Best Sound Proofing Treatment in Suspended Ceiling Cavity

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Best sound proofing treatment in suspended ceiling cavity, for offices, hospitals, schools, libraries, recording studios, shops etc... It is usually easier and more efficient than suspending a loaded vinyl from the concrete slab. The sound going through a suspended ceiling is the first thing to assess.If the ceiling is on the top floor, there will be a too large cavity above we'll have to cover the whole ceiling with some acoustic batts and loaded vinyl instead.

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Jeremiah Seefeldt . 2017-06-20
Has anyone actually applied this? And about how much did it help?
121 2 . Reply
Betttinha_Garoa . 2015-09-02
would you recommend this method to a dance studio?
121 2 . Reply
Matt Mawson . 2015-07-26
That looks like a very high cost of pokyester. Is this a classroom?
121 2 . Reply
Natasha Kwapich . 2013-12-06
Do you secure the batts somehow or do you just stack them?  I have about 5 feet of space between my ceiling and the roof deck.  I'm worried my batts will just fall over.  Thanks you!
121 2 . Reply
soundproofingexpert . 2013-08-08
No fire hazard associate with that product, fire hazard testing shows: ignitability 0, spread of flame 0, heat evolved 0 and smoke developed 0-1
121 2 . Reply
Abcdqfr . 2012-11-25
I know right? "How simple iz zis?"
121 2 . Reply
Ginger Yancey . 2012-08-04
What is your website please? I am looking for an affordable fix. How much does this cost per foot? Thanks
121 2 . Reply
Chris Collard . 2012-01-28
I love this guys accent
121 2 . Reply