Living with Health Anxiety - Dizziness/"Off-Balance" Feeling

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Living with Health Anxiety Living with Health Anxiety physical symptoms symptom panic attack attacks disorder mental dizzy dizziness faint off-balance feeling off balance help stress Hypochondriasis (Disease Or Medical Condition) love smile hope talk depression Depression (Symptom) Therapy Recovery examples

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Ed Torres . 2019-05-21
Hi, look into the condition called: BPPV it’s an inner ear condition that causes those exact symptoms. First of all it’s not life threatening.
It’s basically natural crystals
that get dislodged in the liquid in your inner ear that maintains your balance and it throws you off your balance. NYU Medical Center in nyc,has a wonderful therapy program for this. It includes Epply maneuvers for the head and virtual reality videos to help you get it fixed.
Btw, migraines will also make you suffer with lightheadedness. But look into BPPV!
121 2 . Reply
Scott Peek . 2019-05-19
Beautiful inside and out. Thanks for helping so many of us with the plague of our minds. God bless!
121 2 . Reply
KtK . 2019-05-18
Do you have burning sensation that feels like a sun burn???!
121 2 . Reply
Felicia Cole Bailey . 2019-05-14
Sometimes I feel like even the parked vehicle is moving and it's not. This swaying feeling. I just started taking cbd so let's see if it will go away
121 2 . Reply
Felicia Cole Bailey . 2019-05-14
Never knew someone else could experience this. I believe it's related to mold in the house
121 2 . Reply
Crazy Family of THREE . 2019-05-14
this video man i can so relate
121 2 . Reply
amber rae . 2019-05-12
Whether you are just seeing this now or years later! I
Have created a group where we can all share our symptoms and thoughts and support one another going through this same exact journey together it is on Facebook! Here is the link ....

121 2 . Reply
JD . 2019-05-09
That was happening to me. Turned out I was dehydrated.
121 2 . Reply
Lil_ Salt13 . 2019-05-06
I get light head, unbalanced 'feeling' when I walk, and I'm worried my eyes are going to do something weird. Sometimes it feels like all eyes are on me and I can't cope with it. I know it's silly but it's my life rn. Thank you!
121 2 . Reply
rla1000 . 2019-05-03
This probably won't reach many people but maybe it will help somebody.....

I couldn't get past two minutes of this video, but it sounds like she has an imbalance disorder (NOT vertigo), or a combination of disorders/pathologies, and possibly emotional issues as well.  If you've seen a bunch of doctors - ENTs, neurologists, etc. - and haven't gotten anywhere, seek out a BOARD CERTIFIED neurotologist or otoneurologist (look for those words) as they are much more highly trained/skilled in dealing with your brain and brain parts, skull, eyes/vision, ears/hearing, vestibular system,  peripheral nerve system, possibly spine. 

I wasted two years going to 15 different doctors - in 10 different specialties - as my symptoms (imbalance/disorientation) have gotten progressively worse.  I finally began doing my own research.  Write down and carefully define your symptoms, timeline, etc., and look for scientific/medical research websites as opposed to "pop med" sites to help you out.  I finally feel like I might be getting a diagnosis in another month or so - there are several tests that I've never had so I have to get through those first.  Good luck.
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Yanke3faN4life . 2019-05-01
Yo this shit sucks ive been dealing with this this for about a week lightheadedness off balance nausea ALL DAY 247 nonstop with blinding headaches i just wanna feel normal..... yo i have the rocking thing aswell but i do it whenever not just when im nervous or exited i wouldnt even notice it sometimes
121 2 . Reply
Eunice E.R . 2019-04-25
Same my anxiety is so extreme 😔
121 2 . Reply
maegan hill . 2019-04-03
“Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.” 💜 Philippians 4:6
121 2 . Reply
Maxim N . 2019-03-31
I think you should do vestibular rehabilitation. Lots of people like me were misdiagnosed with anxiety when they had vestibular disorder , and a recent study shows it. And it causes lots of anxiety symptoms and pseudo-neurological ones and is very draining. Try it and it can take 2 months with these daily exercices until it gets better if it has to
121 2 . Reply
Indra Turner . 2019-03-31
I relate to this 100%. My reality has been the same for as long as i can remember. And the dizziness for me gets worse as well because you have very few times where you feel “good” so you get used to it. And then out of nowhere you get dizzy and it crushes your soul almost. I also have sinus issues from deviated septum and have surgery scheduled in August. Thank you for this.
121 2 . Reply
kirstin . 2019-03-27
mine is 24/7 :(
121 2 . Reply
Corey O'Steen . 2019-03-24
The only time I have dizzy spells is at work or shopping and it sucks. I feel like a can’t have a normal life and go out and do things with my wife
121 2 . Reply
Harjit Singh . 2019-03-22
How to cure with exercise plz coment
121 2 . Reply
DR NAZ007 . 2019-03-16
OMG DUDE!!!! You nailed this.... Im crying because of what you said about the granite / cabinets / all the stuff in the Kitchen..THIS TOTALLY ...this has happens to me in this house ...I SO GET YOU!.....Yes..its like this. Your body is already trying to Filter out...your internal stimulus...and then you add on top of that....External stimulus...like all the textures / lights / glares / shadows etc...if the kitchen...and its like an engine over heating...."SENSORY OVERLOAD"....100%
Many of the things you are talking about...I have felt.
Here are some of the things that are happening to me.
1. sensitive to vibrations / noise
2. Lighting with glare / shadows
3. Early morning...anxiety and heart palpitations
4. DE-realization
5. claustrophobia
6. Sleeping issues - 2-3 hours at a time
7, Ringing in ears
8. Chronic infections ( skin / inner ear / sinus)
8. Heart palpitation
9. Floaters in front of my eyes....seeing stars

God Bless...I so get your battle.
BTW - Dont forget hormone levels TOTALLY...can mess with this issue....make sure your Gyne- Doc says everything is level...etc etc...
121 2 . Reply
Karimah Kinteh . 2019-03-13
Can u plz do a video to update us on your ear popping anxiety
I suffer from the same thing
121 2 . Reply
Paul Semande . 2019-03-06
1st of all you're super hot. Second, I've been thru this almost same thing. After 4 years I made doc check me vitamin levels found out I'm vitamin d defficiant and magnesium. Ever since I've been taking ive fekt like a new person.
121 2 . Reply
Bradley Parker . 2019-02-22
I hate this anxiety crap but I have learned that they say to check your magnesium levels so I'm starting to take a product called natural calm.post to help. We see. Hope everyone gets better
121 2 . Reply
Susy Montano . 2019-02-22
Oh my God, you are describing exactly how I have felt for too many years. The only extra thing you didn't mention is the headache thing. I have horrible headaches usually pain on my eyebrows behind my eyes.. I have thousand symptoms that have made my life miserable..
121 2 . Reply
Roland DelaCruz . 2019-02-19
Hi guys, I would just like to share my experience and probably it will help someone. I will try to make it short as possible. I also believe our anxieties are all unique so my experience might not directly help someone. It has been an education for me. I suffered anxiety and panic attack and depression 9 months ago. It was hard since it was my first time. The cause was stress and too much things in the mind, lack of sleep and worried because I was turning 40 years old. It is self inflicted wounds and I kind abuse myself that way since I felt so strong. Also It is mixed of middle age crisis. I recovered by remembering few self talk like focus, do things one at a time and regular exercise. It worked but seems not a complete solution cause my anxiety comes and go and often struggled. It was tiring. Then 2 weeks ago my light headedness started. It scared me cause it is something new. Took a week off from work to figured this out by visiting doctors. They took 3 blood work and everything normal. Did echogram and stress test and normal too. Doctor said that it just my anxiety. I didnt believe the doctor and I want more test done like nuclear test for the heart. However, for past few days I have been listening to Pastor Joseph Prince about healing and been reading the bible and it helped me relax and calm down and truly understand Jesus's Grace and His will for us. I got better today and also with the help of prayers from my brother and Sisters in Christ. I believe there are 8 things that really help me that are more powerful solutions that I learned in the past few days.

1. Blessed the Lord at all times

2. Keep reading and listening to thre Word of God and something good will happen to you. Feed your spirit.

3. Dont think anything negative and toward others. It will come back to you.

4. Avoid negative news

5. God's plan for us is perfect and nothing to worry about if you are saved by grace since we cannot lose it.

6. Relax your stomach and dont forget to breath at all times. This is one of my main issue. I take shallow breath when doing tasks.

7. Keep eating small snacks every 2-3 hrs

8. Excercise 2 or more a week

These are the things that helped me recover. I hope it will help you too. God bless and trust the Lord at all times.
121 2 . Reply
Sophia Papadopoulos . 2019-02-19
What about Adrenal fatigue the more stress the adrenals work overtime
121 2 . Reply
Jennifer Weeks . 2019-02-14
I have vestibular migraine without headaches and the pppd is the constant dizziness and swaying ect
121 2 . Reply
Jennifer Weeks . 2019-02-14
Are you sure you don't have vestibular migraine and pppd? And because of that you get the anxiety?
121 2 . Reply
Dillon Roberts . 2019-02-13
Do you ever feel dizzy/vertigo and weak arms ????
121 2 . Reply
son 4321 . 2019-02-13
Same here I get all those ask u says
121 2 . Reply
parven dar . 2019-02-12
Is there any one from India still facing the same symptoms dizziness 24*7 drunken feeling come & join Indian WhatsApp group of anxiety make me massage on my WhatsApp +91 7409362120 we might get a solution from there.
121 2 . Reply
Isaac Guerrero . 2019-02-07
Can we go back and forth for few minutes mam i have a couple of questions
121 2 . Reply
bharatji dixit . 2019-02-07
hello lady
i am from india
no one can diagnose you. it is not associated with any disease. its just mdds. google it. mdds is just like when you get of from a ship after months, your mind gets identified with that floating sensation.
same happens when you travel a lot on train or car.
this triggers specially when you consume alcohol/caffeine/nicotine or any type of drug on ship, car, or trains your mind gets so much identified that it could also run this for months and years if you bother it without knowing what has happened with you.
try to remember when all this started. did you drink and travel or danced or even walked kilometers ?
did something like this happened with you? like a roller coaster ride ?
well if it is so.
you can easily stop this sensation only if you do certain specific exercises.
by specific exercises i mean yogic postures. not any yogic postures some specific yogic postures will elevate this within 3-7 days.
if you are interested i will inbox you what are those postures
121 2 . Reply
Kregg Kittelson . 2019-02-04
I have that
121 2 . Reply
David Bauld . 2019-01-27
Were you dizzy making this vlog? ..I feel for you girl I suffer from all of this too, it's terrifying.
121 2 . Reply
Savage Squadll . 2019-01-12
It's crazy looking at your old videos and new videos you look better
121 2 . Reply
Katie Maine . 2019-01-08
I have the same exact problem and it legit is the worst in the kitchen too!
121 2 . Reply
Debra Heap . 2019-01-01
Thank you so much for posting this video! I had no idea there was even a name for this type of anxiety. And when you described being in a dream like state all the time, well I just want to hug you!!! I am crying tears of joy right now because all this time I thought I was going crazy and alone in this struggle! You described every single symptom and experience I have. In a moment of desperation I prayed for an answer and found your video along with The Anxiety Guy channel. Thank you!!! You absolutely have no idea what your video has done for me! I wish I could thank you in person! It feels like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders! Best wishes to you and again, Thank you!
121 2 . Reply
Sarabjeet Singh . 2018-12-20
Hello Doctor
I am 34years male from india. I have been feeling off balance and dizziness 24x7 for six months. My legs feel very weak. It feels as the ground slips from under my fert when I stand. When I stand in front of mirror,my body sways forward and backward...MRI brain shows small white matter foci 3x7 mm in Perventicular area which My Neurologist thinks nothing to worry. Kindly guide what could be reason for this problem. I also feel upper back pain.....Kindly guide
121 2 . Reply
Jackie Snith . 2018-12-17
Hi All, I have suffered from dizziness for years but I as wondering if any on you ever experience these symptoms. I could be sitting in a chair and feeling calm. Suddenly I jerk forward because I feel like I am going to become extremely dizzy or just pass out. It lasts seconds but it scares me. It only happens now and again and sometimes happens when I move my head. I hope this makes sense
121 2 . Reply
smARTy girls . 2018-11-29
Coming off my antidepressants after 10 years abs I've started suffering this and it's awful, seems there's no end to the suffering. It feels like I'll be trapped on antidepressants for life, I've already been on and off them for 25 years and it's near impossible to get off them abs function. I've just looked at an article about mard syndrome... Migraine anxiety related dizziness.
121 2 . Reply
nO . 2018-11-21
I rock and sway back and forth while sitting and standing. It feels like a strong urge pushing you. When I record myself to see how big the movement actually is, it's nothing compared to what I'm feeling. But it's still enough for me to get bullied for it. I also have depression so I'm not doing too well :(
121 2 . Reply
Nik Nik . 2018-11-18
Is anyone else having problems driving...I can no longer drive on the highway or over bridges or overpasses....I'm so sad having this....I can really relate to her
121 2 . Reply
pretty cute . 2018-10-24
121 2 . Reply
The habits that define us . 2018-10-21
Thank you so much, I had tinnitus and now progressing into one side of body and head feeling unusual. Doctor was of no help. Now it makes sense.
121 2 . Reply
Subscribe To Instantly Die . 2018-10-11
I have to live with anxiety disorder
121 2 . Reply
J Mac . 2018-10-03
I started feeling this sensation i think a few months ago. I had it for like a week. then it was gone, then i'm having it now again. The thing I'm sure is, is that when you focus your mind on what you feel, it gets worst. When you focus on other things, you don't feel it. That't the key, don't think about it that much. Have plenty of rest. Like whenever I'm on vacation I don't have anxiety at all bec I was focused on the good things.
121 2 . Reply
Billy Times . 2018-09-10
yes thsts all me your not alone pretty lady
121 2 . Reply
DCBIGBLKMN . 2018-09-07
I have felt constant rocking sensation like I am on a boat for two years after bi lateral quadriceps rupture surgery. Anxiety does make the swaying worst. I continue to live life, but my partner just doesn't understand. I understand what she is going through.
121 2 . Reply
Tip Odds . 2018-09-07
I looked this up... probably vertical hemophilia
121 2 . Reply
Rachel Sanders . 2018-08-19
I have been dealing with dizziness problems. I'm so glad I'm not the only one. Idk what's wrong with me. I can't walk,I have to hold on to something or someone if I go somewhere. It's gotten worse over the month. I fall down alot my legs feel shaky and wobbly. I haven't been able to go anywhere for 2 weeks. I feel like I'm trapped in a hole and can't enjoy my life. Is there any medicine I can take to help it? U was hoping I would feel better by now but it's just getting worse and I need help to get through this. I have an appointment next week and have to go to it. I just need help! Plz let me know what I can do do to stop these dizzy spells.
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