I’m proud to be a Muslim
121 2 . Reply
AL FAJR . 2018-08-14
Islam will enter every home.prophecy😜
121 2 . Reply
Trapper Roark . 2018-08-11
UNLESS, there is a Crusade to stop these filthy infidels.
121 2 . Reply
R J . 2018-08-10
Let me correct this video title😀
Islam is the future of this world 🌎insha Allah
Muslim will be in a majority by 2050
Non Muslim will be a minority by 2050

Contradiction in the bible

It is a central dogma of all fundamental Christians that the Bible is without error. They teach this conclusion by “reasoning” that god cannot be the author of false meaning and he cannot lie. Is this true? If written by a perfect being, then it must not contradict itself, as a collection of books written by different men at different times over many centuries would be expected to contradict each other.
With this in mind, let us have a look at the Bible on several subjects.
The Sabbath Day
“Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.” — Exodus 20:8
“One man esteemeth one day above another: another esteemeth every day alike. Let every man be fully persuaded in his own mind.” — Romans 14:5
The Permanence of Earth
“… the earth abideth for ever.” — Ecclesiastes 1:4
“… the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up.” — 2Peter 3:10
Seeing God
“… I have seen God face to face, and my life is preserved.” — Genesis 32:30
“No man hath seen God at any time…”– John 1:18
Human Sacrifice
“… Thou shalt not let any of thy seed pass through the fire to Molech, neither shalt thou profane the name of thy God…” — Leviticus 18:21
[In Judges, though, the tale of Jephthah, who led the Israelites against the Ammonoites, is being told. Being fearful of defeat, this good religious man sought to guarantee victory by getting god firmly on his side. So he prayed to god] “… If thou shalt without fail deliver the children of Ammon into mine hands, Then it shall be, that whatsoever cometh forth of the doors of my house to meet me, when I return in peace from the children of Ammon, shall surely be the LORD’s, and I will offer it up for a burnt offering” — Judges 11:30-31
[The terms were acceptable to god — remember, he is supposed to be omniscient and know the future — so he gave victory to Jephthah, and the first whatsoever that greeted him upon his glorious return was his daughter, as god surely knew would happen, if god is god. True to his vow, the general made a human sacrifice of his only child to god!] — Judges 11:29-34
The Power of God
“… with God all things are possible.” — Matthew 19:26
“…The LORD was with Judah; and he drave out the inhabitants of the mountain; but could not drive out the inhabitants of the valley, because they had chariots of iron.” — Judges 1:19
Personal Injury
“…thou shalt give life for life, Eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot. burning for burning, wound for wound, stripe for stripe. ” — Exodus 21:23-25
“…ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on the right cheek, turn to him the other also.” — Matthew 5:39
“This is my covenant, which ye shall keep, between me and you and thy seed after thee; Every man child among you shall be circumcised.” — Genesis 17:10
“…if ye be circumcised, Christ shall profit you nothing.” — Galatians 5:2
“Cursed be he that lieth with his sister, the daughter of his father, or the daughter of this mother…” — Deuteronomy 27:22
“And if a man shall take his sister, his father’s daughter, or his mother’s daughter…it is a wicked thing….” — Leviticus 20:17
[But what was god’s reaction to Abraham, who married his sister — his father’s daughter?] See Genesis 20:11-12
“And God said unto Abraham, As for Sara thy wife…I bless her, and give thee a son also of her…” — Genesis 17:15-16
Trusting God
“A good man obtaineth favour of the LORD…” — Proverbs 12:2
Now consider the case of Job. After commissioning Satan to ruin Job financially and to slaughter his shepherds and children to win a petty bet with Satan. God asked Satan: “Hast thou considered my servant Job, that there is none like him in the earth, a perfect and an upright man, one that feareth God, and escheweth evil? and still he holdeth fast his integrity, although thou movedst me against him, to destroy him without cause.” — Job 2:3
The Holy Lifestyle
“Go thy way, eat thy bread with joy, and drink thy wine with a merry heart…” — Ecclesiastes 9:7
“…they that rejoice, as though they rejoiced not…” — 1 Corinthians 7:30
Punishing Crime
“The son shall not bear the iniquity of the father…” — Ezekiel 18:20
“I the LORD thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation…” — Exodus 20:5
“Let no man say when he is tempted, I am tempted of God: for God cannot be tempted with evil, neither tempteth he any man.” — James 1:13
“And it came to pass after these things, that God did tempt Abraham…” — Genesis 22:1
Family Relationships
“Honor thy father and thy mother…”– Exodus 20:12
“If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple. ” — Luke 14:26
Resurrection of the Dead
“…he that goeth down to the grave shall come up no more. ” — Job 7:9
“…the hour is coming, in which all that are in the graves shall hear his voice, and shall come forth….” — John 5:28-29
The End of the World
“Verily I say unto you, There be some standing here, which shall not taste of death, till they see the Son of man coming in his kingdom. ” — Matthew 16:28
“Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass away, till all be fulfilled. Heaven and earth shall pass away: but my words shall not pass away. ” — Luke 21:32-33
“And that, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep: for now is our salvation nearer than when we believed. The night is far spent, the day is at hand: let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armour of light.” — Romans 13:11-12
“Be ye also patient; establish your hearts: for the coming of the Lord draweth nigh.” — James 5:8
“Little children, it is the last time: and as ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last time.” — 1 John 2:18
“But the end of all things is at hand: be ye therefore sober, and watch unto prayer.” — 1 Peter 4:7
These words were written between 1800 and 1900 years ago and were meant to warn and prepare the first Christians for the immediate end of the world. Some words are those supposedly straight out of the mouth of the “Son of God.” The world did not end 1800 or 1900 years ago. All that generation passed away without any of the things foretold coming to pass. No amount of prayer brought it about; nor ever so much patience and belief and sober living. The world went on, as usual, indifferent to the spoutings of yet another batch of doomsday prophets with visions of messiahs dancing in their deluded brains. The world, by surviving, makes the above passages contradictions.
What is incredible about the Bible is not its divine authorship; it’s that such a concoction of contradictory nonsense could be believed by anyone to have been written by an omniscient god. To do so, one would first have to not read the book, which is the practice of most Christians; or, if one does read it, dump in the trash can one’s rational intelligence — to become a fool for god, in other words.
To be an atheist, one need only be able to laugh when such obvious nonsense is offered as being “divine” truth.
All Bible quotes from the Authorized King James Version of the Bible (New York: Abradale Press, 1965)
This is an adaptation of an article originally written by former Interim President and current member of the Board of Directors Frank Zindler.

Video uploader read my comments
Christianity is on his last stage.
121 2 . Reply
Ehsan Ahmed . 2018-08-05
Islam is the best relgion im proud h be muslim
121 2 . Reply
lloydyherbal . 2018-08-04
I`m thinking of rolling out a super nutritious healthy food bar and I have a catchy name for it. Allah Snackbar....advert will be a guy with his belly rumblin so much it creates a explosion and then you hear ALLAH SNACKBAR and as the smoke clears the guys tucking into the meal bar. So , thoughts please people..is it a goer??? oh, it`s aimed at all religions and non religious too.
121 2 . Reply
kafeel ahmad . 2018-08-03
There are no God but Allah
121 2 . Reply
kafeel ahmad . 2018-08-03
In the name of Allah most gracious & merciful
121 2 . Reply
Amar Mrkulić . 2018-07-31
There is no God,you people tripping hard
121 2 . Reply
Nur id . 2018-07-31
Many religions lip talks including Islam . No wonder end is near ,
121 2 . Reply